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The little boy and the man in white


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          In a country far away from this land lived a fourth grade boy who would follow a route to school each day which took him across the rugged plains then across a dangerous highway where cars and trucks were recklessly driving to and from without regards for safety. Once past this highway the little boy would take a short cut, passing by the church every morning just to say hi to God and faithfully say this, "Good morning God, hope you have a good day". He was faithfully watched by the priest who was happy to find so much innocence and so uplifting each morning from such a young boy. The priest thought this was so grand because the little boy had never been to church that he knew of or his parents either, so how did he know who God was.


          After he said his good mornings to God he always said, "Good morning sir to the priest with a smile". One morning the priest stopped the little boy and told him, "Do not cross the road alone anymore I have seen some close calls with you". You can pass through our church and I will accompany you to the other side of the road that way I can see that you get home safely.


          You can also spend time in our church at the alter if you like and talk to your friend all you want before you go home. "Thank You". This seemed to really make the little boy happy. As that afternoon came, the boy came in the church and the priest greeted him as he knelt down at the alter, the priest hid behind a wall just to listen to the innocence of a young one. "God sir, You know my math exam was pretty bad today and I don't think I got many right, but I didn't cheat although my friend was bullying me for answers. At lunch I ate my cracker and drank my water and didn't complain that I didn't have as much to eat as the others. You know I don't complain  that I am poor, I know my mother worries and does the best she can.


          Many of my friends have already stopped coming to school because their parents didn't have extra food or cloths. I had heard some older ones speaking of how life might get a little rougher this coming year. I saw a cat walking to school the other day and he was hungry and I knew how he felt so I gave him my cracker and did without at lunch so he would not die. And God you see my shoes and they are about to be to far gone to wear, but God I still will go to school even if I have to walk barefoot. Thank you for telling the priest to help me and now I can come in here and look at your picture as I talk to you. I don't know how far it is where you live but I can feel you close to me.  God I know you will always like me and I wish others would see you and feel you close to them like I do.


          I know I don't have to be somebody different than just me to please you. Thank you God for watching over my friends and my mother and say hello to my daddy up there for me. Oh, and there's this pretty little girl that moved here in my class, do you think she will ever like me. OK, I got to go before my mother gets worried, then he calls out, "Padre, Padre, I am finished talking to my friend can you accompany me to the other side of the road now. This routine happens everyday. He never fails to stop in with a smile and talk to God as if he is right there beside him. The priest shares this with the Sunday mass because he has not seen pure faith of this magnitude  and trust in God in a long time. One day Father Agaton was so sick that he could not make it to the church and had to go to the make shift hospital some distance away. The church was left to 4 men who would chant the rosary in 1000 miles per hour, would not smile, wasn't kind at all. They were also very well versed in cursing if you irritate them.


          The little boy bounced in from school with a smile and said, "Where's Father Agaton? he is supposed to help me cross the street after I say hello to God". The four men just looked at him and said" we are having a meeting and we don't have time". The little boy knelt down talk to his friend and then went out to cross the road himself. As he crossed a fast moving bus came in from out of nowhere. The little boy was hit and died instantly on the spot. As a crowd gathered to see what had happened a tall man in a pure white shirt and pants with a face so mild and gentle but with tears rolling down his cheeks picked up the lifeless boy. By standers nudged the man in white and asked, "Excuse me sir, do you know this child". The man in white said, "Yes I do he was one of my best friends" and he held the badly mangled body of his friend close to his heart and walked out of sight.


         The next evening Father Agaton learned of the shocking news as he got out of the hospital and hurried to visit the house of the little boy because he wanted to know about the mysterious man in white. The mother opened the door and Father Agaton introduced himself and asked her if the story of the man in white was true. "Yes said the mother, the man in white brought him to me, kissed him on the forehead and said I will see you soon to my son and walked away. The mother said, he was a stranger to me but I felt a deep love inside and I could not explain the joy in my heart even as my son just died. The little boy's mother asked Father Agaton who was this man that my boy speaks of as he stops by your church everyday. "Father Agaton suddenly felt tears welling up in his eyes and his knee's gave out as he trembled". Mam, your little boy was talking to God and now I am sure it was God who came down and got him off that highway. His body is here with you but his soul is with his friend in Heaven.



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