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2014 Budget Sent to Parliment

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Liberals: Baghdad and Erbil agreement will establish the principle of non-fear of the region and the government's 2014 budget sent to parliament

Long-Press / Baghdad 
The leader of the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani, Friday, to Baghdad and Erbil agreement to solve the problems related to the general budget and oil establishes the principle of "no fear", the existence of the territory within the Iraqi state, as he emphasized that the situation is now appropriate to pass the budget year 2014, called on the government to sent quickly before the parliamentary legislative recess. 

Kinani said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The initial agreement between the oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and President of the Region Government Nechirvan Barzani important, for the management of natural resources, oil or gas, the fact that the federal government is directly responsible to oversee the export of these products through the Company (SOMO ), "noting that" the agreement arranged to pay the obligations of the Baghdad region is a natural entitlement to benefits within the budget. "

Kanani said that "this step if solved once and for all, will establish the principle of the fear of the existence of any region within the Iraqi state, or even what is subtracted from the oil-producing provinces irregular benefits province," noting that "this step will mean realistically statehood federal federalism on the basis of mutual cooperation between the federal or provincial authorities or governorates not organized province authorities. "

The leader of the Liberal bloc that "a failure to pass the budget factors are the region's oil exports, while other factors concerns the oil-producing provinces and subjected to the western provinces," likely "to pass the 2014 budget during the month if the House of Representatives did not have the legislative Bajazath a couple of months."

He continued Kanani "If the government is very smart whereupon send the budget and are urgently in order to prevent the House from taking legislative recess and the adoption of the budget." 

The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, announced on Thursday (November 13, 2014), agreed with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the Federal Government to transfer $ 500 million for the region, and among the agreement to ensure that the Government of the Territory put 150 thousand barrels of crude oil a day under the disposal of the federal government, confirmed that the President of the Government of the region will visit Baghdad at the head of a delegation to develop a "comprehensive" and constitutional solutions to resolve outstanding issues.

The Oil Ministry announced on Friday that the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil does not constitute a "final solution" to the outstanding issues, but is the "beginning" of the broad comprehensive, just and constitutional between the two solutions, and as he emphasized that the agreement if it has been applied and developed will ensure the restoration of tens of billions of dollars lost by Iraq during 2014 to the Treasury, confirmed that the logic of "mutual profit" will double the value of profits "unforeseen and direct" and will increase the benefits of shared benefits flowing in the interest of the whole country. 

Promised the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, on Friday, the federal government and the government of the territory on the budget on issues related to the general budget and oil exports to "positive" agreement, as shown that this step will help in bridging the "deficit" budget next year, suggested the possibility of exporting Kirkuk oil through Kurdistan .

The Council of Ministers of Iraq's Kurdistan region honest, Wednesday, (November 12, 2014), on the legal Kurdistan company for exploration and production of oil and fund oil and gas revenues in the region, and in what was described Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani hosted by the deputy Qubad Talabani in the region's parliament session as "positive and fruitful." , pointed out that he has reviewed the Ministry of Natural Resources plan to find a solution to the current financial crisis and the budget and staff salaries by oil revenues.

It is noteworthy that the former prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, instructed to cut the budget of the Kurdistan region since the beginning of the current year 2014, including staff salaries, against the backdrop of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.

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