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Prayer For Pattyangel


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Thank you Nadita for doing this wonderful compassionate prayer offering for me and my family


I'm lost for heart is delicate right now. All natural human emotions right now.  I focus on God's love to help carry me and my sister, and family.  She is broken to pieces, the man of 38 years will no longer be at her side, she will depend on memories to help her heal.  She will lean on the family for her spiritual support and God will guide each of us in caring and loving her.


As I traveled this cancer road with her and watched her be the strong caring wife /women for a whole year with him, she would drive him back and forth for his sessions of Chemo, put up with his mood changes, his no appetite days and slowing, unable to walk, very challenging for one person, but even more so to watch her do what no wife would refuse to do for their husband.  She would walk pass him and he would reach for her, she would gently take his hand and kiss it, tell him that she loved him and add a gentle hug, only because he was in so much pain...(tears rolling down).....he would raise his head look to me and smile, like telling me in his smile, this is the love of his life.  My sister's gestures of love was the Christ like love shining through her. It was beautiful to watch and a lesson learned on the deep love you have for a loved one.      


I never knew how much a body can hurt and release so many tears.  How much pain a body can endure and still show the love of Christ.

I have experience a deeper love for God during this trying time.  This man, my brother-in-law has shown us just a speck of the powerful love that God has for us . Can you imagine the love we will experience when we come face to face with God. 


Okay DV family,  I must now leave you for awhile, but please know that words can not express the love I have for each and everyone of you, my dear cyber friends, some I know personally, some that agree to disagree in our opinions...LOL!!!


For when this journey with my sister has settle some, I will travel it again with my dear brother, he was diagnosis with liver cancer a few weeks back.  There's a reason why God let me survive my cancer, I have been chosen to be their stronghold to Christ. I just hope I can make my Father in heaven proud.

So remember me in my trials, remember me with love, support and tons of prayers.   


Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.   



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Wow, my dear sister, your story really touched my heart. I have prayed for you

For some time. But now I will be more specific. You're a strong woman and I'm

Certain that everyone in your life loves you for it. It's the gift of God to you.

"I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me"


another day closer

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Im so sorry to hear of your family's loss Pattyangel. I will lift you and your family up in my prayers and pray for you brother also. You are an amazing and strong person and an Angel. 


This is for you because I know you are proof of love and compassion and strength, Love You.


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Patty, may our Father in Heaven give you the strength of Samson, the spirit of Elijia, the heart of David, the wisdom of Soleman, and bless you with all the Peace and provision you need.  Lord continue to strengthen her mind, body, and spirit.  Lord please continue to provide Patty Divine health in her physical body so she can continue to be your hands and feet for her family.  In Jesus mighty and powerful name AMEN! 


Just know Patty, many are standing in the gap for you :)

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