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China Plays Chicken With The US

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Every time I turn around China & Russia are in the news - lots of News about what China is doing -- I think we are suppose to pay close attention to what China & Russia are doing with emphasis on gold  -  Just this past week I listened to 2 lengthy interviews   with 2 men who were putting major emphasis on China & Russia  -- They  are extremely knowledgeable about currency , economy, politics and how it all plays out affecting us globally!!  They both said to watch what they do!! I think China & Germany are still steaming mad that the US will not give them back their gold -


China Plays Game of Chicken with the US


0 China 4:44 PM


China is not going to wait until the West (Anglo NWO aggressors plus coward European vassals) has managed to destroy Putin-Russia (via internal destabilization/Maidanization), because it knows it would be next. This explains the incident that occurred last week:


“WASHINGTON — A Chinese fighter jet flew within 30 feet of a Navy surveillance and reconnaissance plane this week in international airspace just off the Chinese coast, the Pentagon said Friday.


The encounter, known as an intercept, was “very, very close, very dangerous,” said Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary.

The Pentagon filed a diplomatic complaint with the People’s Liberation Army on Friday morning, Defense Department officials said. As of Friday afternoon, it had not received a reply.


The episode, which occurred on Tuesday, began with the Chinese warplane flying closely underneath the Navy’s P-8 Poseidon. It then moved parallel to the naval plane, with the wingtips of the two aircraft separated by less than 30 feet.


As a final maneuver, the Chinese fighter executed a barrel roll, apparently to show off its weapons payload to the American pilot. A barrel roll is just as it sounds: A fighter jet rolls over and then levels out. Admiral Kirby called it an aggressive move.”





[] – Pentagon Says Chinese Fighter Jet Confronted American Navy Plane


You could of course ask what business the ‘indispensable nation’ had flying so provocatively near the Chinese coast.

As we speak the following focal points undermine American hegemony:


China, with an economy that will surpass that of the US this year (according to the Worldbank), has announced it intends to ‘de-dollarize‘ the world


Russia is resisting the western power grab in Ukraine and will probably manage to make its influence in Ukraine felt again

Jihadists are busy taking over the Middle East, enabled by the Clean Break/PNAC folly of the nineties, letting the Jihadist genie out of the bottle, leading straight into a Caliphate, probably run by Turkey.


The US centric financial system around the dollar reserve currency facescollapse


European nationalism is on the rise, with a positive view of Russia anddistrust towards America


The recent Ferguson stand-off, flash robs, ‘game of knock-out‘ has shown that ethnic tensions are high and could explode and will explode once the US financial system will collapse


There is an Euro-American constitutionalist undercurrent in US society that resents the way their country is developing.


The globalist elite is completely unwilling to preserve the Euro-American character of the US, this new school year whites will be a minority for the first time and at some point a revolt can be expected from the Euro-Americans, just like happened anywhere else in the world where huge demographic changes occurred.


Militarily the US are a paper tiger and the rest of the world knows it.


Yes, it can create a lot of ‘shock and awe’ initially, but the US military has no staying power.


 In WW2 they showed up when the war was almost over and had to rely heavily on their senior Soviet ally, who did almost all the work.


They were beaten by the tiny nation of North-Vietnam (ca. 20 million, China has 1300 million).


And although sold as a victory, insiders know that effectively the US was thrown out of Iraq and did not accomplish anything other than handing over the country to the Iranian sphere of influence for free (for the Iranians that is, not the Americans)


There is the 9/11 Sword of Damocles that won’t go away and has the potential of wiping out the entire US political class once a breakthroughcould be achieved


What is a developing now for the US is a ‘convergence of catastrophes': potential wars with Russia, China and Jihadists at the same time, losing Europe as an ally, that will switch to Russia, losing reserve currency status of the dollar so the US can no longer pay for its imports,

causing permanent ‘flash mobs‘ with strong ethnic undertones, which will prompt the ‘red states‘ to attempt to secede, which Washington will try to prevent.


That will be the moment for a combined European-Russian military intervention in America, a repetition of what happened when The French and Dutch intervened in America in 1776 and made the decisive difference in achieving American independence from the British.


This time it is neocon/AIPAC/NSA-Washington that constitutionalist red state America needs to be liberated from.


      [source]     The American Bogdan Milošević/Lech Walesa?


The scenario will be in perfect symmetry with what is happening in Donbass/Ukraine today: a few red states declaring independence and seceding from Washington, the latter not accepting this development and mobilizes against it and civil war will be the result.


This will be the moment for Greater Europe/the North to support the secessionists, first with weapon deliveries via French Canada, Mexico or, like in 1776, via the Caribbean, later with mercenaries.


After all, if in the thirties 150 million Anglos could generate thousands of mercenaries to fight in Spain on the side of Stalin against Spanish Catholic nationalists, 700 million Europeans can be expected to generate a multiple of that number to prevent AIPAC-Washington from consolidating its power and establish a USSR-2.0 and ally itself with China against Greater Europe, similar to what Roosevelt America did in the thirties vis-a-vis the USSR.



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