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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Unlike political economist on the deletion of zeros from the currency, and experts are putting the decision, however, the central

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Dontlop you’ve been wrong so many times no one cares about your opinion or sarcasm any more. Please give up trying to be a guru wannabe, you’re a troll with no life and no Dinars so find a new mission and soapbox nobody here needs you. 

SteveG, dontlop has been here a long time.  He probably has a better understanding of what is going on over there then most, and has brought many many articles and points of discussion to this forum.  Sure he goes off on tantrums and talks about his imaginary dog, and a lot of times, i believe he is trying to confuse people.  But he has by far brought more than he has taken away!


So give him a


and i don't think he is a least not yet

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Well in my opinion this is probably the most important sentence in the document. To me this raises many questions now , they may have something else in mind .

In turn predicted MP Ali Fayad said in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the coming times may provide a base for building a new economy by changing the currency and delete the zeros of some of them."


I agree kenshin....that sentence says plenty.

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Everybody has their opinions right or wrong. I think it's up to each individual to decide what to believe. As for myself I bought enough Dinar over the years to be comfortable with an eventual Rv. The way I look at it is I would have spent the money in Vegas anyway. If and when it revalues great. If not I have some cool looking Wall Paper. But in order to keep interested in reading all these great posts here that everyone puts up its good to have some (skin in the game)...

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I wonder who's writing these stories

They really need to reduce the money supply before they add much value to it

The trade balance is important

The Iraqi people can't all the sudden have trillions of dollars to spend over seas

They would destroy the dinar in a week if the did

So I'd like to see some dollarization or de dollarization articles

Maybe they can write some of those for us

Being as the dinar is only for trade in Iraq how would the average Iraqi have trillions of them to spend overseas once they increase the rate? Purchasing power in country is really all the average citizen stands to gain because one dinar in Iraq is just that, one dinar in Iraq.

Also as far as dollarization articles go all

one need do is to just take a look at the daily auction reports from the CBI, right? You can see what they're doing.

The currency will do one of two things; it'll go up or it'll go down. They're not going to just cancel out some notes, to leave you and me holding the bag, because it really doesn't work that way. I guess it could remain at .1166 for the rest of my life but then I haven't lost anything anyway. As such I'll keep my dinar because, be it 1 yr, 5, or 10, I think their goal is to move forward and based upon that, provided they don't blow one another up, I see only one way this thing can go; so looks like I'll be in for the long haul.

Now, go ahead and destroy my post.


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Yep, trade balance is important.

Iraq has been experiencing trade surplusses for a long long time due to their oil exports.

If i'm not mistaken, as of sept 2014, their trade surplus was 37.9billion dollar, performing much better than US, UK, China, Germany and some other more established nations.

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