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Eden From TNT - A Bank Story From Goodwill !


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CNN. Broadcasting From Goodwill While Rummaging Through Some Of The Discarded Bank Stories !




Eden:  MY Private Banker Story

Today was a great day. I have read Bank stories many times and never thought I would be placing one on this site myself. However something totally unexpected happened today and I had to share it with TNT.

I assist at this great organization helping people in need get a “Hand up and not a Hand out”. If you guessed the company great, and for you who did not; it’s Goodwill.

Today we had a special guess. Ms. E from WF. She came to do a presentation for the staff and participants in regards to options in their banking and best practices. Well when she wasn’t too busy I was able to pull her away for a brief, but informative conversation.
Ms. E from the largest xxxx, County Georgia WF BRANCH was very accommodating. I asked if WF was doing foreign currency exchanges. She stated they did every day during business hours.

Then I asked if she knew about the upcoming exchange of some new currencies. She looked at me and said you’re talking about the IQN and the others.

I SAID YES. She said she had been invested since 2006. She went on to ask me if I had opened up a bank account with them specifically for the exchange.

I told her I had not. I asked her as though I did not know why it was so important. She informed me it would be so much easier to have my account in place before the RV happened than after the fact.

 I told her I had multiple currencies, she stated each one needed to be in a separate account and not mingled together. She went on to say she could take all my information, set up my account, and I would be able to open as many accounts I wanted instantly because they have all my information on file now.

 So yes, today I opened an account with zero money and she is FEDEXING all my docs to me; I will have them by Monday at the latest.

If you haven’t set up your account I admonish you to get it done ASAP. The words to remember:
GCR Soon!!

Keep All Currencies Separated (Individual Accounts)

Open your Accounts Now

Last thing, this RV is about to pop, ready or not. BE READY, DON’T GET READY!!
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I was kind of wondering why WF would send a banker who believes that a specific currency from a specific country should have its "own" account, when each currency would be converted / exchanged for USD before its placed in said US account....


Wonder how the banker missed the memo that US banks (with one exception), do not hold foreign currency  as foreign currency in US banks..... And apart from that, is there some kind of infection we should worry about if our different currencies mingle??? 


Whatever the case, you can be darn sure I'm going into WF on Monday and light em up for not opening up my accounts without me having to be  there, or open them up BEFORE I signed any docs and how come Georgia doesn't have to adhere to Patriot Act rules like we do??!!.... And while I'm there someone better be able to explain why the helllll  I have to put money in ANY of them when they do all those bookkeeping accounting and management services in Georgia on multiple accounts with zero balance. Granted I don't have to pay any type of banking service fees, but it would nonetheless frost the hellll out of me to find out Georgia also tosses in free checks for those zero balance accounts.....


I love these banking stories... its such a fascinating window into the assumptions people have about how  it works, juxtaposed with their imaginative little stories playing out consistent with those assumptions.... tuzki81.gif.  

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Really getting tired of these Bank Stories.  If you want a bank story go to the bank and ask the questions yourself. Then you'll have one.


I go past a bank in my travels at least once a week and I do ask different institutions, BOA, WF, Chase, from time to time about the IQD and Dong.


I get the same answer. "We don't deal in the IQD."

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On top of all the other reasons posted I have never since 9-11 been able to open an account at a bank without proof of citizenship or without depositing any money.  Last one I did it was $100 to open an account.  Never will anyone open one for zero money.  You also can't find IQN listed anywhere but on Tony and DC sites and anyone who reads their BS.  There is no such call letters on any viable site.  I declare this total BS.  Also, no one gives a rats arse if you open up a separate account for each currency - USD is USD and also you can't ask for TRN money instead of FRN money - that's another Tony, DC line of horse manure.

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I am here to tell you folks, there is no bank that will not negotiate terms with someone that wants to deposit say three million $$$. If you set up a no interest account and then cash in and deposit, you will loose all your leverage. They need to give you nothing. On the other hand if you go direct to a personal banker at cash in and say," what can you do for me if I deposit 3 Mil in your bank, they will work with you until you are satisfied with the terms. Big $$$ make good things happen.

Remember, the bank can lend 30 Million with your 3 million.

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