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Man cooks and feeds Ex's dog to her!! THAT'S SICK!!


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Man allegedly cooked dog, fed it to ex-girlfriend


REDDING, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California man has been arrested after his ex-girlfriend said he cooked her dog and fed it to her.

Ryan Watenpaugh of Palo Cedro was arrested Thursday. He remains jailed Friday.

Watenpaugh's ex told police he had repeatedly struck her while they were dating and that after one assault, she left her Redding apartment and returned to find her Pomeranian, "Bear," missing.

Police say the couple briefly reconciled last week and Watenpaugh cooked the woman a meal. But she told police he later texted her and asked how her dog had tasted.

On Tuesday, Watenpaugh allegedly left two of the dog's paws outside her door.

Police say Watenpaugh has denied killing or cooking the dog.

He was booked for animal cruelty, domestic violence, stalking and false imprisonment.


Man that is one sick dude!!  Maybe it peed on his favorite shirt or something!  :o  :D 

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He could of went OJ on her

Maybe he felt he left her off easy

The innocent dog got the worst of it

Sometimes women mentally torment their men till they flip out

Then they put on their make up and costumes while they choose their next victim

They should move on and live a seperate life before they decide to look for their next boyfriends

That causes men to seek vengence if they don't

They think the men are stupid and don't know what they are up to

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Maybe he had just watched the scene from War Of The Roses when eating dinner Michael Douglas asked Kathleen Turner "This is delicious, what is it?" She looked at him across the table and slyly replied "Woof"

Was that just before he marinated the food on the counter? Lol

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