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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

2 Million Dinar For Sale


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These are all new/uncirculated $25,000 banknotes my wife and I have purchased through Dinar Trade. Dinar Trade has certified that all currency is guaranteed to be 100% authentic and of non-criminal origin. We have the certificates to be included. The notes have been checked on a DeLaRue counting and authentication machine. We bought in increments through 11/2010 to 01/2011. Looking for $850.00 per Million.


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Yep, my group is buying again.


Please leave me a name and cell number on my profile (don't worry, it won't show when you hit "post")


Safe and easy. I've done this many, many times


Check me out via posts and moderators if you don't know who I am





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    • By dctexas
      Hello - I am selling 1,450,000 Dinar (50 - 25,000, 10 - 10,000, 20 - 5,000).  Uncirculated, pristine condition, Certificate of authenticity.  $1,200 obo
    • By SeoWebTech
      Hi All,
      I have 1 to 2 million dinar for sale in the Detroit Michigan area, I would like to get $800 per mil usd if anyone is interested.
      You can reach me at artjohnson2 at gmail dot com
      Let me know, thx. Art
    • By Shestarr
      I am only selling a total of 4 million Dinar at this time. Each bundle you see in the pictures is 1,000,000 Dinars. It took me a very long time to contemplate and consider selling some of my dinar but I have an emergency bill, leaving me no choice. This came at the WRONG time for me, because the Dinar is getting closer to the finish line (some say December of this year, some suggest by January 2017). 
      I paid close to 1100.00 per million (includes their wire fee and shipping costs) back in 2013. 

      Banknotes are:
      25,000 denomination x 40 UNCIRCULATED (1,000,000 Dinar)
      If you pay for all four at once, I will throw in the Xchange of America Certificate of Authenticity card that came with it my order. 

      MAKE NO MISTAKE. These are brand new Iraqi Dinar (IQD). Banknotes are in pristine condition in the denomination of 25,000 notes. These are brand new, mint crisp and still has that new money smell. 
      All notes are guaranteed to be authentic or your money back, times 10.   
      As you know, they each have unique serial numbers and five super anti-counterfeiting security features including a horse head watermark, metallic security thread vertical band with numbers, metallic ink, a special certain symbol with color changing ink and a denomination value marking that fluoresces under ultraviolet light.
      Free Expedited Shipping With a Tracking number, for your and my protection and Ships from the USA to the USA only. Your order will ship off within the same business day after payment is received. Guaranteed Authentic.  

      Please feel free to contact me with questions/concerns, and I will respond as soon as I receive your inquiry. 
      Paypal is fine if you pay the fees (it costs $24.95 per $850 but $20. per $850 is fine). If you get all four from me, I will include the certificate of authentication from Xchange of America, Florida. 

      This site only allows 92K file size, so I can email you the rest of the pictures.

      Very Respectfully, 

    • By grand pubah
      I am needing to sell 3 million dinar at $850 per million. Buy all 3 million for $2500. I'm keeping the rest for now.
      Respond to this post and I will forward personal contact info for more info.
      thanks, GP
    • By grand pubah
      I have 1 million Dinar for sale and can meet buyer in public place only. The dinar were purchased from Banktrust Bank. Price is $900. Prefer to sale to an established Dinarvets member.
      I live between Pensacola and Panama City Florida.
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