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SteveI - It Is Now Official ... The Cabinet Is Now Complete !


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CNN. Broadcasting While SteveI Is Locked In The Cabinet With Ray !





Greetings all.

 I just got a call from Ray and it is now official. The new Prime Minister has picked and named all of his new ministers and the cabinet is now complete. It was on Iraqi tv and it will be made official to the press and news media Friday morning (Iraqi time).

 This is the best news yet. I mean huge. Between this and the Federation news, only one thing can top this one.

 I will keep you posted.

 The next thing on the parliament's agenda is the budget and HCL, and after that passes, we all know what to expect. :) :) :) :)

Have a safe holiday weekend. Stevel

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Can we have a link please?

As far as I know not even Abadi is OFFICIALLY sworn in yet.

The PM and the new government all get sworn in at the same time. One reason why Abadi is pushing so hard to get it done.

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I like that dog

It's A Smooth Fox Terrier Which Was The Old RCA Victrola Commercial Dog - Listening To Its Master's Voice Through The Speaker ! ;)

When That Ad First Came Out In The 1920's The Fox Terrier Became The Most Popular Dog In The US !

I Used To Own Two Of Them Before They Passed Away In The Last Few Years ! :(

I've Adopted A Couple Of Other Dogs Since But Will Always Have Great Memories !


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It's A Smooth Fox Terrier Which Was The Old RCA Victrola Commercial Dog - Listening To Its Master's Voice Through The Speaker ! ;)

When That Ad First Came Out In The 1920's The Fox Terrier Became The Most Popular Dog In The US !

I Used To Own Two Of Them Before They Passed Away In The Last Few Years ! :(

I've Adopted A Couple Of Other Dogs Since But Will Always Have Great Memories !

B) B) B)

Nipper was born in 1884 in Bristol, England, and died in September 1895.[1] It has been claimed in various sources that he was a Jack Russell Terrier,[2] a Fox Terrier,[3] or "part Bull Terrier".[4] He was named Nipper because he would bite the backs of visitors' legs.[5]

Nipper originally lived with his owner, Mark Henry Barraud, in the Prince's Theatre where Barraud was a scenery designer.[6] When Barraud died in 1887, his brothers Philip and Francis took care of the dog. Nipper himself died in 1895 and was buried in Kingston upon Thames in Clarence Street, in a small park surrounded by magnolia trees. As time progressed the area was built upon, and a branch of Lloyds Bank now occupies the site. On the wall of the bank, just inside the entrance, a brass plaque commemorates the terrier that lies beneath the building.[7]




There was a commercial a few years ago, where RCA was selling a product and they had a dog like nipper and a pup (as if it was Niipper's son) next to him.  It was so cute.

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Stevel & Ray Update With Comments Fom Tlar


Stevel & Ray Update as of 08/29/2014


  This was on Iraqi TV and we want to share.

  To clear up the confusion, here is the latest facts:

 Two of the ministers are being contested by a representative from Najaf and wants them replaced. The minister of health and the minister of utilities.


The President of Parliament is giving them two more days to be replaced.



Then on September 2, the official list of ministers will be released to the media and the people.


Then on September 3, the Prime Minister and all his ministers will be sworn in.


The ministers will officially start their jobs September 7.


The budget is supposed to be brought up before Parliament after September 3.


It could be September 4th or 5th or any day after that.


  One of Rays guys saw this on Iraqi TV last night.

  We will keep posted when we hear more.  Have a safe weekend.  Steve


 Now to start putting this in order of importance.

  First of all, so many of you wanted to know what the "Federation Law" was all about. I had a chance to talk to Ray and we did get to the bottom of all of this.


  When the Federation Law was passed by parliament, what it did was remove all previous laws (Iraq Federal Laws) that were recorded or on the books and replaced them with the new current laws that was in accordance with the constitution.


This is huge as the previous laws had old Saddam laws and Maliki laws that was created. Those are gone and the new ones prevail.


This law was passed and I will find POSE and countrygal's replies and inset here.


Her response is spot on. Her post was in all caps but changed it to be more readable for this post. Stevel



 This is what they have been doing the last weeks when Jabouri and such were meeting with heads of the blocs and also the governors and reps of the provincial council...


they have been figuring out who will head this federation council, also the members of it and exactly its composition..the law has been read twice and the last we knew was that they didn't know how they were going to appoint the members..


well I think they have decided it and I'm wondering if the candidates may not have been on the ballot sheet from this last election..if not then it was with great influence from the tribal elders and Sistani..


Remember they said they wanted technocrats, people with degrees and specialists..well the federation council is the 2nd chamber of the legislative branch of government..the upper legislative branch and they will have veto power over the house of reps on any laws that deem to hurt the provinces..


that is why they are putting the finishing touches on the federal court law and they are appointing judges left and right in the court of cassation and in the provinces at the local and state level..


I think we are going to see Mahmoud take a retirement ride here shortly because we know that he cannot hold two positions and he cannot be there because he is too old..


these new men are changing this country and for the better and in a hurry I might add..


pose and I have discussed in previous posts how important these parliamentary committees are..


they are there also to be able to make bills to give the house to vote on them...that was part of the change of the rules of procedure for the house of reps and also the federation council..I will give an example..


Right now Maliki is there as a caretaker government with no powers except to pay operational expenses of the country and to issue a few if we were to see an issue like the 2010 election come around where the government is stalled for 10 months then no laws get done and the goi is at a standstill..


well in the constitution is calls for the committees to be able to present draft laws to parliament for a vote, it also allows the president of the country to do the same..see where im going?..


as long as a bill or a draft law is done by the proper committee and submitted to parliament to be put on the agenda as a draft law and discussed and voted on to become a law then they get stuff done without waiting for the council of ministers to do so..this way they are always covered during an election year..


its another huge piece to state and government building that the constitution required..


I have waited many years to see the federation council and the possibility of Allawi heading it..


im sorry bondlady but Iraq didn't need a thug to run that country and Allawi was never a cry baby or are just way behind the times..


I'm sorry I had to say that because we have all heard it for many years and its a pleasure for me to see this happen right before our eyes.




Gazette Post No. 4332 Confirmation of Masum & assign Abadi to form COM



  1 set of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Fuad Masum, president of the Republic of Iraq No. 150

  2 hauling the President of the Republic, Mr. Jalal Talabani to retire No. 151

  3 Assigning Dr Haider Jawad al-Abadi formation of the Council of Ministers No. 152

  4 rules of procedure of the board of the National Monitoring to prevent nuclear weapons and chemical and biological No. 1

  5. instructions liquidation Iraqi nuclear installations No. 1

 #1 and #2 are self explanatory.

 #3 appears to be the official recognition that Abadi is the Prime Minister candidate. So based on Steve's post this is likely the first step in making Abadi's candidacy official.

We will see the official confirmation after swearing in.

~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

From another site:


Big John:  Tlar,  How does that compare with your intel ?  Not complaining, just seeking clarification. I always enjoy and respect your posts.


Tlar:   Big John, we are talking apples and oranges.  It does not interfere.  He is talking about ministers and my information is now talking of an overall agreement on a platform of the things the government is promising to deal with and its solutions.  


Some Ministers may be in dispute but those will be resolved.  The platform is a series of pre-agreed solutions to big issues (promises in writing) with known outcomes such as the resolution of the HCL and its agreements and article 140 and its resolution. 


That will guarantee the Kurds and the Sunni's will get what they want and will support this government.


 They can't get everything done all at once and some things they can't even start until there is a new COM in place which means a seated government.  


This agreement in writing is the roadmap that they have all promised to follow. 


Everyone will sign it once the negotiations are done. 


Once the agreement is done they will register it with the court. 


It provides that warm fuzzy for everyone including the CBI and removes the element of trust. 


It also guarantees that the vote will be in favor of the government of Abadi. 


If this document is signed sealed and delivered and all parties feel good about it, the CBI will figure the voting in of the government is a slam dunk even if it takes a little more time do to some disqualifications of submitted Ministers.  The CBI needs to get going now.  tlar. 

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Good Morning - I forgot to mention that the Stevel & Ray Update post was taken down just  minutes after being posted last evening  - It was said that more confirmations were being obtained - and also that more updates were forthcoming from Stevel


Have a great weekend everyone - I  am off to get pampered for my birthday !! 

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