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Vacate Its Offices Within Hours .. Iraq Without Maliki!


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(by walkingstick)

Vacate its offices within hours .. Iraq without Maliki!

Friday 0.15 August 0.2014

Finally, he gave Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, the internal pressure and warnings of Foreign Affairs, announced his stepping down from power in favor of the prime minister-designate, Haider al-Abadi. And accept al-Maliki, and his side-Abadi, and members of the bloc "state of law", during a televised speech, on Thursday evening, the stages of his eight years. And al-Maliki cited the speech of Khalifa Ali bin Abi Talib, said the Iraqi people: "to Osalmn what ladder Iraq will not be the cause of shedding one drop of blood, have been subjected to attacks unfairly views known, and rejected the use of force so as not to accuse clinging to the job and do not go back to the period of dictatorial rule . " 

Maliki confirmed the withdrawal of his candidacy for the post of prime minister in favor of "brother Haider al-Abadi," noting that he will remain "a soldier advocate for Iraq and its people." Addressing the Iraqi people, saying: "I do not want any position is my position as an Iraqi." He added that he also pulls his complaint against the President of the Republic (Fuad Masum) and all consequent actions. The seal-Maliki, under the guidance salute to military and police forces and Ptusithm b "Stability general terrorism and to stay away from political differences in the country." and exited spontaneous celebrations in a number of Iraqi cities, one of them is not just 100 meters from the headquarters of al-Maliki in the Green Zone, punctuated by launching fireworks. Loud sounds of car horns and seen families get their heads out of car windows as it celebrates the resignation of ruling Iraq for eight consecutive years. said a leading exporter in force in the "National Alliance" Iraqi, "The internal and external pressures pushed al-Maliki, on Thursday afternoon, to write a statement to step down."

The source explained that "until the eleventh hour evening, it was not al-Maliki is thinking to quit, and was acting as prime minister legit and enhances security in the vicinity of the Green Zone; but everyone is surprised by the text messages reached via mobile members of the bloc by al-Maliki, suggesting he will deliver a speech and requires them to attend to the headquarters of the prime minister, and an hour after news leaked that he had decided to step down. " the source pointed out that al-Maliki "has pledged to vacate his office in the presidential palace government during the twenty-four hours the next to move the talks on forming a new government to him."

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