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Maliki uses the popular demonstrations to force his opponents to renew his mandate


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Maliki uses the popular demonstrations to force his opponents to renew his mandate

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Posted       09/08/2014 12:46 PM



 As predicted satellite channel change a few days ago saw Baghdad and some Iraqi cities, demonstrations in support of the owners demanding the president smirking Maliki in forming a government of Iraqi


Tahrir Square and saw the center of the capital  and cities in southern Iraq,  hundreds demonstrated in support of and in support of Prime Minister Nuri al-Malikipromised that observers   attempt to put pressure on the political blocs and the parliament   to renew the mandate of Maliki

After the failure of the Shiite alliance Thursday night in consensus on a specific name for the prime minister was forced President Fuad Masum, to extend the deadline to tomorrow evening, Sunday, preceded by a visit of the Kurdistan region with Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, coincided with  the postponement of the meeting of parliament on Monday,  the next to make way for Bora position the name of the Prime Minister

And preempted reference Najaf crucial meeting of the Shiite alliance scheduled Sunday to renew the debate about the position of the prime minister shall invite politicians not to cling to the job and the importance of the events of the required change in the political life

Mayazz and position reference Najaf refused union Sunni forces participating in the government headed by al-Maliki in a move observers counted it will encourage naysayers to renew the mandate of al-Maliki to choose   his successor

And collide with efforts to resolve the dilemma of the prime minister al-Maliki persistently entitlement in   the renewal of his mandate as the coalition biggest bloc entitled to form a government, prompting

Alliance to send a delegation to Tehran from him and Tariq Hassan Sinead star  two leading figures in the coalition at the request of the Iranians to solve the problem the first candidate in Tehran before a session of parliament Monday



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He didn't win anything.  The PM is not a position for the people to vote on.  No matter the votes of the state law, they are not the biggest bloc.  Never were, maliki is a usurper, allawi won the prior election.  So why is he not the PM?  Donlop, I don't think you understand the election process.  I am no joe pro, but that I do know.  I am still in aww that maliki usurped his way in on allawi's win.    All them folks on the streets you see, (majority) are paid from maliki with embezzled funds from the Iraq state.   Just like the other lavish spending him and uudayqusay (his son, ahmed) have spent on mansions, hotels, cars, and real estate, and even controlling stocks in a very high profile company.  Your good guy maliki is about to meet his destiny.  And it ain't PM of Iraq.  Stayed tuned to the next adventure of the days of the Iraqi Government formation.   Your bound to learn something.

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