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Pastor Joel
Today my wonderful Brenda went home to Heaven. My heart is broken with great sorrow.. Thank you all for your prayers and love. My dear wife is in the embrace of Jesus forever and forever. I will miss the love of my heart so much. We were married 25 yrs in June. One daughter Autumn (George) and baby Hunter.
Never would we... expect tragedy like this day as Bill found our daughter on the floor in their home passed away .we will surely miss the every night 10.30 pm call checking on us or us her--she was my friend, daughter, my first born and co-pastor.

Dava daughter # 3 was at her work with chest pains- works as administrater /manager at the hospital was in ER while other was going on--so later they sent our grandson to tell us she had a slight heart attack and will know in AM if it is something a stint will take care of.
The tears are many and eyes are terribly swollen so had to write this.
Yes today has been a why God we needed her more and may other whys., however we know God has Histime and due to all we shall "PRAISE HIM THROUGH THIS STORM", and thank him for those we have and 49 th anniversary on sunday.
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So sorry to hear about this D-n-D...but if you were in ministry together your heart tells you you will meet again. The hardest part is the separation and waiting. My daughter once wrote a song when her Grandmother ( my Mom) was titled "The Other Side". One of the lines goes like this..."I feel like I've lost you...but you haven't lost me...I'll be standing here waiting for the time we can meet again on the other side".

Prayin' for comfort while you wait my friend!

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