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9/11 Building 7 Exposed on Mainstream Media (C-Span, Aug 2014): Big Step!!!

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Thank you Butifldrm for posting this.


A lot of questions that have no answers unless one looks beyond the official

story line. I have a friend that is an engineer who years ago brought this

subject up. He had me watch a lot of raw footage of events at the time, and

pointed out things that I never would have caught without his knowledge.


I walked away from that conversation with even more questions, plus that sick

feeling one gets when they realize it appears we were not told the truth. In 

addition, I do analysis and chart work in markets, and there were a lot of

discrepancies from what I learned going on shortly before 9/11 with put 

options being bought on several airlines leading up to that day. Someone

had to know the origin of these trades and yet it was never disclosed. The

official statement I believe was they did not know, but the clearing mechanism

and options board had to know in my opinion.


Also, sportfisher asks valid questions, where did the gold go, and why the removal

of debris without proper investigatory procedures? Bottom line, if one follows 

the money, the picture that is painted is sick, yet the results cannot be denied.


The use of shock and trauma from that event assisted in forming the support and

certain outcome that was desired from the public, and that is an old school trick

used often during large scale events. it appeared the story line was settled and written

before anyone had the time to investigate to find the truth, and that tells quite a story

that still to this day makes me sick to think of. I do not have the answers i would like,

but I cannot accpet the official story line after years of reviewing the underlying events

leading up to that horrible day. Just my opinion, but it is obvious it is not at all what it

appears and I am glad these matters are still being researched. who stood to benefit

the most? That question opens up a large list. I hope we continue to dig deeper.


Thanks again Butifldrm. :)

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There was thousands of detectives , fbi, CIA, police officers, lawyers Ect. In New York and surrounding areas and to think that none of them cared enough to look into this in my view is rediculous

They would of uncovered something

They weren't all in on it

Titanium discovered in metal and dust samples at the WTC may (in combination with the presence of other chemicals) indicate the use of thermate.

Our take...

Professor Steven Jones quotes the following article as an explanation of how thermite reactions may be detected:

“When thermite reaction compounds are used to ignite a fire, they produce a characteristic burn pattern and leave behind evidence. These compounds are rather unique in their chemical composition, containing common elements such as copper, iron, calcium, silicon and aluminum, but also contain more unusual elements, such as vanadium, titanium, tin, fluorine and manganese. While some of these elements are consumed in the fire, many are also left behind in the residue.”

In analysing dust and metal samples later, he identifies high levels of Titanium, and asks “Where does it come from?”

Good question. How is it answered in other studies? This one has a couple of suggestions:

...particles rich in iron, aluminum, titanium, and other metals that might be used in building construction...

Possibilities include metals that might be found as pigments in paints (such as titanium, molybdenum, lead, and iron)...

Another suggests concrete could be a factor. We’re not so sure about that -- wouldn’t that be more common in reinforced concrete than the type used at the WTC? -- but for what it’s worth:

Metals present in very fine particles in relatively high concentrations were iron, titanium (some associated with powdered concrete), vanadium and nickel (often associated with fuel-oil combustion), copper and zinc...

A third proposes paint as the answer:

The very high levels of titanium (> 0.1%) were due to their presence in paint, especially white paint...

There’s a mention of Titanium use at the WTC site here:

The base of the [new Freedom] tower, which was originally to be clad in polished steel and titanium like 7 WTC...

And Encarta lists many uses of Titanium, uncluding (of particular interest here) its use in aircraft, “paints, lacquers, plastics, paper, textiles and rubber”:

Because of its strength and light weight, titanium is used in metallic alloys and as a substitute for aluminum. Alloyed with aluminum and vanadium, titanium is used in aircraft for fire walls, outer skin, landing-gear components, hydraulic tubing, and engine supports. The compressor blades, disks, and housings of jet engines are also made of titanium. A commercial jet transport uses between 318 and 1134 kg (700 and 2500 lb) of the metal. Titanium is also widely used in missiles and space capsules; the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo capsules were made largely of titanium. Other common titanium alloys include ferrocarbon titanium, made by reduction of ilmenite with coke in an electric furnace; cuprotitanium, formed by reduction of rutile to which copper has been added; and manganotitanium, produced by reduction of rutile to which manganese or oxides of manganese have been added.

The relative inertness of titanium makes it available as a replacement for bone and cartilage in surgery and as a pipe and tank lining in the processing of foods. It is used in heat exchangers in desalinization plants because of its ability to withstand saltwater corrosion. In metallurgy, titanium alloys are employed as deoxidizers and denitrogenizers to remove oxygen and nitrogen from molten metals. Titanium dioxide, known as titanium white, is a brilliant white pigment used in paints, lacquers, plastics, paper, textiles, and rubber.

Where did the Titanium come from, then? We don’t know, however it seems there’s plenty of choice without having to invoke thermate as a possibility.

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This one is also good

It's not like the video guy is the only person who looked into this

One of the pieces of evidence conspiracy theorists use to say the buildings were brought down is a photo with something they interpret as being left behind by a thermite reaction.

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Thank You Buti... Good News!


It was a false flag operation pure and simple! Big business and the "Military Industrial Complex" needed a new war to fuel the fire, and to bolster profits.




Agreed Waterman13... They needed a new "Pearl Harbor"... saw a guy say that on national news not long before 911 happened.



Just a way to start the fake "War On Terror"... with no borders and no end... also a way to advance the NSA against our freedoms.

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Ya ok

No proof

Who did it ?

They ?

Go arrest they

Funny not one single lead to anyone person involved at all

Everyone of they , never leaked out a single peep to a single family member of involvement or not one person involved ever had a bad divorce where their spouse spilled the beans



"They" did this

And everyone involved just agreed to the terms when the plan was brought to light

No one at all just said , " you know what that's just wrong I'm not doing that "

And when it happened no one came fourth and said they were approached to be involved but they turned it down

Instead all we got is a bunch of nimrods with a screwed up theory and they just pass it around with zero proof of anyone besides the terrorists involvement

If there was any proof arrests would be made

All the detectives in New York just said ya its an inside job and we don't care

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The guy says the beams were burnt off by thermite

First problem with that is

Thermite is easily ignited

Why would the building burn for 40 minutes before the thermite burnt thru the beams

Then the rest of them only took seconds to collapse

There was plenty of heat to ignite the thermite on contact

You can use common fire cracker fuse to ignite thermite

So think about it

The top of that building would of burnt off imediatly

And if it takes time to burn thru a beam how can they explain all the other beams burning thru at free fall speed

Just do some math and get a rough estimate of the weight of each floor with everything in it including the concrete floors

Then momentum like a punch press does its job

You can slowly place the weight of a press on the die and the piece and it won't go thru it but if you drop the weight on it it goes thru it

Just keep in mind

"They" did it

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When cutting steel with a torch air pressure is used to blow the Molton metal out of the way as its cut off

Without any concentrated air pressure any use of thermite would of left a runny break in the steel it wouldn't be a straight line cut

Each beam would of been melted away not broken or ripped away

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Now this is very interesting

It's long 2 and a half hours

But this anti gravity is twisting two inch thick bars of steel with no heat and no one touching it

This machine is making steal rods dance around and bend without touching it , it also shows steel being cut in two pieces without touching it . No fire , it just separates itself in two pieces

Start the video at around 1 hour 33 minutes and watch it thru 1 hour 38 minutes

Just watch that 5 minutes

This scientist explains quite a bit in her two hour video

Start around the middle then you might want to go back and watch it all

I can't post the link

It's almost at the bottom of this link

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