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Block Jaafari: to cling to power and we will prevent al-Maliki four replacements under negotiation


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Block Jaafari: to cling to power and we will prevent al-Maliki four replacements under negotiation

Mon Aug 04 2014 three eleven a.m. | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad / Mohammed Sabah 
said the deputies of the National Alliance on Sunday, everyone is waiting for a meeting of the bloc, is supposed to settle the mechanisms for selecting the candidate for prime minister, said at the time of the reform movement led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari , she and the rest of the Shiite parties, working to prevent anyone from clinging to power, in compliance with the instructions of the religious authority, pointing to the presence of 4 Substitutes Nuri al-Maliki, are still under study. had three of Shiite lawmakers, said Saturday that the insistence of reference Najaf on the application of the principle of "Change and Reform "which is advocated by most of the national forces, may resolve the position of most of the parties within the National Alliance, which has become convinced of providing an alternative candidate for al-Maliki, noting that the Liberals and the citizen are negotiating now with all the components of the" rule of law "with the exception of the Dawa party, which means that this list disintegrated In practice during the talks.This comes at a time Deputy for al-Sadr, the Shiite parties, has already begun, to provide guarantees for failure to prosecute al-Maliki prosecuted while pulling his candidacy for the presidency of the government, and that at his request, and the requirements of "quiet transfer of power." She says the block reform, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, that the coalition "is committed to the recommendations of the religious authority not to allow any mass clinging to power," asserting that there are alternative names for al-Maliki, a Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Ahmad Chalabi, and Tarek Najm, Ibrahim al-Jaafari. "Said MP from the Reform Movement Hilal Sahlani told the "term", the issue of resolving the issue of the prime ministerial candidate within the National Alliance, "which is something very difficult," he said, adding that is what we hope, "put up a consensus candidate and one representing all components of the alliance during the constitutional period." added Sahlani that "a coalition of state Law is still officially sticking candidate through to the prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, which led to the difficulty of the situation, "pointing out that there are personalities" able to fill the post of prime minister and to address the deterioration of security and other crises. " And that "in the event of failure of the components of the National Alliance to put up its candidate for the Presidency Government at a meeting on Tuesday, most likely it will be able to resolve this matter in the eighth month of this August, the last day of the constitutional deadline, "revealing that there are" blocks within the rule of law has custody of Maliki's third term. " and continued leadership in the mass of reform that "We hope to hold a crucial meeting and hinged to the National Alliance before a parliament session next, and her decision in the fifth month of August trading and discuss the National Alliance candidate for the post of prime minister," noting that "there is no consensus within the rule of law on the nomination of al-Maliki to head the next government," . explained that "the National Alliance is committed to calls religious authority in Najaf not to cling to power, and therefore, the coalition has become mandatory to submit its candidate before the fifth month this August," he said in the event of "the failure of the coalition agreement regarding the candidate until Tuesday's session, will be concluded adjourn the meeting for one day. " and on the names of candidates by the National Alliance, which will be an alternative to Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki explained Hilal Sahlani that of the most prominent names that will be a candidate for al-Maliki, including Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Ahmad Chalabi, Tarek Najm, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, " likely put other names during the coming period to be discussed. " On the other hand confirmed head of the Virtue Ammar Tohme "long" The National Alliance has not been decided named its candidate for prime minister is supposed to resolve this issue at a meeting of the Alliance to be held during the next few hours. " Said Tohme said that "the meeting of the coalition will be devoted to discuss the status of a specific mechanism for the selection of the prime minister, taking into consideration the ceilings and timings Constitutional regarding the commissioning candidate of the largest number for prime minister, which will expire on the eighth of this month." and pointed out that "the circumstances of the country had to National Alliance to accelerate in the selection of its candidate for the presidency of the national government have an acceptability that will be a positive impact on the ground, "unnecessary" blocks Alliance to offer their candidates for the presidency of the government for discussion in the meetings that will be held during the coming hours. " And on the most prominent candidates who will be theirs for the position of prime minister, at a meeting of the National Alliance next answered MP Ammar Tohme that of the most prominent names that will be traded Faleh al-Fayad, and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, as well as Nuri al-Maliki. " and noted that "the issue of selecting a candidate Coalition You need a calm atmosphere will contribute to finding a solution in accordance with the specific mechanism will be agreed upon. " For his part, member of the bloc Badr parliamentary Mohammed al-Bayati said "The National Alliance has not been decided is its candidate for prime minister to now and it needs more time to develop a common vision and agreed." and between Al-Bayati's "long" that "the problem was able to agree on the nomination of a candidate for prime minister within the components of the National Alliance," likely that in the "next few days, the National Alliance will be able to resolve this issue in accordance to certain personal."

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