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Parliament sets Aug. 12 as the date for the first reading of the budget of the Federal


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The Presidency of the Parliament




Author: ah Editor: br reporter: ms
Number of readings: 263
08/03/2014 11:19


Tomorrow's Press / Baghdad: House of Representatives decided, Sunday, to determine the twelfth month of August as the date for the first reading of the federal budget law, stressing that it identified a period of 15 days will be the budget legislator in the House of Representatives.

The MP said the Turkmen Niazi architect Ihsanoglu for "tomorrow's Press," "The parliamentary committee for the preparation of the budget sent two days before the book to the government calling for it to provide the expenses incurred by the past period in order to study and Drjha in the budget," explaining that "the parliament will approve the budget year 2014 a period of 15 days. "

He added that "differences still exist between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government regarding the benefits of oil companies," and urged "the political blocs to find the necessary solutions to get out of this problem."

He stressed that "the first reading of the federal budget will be on August 12 in the hope that this legislation is in the 15-day deadline."

It is noteworthy that the state budget for the current year did not acknowledge until now since I sent the government for nearly six months to the former House of Representatives have not been included on the agenda, while procrastinated the Presidency earlier in the inclusion due to the lack of agreement of the political blocs on them. noteworthy that the previous parliament and since the beginning of the session in, the 21st of December 2010 saw a continuing disagreement and lack of consensus on many of the laws vital task such parties law and the law of oil and gas, the Unified Retirement Law and the proposed amendment to the election law, as well as the general amnesty law and others, underlining observers that it is subject to the speculations of political and desires leaders of parliamentary blocs.




MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Najeebeh Najib


Author: Editor: br reporter: ay

Number of readings: 88

08/03/2014 09:54


Tomorrow PS / Baghdad confirmed that a member of the House of Representatives from the Kurdistan Alliance respond by Najib, Sunday, that the success of the committee formed by the House of Representatives to discuss the budget law for 2014, subject to the amendment of the mistakes that came by the law, warning that integrate Almoisntin

She said Najib's "Tomorrow's Press," that "the budget bill for the current year carry a lot of mistakes that were not addressed so far not by the government nor from former House", indicating that "those mistakes exacerbated the center of developments that have occurred over the past few months."

She added that "with the survival of those mistakes and not modified will be the fate of the committee set up by the Presidency unknown because there is no benefit from its formation unless modified mistakes," adding that "mistakes are concentrated on the quotas and the doors of the provincial investment and other benefits."

Najib warned of "discussing merging Almoisntin due to the integration of the budgets of the current year and the next violation of constitutional and legal," noting that "the Constitution provides for the adoption of the budget for just one year."

The House of Representatives decided in the meeting, last Wednesday, to form a committee to follow up the budget bill and the diagnosis of the points of contention about it in order to facilitate the process of approving the law.



MP Sadiq gum




Author: Editor: br reporter: na

Number of readings: 126

08/03/2014 13:24


Tomorrow's Press / Baghdad: MP for the coalition of state law Sadiq Al Laban, Sunday, that the temporary committee set up by Parliament will prepare a supplemental budget for the remainder of the year and will vote them again because of the changes that have occurred in Iraq after the events of Mosul, noting that the budget the old read the first reading considered not recognized and will be voted on again.

The gum for "tomorrow Press," that "there are a temporary committee set up by Parliament to consider approving the budget and changes that have occurred in the country and the amount of oil exported, as well as committee will prepare a budget quasi-complementary for the current year and the remainder of the current year budget." and added that "the problem will discuss all these things with the government and the Ministry of Finance, and we hope that the Committee recognizes the budget as soon as, "pointing out that" the balance of old that I have read the first reading is considered not recognized and will be re-vote on the budget again to read the first and second vote, because of the recent changes that took place in the country, because it can not be approved in its former position. "said frankincense "The committee included representatives from all the political blocs and specialists, headed by the first deputy of the parliament Haider Abadi, and most of the members of the Finance Committee in the previous session."


The House of Representatives decided in the meeting, last Wednesday, to form a committee to follow up the budget bill and the diagnosis of the points of contention about it in order to facilitate the process of approving the law.

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Next Tuesday .. Parliament form a committee to study the financial budget in 2014




3/8/2014 0:00 

Without specifying a time limit to finish the work 

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rosetta 

is scheduled to testify next Tuesday authenticate the House of Representatives on the names of the members of the Finance Committee temporary costly to reconsider paragraphs of the budget in 2014, especially that it is now needs a lot of adjustments because of the situation which is going through the country and developments that have occurred. 

was the House of Representatives had agreed earlier to set up a temporary committee to discuss the state budget, and parliament speaker Salim al for the formation of this committee after the vote members of parliament on the formation, explaining that the formation came after many interventions by MPs from different blocks posed which their views and comments and suggestions on the budget. changing paragraphs MP for mass citizen Habib Terminal, said the budget needs to be modified, especially after the changes experienced by the country, pointing out that he is supposed to incorporate the amendments to cover the remaining of the year, stressing the seriousness of the parliament passage the budget after it is agreed with the government as soon as possible. said terminal in a statement the "morning", said the committee that will be formed will take the opinion of the government in the budget because it is the issue of money is one of the priorities of the government, especially as the budget was prepared in the previous session was not the doors of subtraction as is now, so it must be returned the budget to the government and that there is a new formulation of earlier, indicating that the Parliament as a legislative wants a statement the government's opinion on priorities and requirements, because what happened from the military activity will wrap on the next budget. , and added that the claim is currently working in earnest and fast to communicate with the government to demonstrate its financial situation, especially with the change in regards to the spending side of the security, which must be kept in doors.expressed MP expressed the hope that the money your budget in line with the rest because there are balancing the other is supposed to be made ​​in October next to be passed in beginning of the year, noting that oil prices may differ and quantities distribution also differed These things must be taken into account, calling for the reduction of spending public money even trim spending with revenue existing. failed former House approval of the draft federal budget for the current year 2014 because of political differences on Several paragraphs of the budget, including the allocation of the Kurdistan region. imports and exports his part, MP for the Kurdistan Islamic Union just Nuri said the political blocs agreed to pass the budget, but it needs to be reviewed and the introduction of new elements and the addition and deletion in the doors. Nouri said in a statement the "morning", that the House will approve at a meeting next Tuesday to members of the committee going forward the interim after the book to all blocs to nominate their representatives and will start this committee its mission in the nearest time to raise its report to Parliament on the budget, noting that the committee will be from specialists in this aspect and will take all necessary measures and remedied the situation.noted Rep. probability of occurrence of interactions between the political blocs on the details of the axes of the division of the budget because the report to be submitted will include a review of the axes of the basic budget, noting that the budget in the previous session provided on the basis of different axes of what is now spending as the doors of revenue differed also with change the quantities of oil exports and the exit of many lands from state control. , and pointed out that the budget had been built on the basis of export two million text million barrels per day and the Iraqi state was from the north to the south, but now the third of Iraqi territory, but the terrorists as well as the government today do not have all oil fields. between Nuri need the government to reconsider the budget through the development of an agreement with the province and to reconsider the amount of oil exports and how the distribution of these revenues when it returned to the Iraqi treasury, especially with the presence of the provinces under the control of terrorists, as well as the proportion of the budget the province, which vary due to join vast tracts of the region and the presence of a lot of displaced people who have fled to him. , without a time limit , for its part, confirmed that a member of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Najeebeh Najib that the Interim Committee will re-examine the draft federal budget and speed make adjustments to it to be passed as soon as possible. revealed Najib in a press statement, that the Committee will be headed by First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Haider Abadi and second deputy Aram Sheikh Mohammed and the membership of representatives of all the political blocs that they are of specialists financial, adding: "As the Commission will re-examine the draft federal budget and paragraphs disputed that caused not to approve the bill by the House of Representatives the past. " and explained that the Committee needed political consensus for the success of their work, especially in some of its clauses, noting that the committee did not put her timeframe for completion of the work. noted that a member of the Iraqi parliament Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said in a press statement that the House of Representatives form a parliamentary committee to study Budget deactivated from the previous parliamentary session, adding that the committee is composed of nine members of the new deputies, and that the Commission will ask the government's final summary of the budget for consideration and possible vote on new proposals. explained that many of the proposals related to the variables recently obtained, including government spending to the crisis of security, likely to be able to the House of Representatives approving the budget during the next two weeks.

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