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It's sad to see how so many are warning people about the collapse and yet not really being taken seriously. 


One feels helpless in challenging our government and I feel that they are by far more devious and are determined to outsmart the american people (get their way).


It feels like a loosing battle.  I fear that it'll all have to fall apart before it can rise again and rebuild a new world (government).


We need to be to prepare as best as possible for this.........for I think that at this point it is out of our hands.


Hope I wrong.......... :twocents:

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If only more people knew about this, there would be RIOTS.


What's funny is that people under communist oppression want capitalism money, and the Chinese are getting filthy rich, and in America the have-nots can't get a fair shake if they tried so they want the capitalist elite who can't POSSIBLY spend all their money in a lifetime to redistribute wealth or at least get knocked down a few pegs.

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