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Citizen: Maliki has no national acceptability that qualify for a third term

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01:24:11 / 07/2014



Khandan - any spring renewed mass citizen's categorical rejection of Maliki as prime minister for a third term. said the leader of the Bloc citizen Salah Arbaoui in a statement to "Khandan", "The National Alliance depends on the nomination of any character for the presidency of the Council of Ministers on fundamental criteria, namely the admissibility of national representation the real component, and we are within a block citizen believe that al-Maliki does not have the element of admissibility that qualify him to take that position, and as we are still clinging to refusing to state his third. " and between Arbaoui, "The Kurds, like the rest of the ingredients other political rejection of the policy of al-Maliki, will participate in the next government that Absorb the last volume of political rejection of his candidacy, and make way for countless personal acceptance of all powers. "


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