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US, Iran And Saudi Agree On Maliki's Third Term !


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Fellow Dinarians ~

To keep us all at an even keel & calm,cool and collected, we should EXPECT that a demonic entity such as Maliki is going to spew propaganda from all the news outlets that he owns ......right up until he makes that mad dash for his personal plane, idling on the tarmac.

Maliki will leave Iraq....there are just too many sects who hate what he has done to the people of Iraq in the past 8 years.

Look what is at stake here......oil wealth, the largest corporations in the world and trillions of dollars. On the political side Maliki is inciting terrorism.

He will be forced out. A two -bit dictator is not going to be "allowed" to spoil all the fortunes involved there.

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Here Is An Anti Maliki Article From Today Regarding Saudi Arabia ...




(by walkingstick)

Dagger: There is a new role of the Saudi Arabian to save Iraq and al-Maliki has an influential lobby in America to stay in power

Author: MA 
Editor: BK, BS 07/10/2014 7:38 p.m. 
Long-Presse / Erbil
Accused the head of the (dignity), T hilarious dagger, on Thursday, the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, of committing "errors catastrophic" against various Iraqi factions, made him "a problem in itself," and that "broken" promises made by the king of Saudi Arabia on calming the situation in Iraq, while counting to be taking up the post for a third "is rejected nationally and regional powers many", he expressed optimism about the role of Arab and Saudi new in Iraq to fight terrorism and to achieve national reconciliation "fact" include the components of the Iraqi people, the whole and maintains the unity of the country.

Khamis said the dagger, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, made mistakes disastrous, both with the Shiites or Sunnis or the Kurds or the rest of the components of the Iraqi people," adding that "al-Maliki goes to create new problems to aggravate political and security situation whenever faced a problem, so he became in itself a problem and not a solution. "

Promised dagger, that "people are going down the street and they came because of the popular revolution of fraud in the recent elections and the neglect of the demands of the provinces Almentvdh," noting that "the role of the Saudi Arabian always been supportive of Iraq has not treated him religiously."

And on the Saudi position of the developments of the Iraqi scene, said the head of the dignity, that"Saudi Arabia has embraced two weeks ago, political leaders of the components of the Iraqi people, all to encourage them to achieve genuine national reconciliation and the fight against terrorism and to stop foreign interference in the internal affairs", stressing that "Saudi Arabia supports true reconciliation and will continue its contacts with the tireless different Iraqi political leaders. "

He expressed optimism about the dagger to "the role of a new Arab is a very important factor for Iraq," pointing out that "Saudi Arabia stands with the sanctity of Iraqi blood and the fight against terrorism and to achieve national reconciliation, including the fact that all the components of the Iraqi people."

He accused the head of the dignity, al-Maliki, as a "broken promises made by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, to calm the situation in Iraq, when he was received at the beginning of the first session," stressing that "Riyadh stand with Iraq's unity against terrorism and sectarian militias and unjust rule and Daash and interventions Foreign Affairs. "

He dagger, "I just returned from a tour of Arab, including the Gulf countries, most notably Saudi Arabia, which wish to happen a change in political leaders to calm the Iraqi street," Msttrda that "officials in the Gulf states unanimously agreed that Iraq is facing a new stage requires cooperation to modify the course of the political process being reached to a standstill. "

And increased Iraqi politician, that "everyone urge Iraqis to build a new social contract," Mstrsla that "the Arab countries, especially the Gulf is ready to help Iraq and to host a conference, agreement or conclusion of a document similar to those that occurred in Mecca, to reunite and maintain the unity of Iraq."

He went on T dagger, saying that "Maliki as prime minister for a third will have provinces Almentvdh resorting to tough choices," noting that "al-Maliki created a compression strength (lobby) influential in the United States of America in order to ensure its survival, headed by the government," adding, "but it became difficult being a Pat rejected nationally by the Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis as well as several regional powers. "

He said the head of the dignity, that "what we are experiencing today and we are seeing is state terrorism," exclaimedthe "position-Maliki, who always accuse Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism, but at the same time seek help in the war on terror."

According to the dagger, that "Saudi Arabia is not interested in choosing who governs Iraq, but the way it's been done about justice and believes in preserving the unity of the country."

The Secretary-General of the mass of dignity, T dagger, called in (the 12 of April 2014 now), not to give al-Maliki to a third term, saying that "it will destroy Iraq."

It also warned the head of the list dignity, T dagger, in the (second from May 2014), to take the people of the six provinces (which has seen demonstrations) "tough choices" in the event of "stuck-Maliki to power," and while stressing that the list of "hurting the pain the people of the South", He said the families of the six provinces, but did not get to murder and terrorism, accusing the Prime Minister to work on the "exclusion of the people of attitudes" and deliver "Year-Maliki" to parliament.

Revealed block the dagger, in the (second from June 2014), closely announcement "Sunni front", rejecting the state's third generation, with more than 55 deputies, the coalition of Allawi and Najafi and others.

The T dagger, is one of the most prominent supporters of the mobility of the mass anti-government in the Sunni-majority areas (Anbar, Nineveh, Salahuddin, Diyala and Kirkuk, as well as areas of the capital), which lasted for more than a year. 

It was the dagger, announced in (tenth of December 2013 the past), the formation of a political bloc to enter the next parliamentary elections, on behalf of (mass dignity), indicating that it was born from "the womb of the sit-ins in the streets of pride and honor."


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Wow isn't that something

A sovereign nation holds elections and these three country's think they are incharge of who gets in office

I say they had no choice in the matter

They pretend they do

But they dont

I was thinking the same thing they have know say in it. I think this is a Maliki propaganda piece he's trying to get anyone to support him. All of these people are psychotic anyway. :)

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I've never been more confused about anything

If that's the plan to confuse everyone they succeeded

When its over the people in Iraq will make their choice based on bs from every side

Not just one side is slinging bs at the windows

They all are

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Taking the article at face value, I think it's a good thing for Iraq, the region and us. Keeping Maliki on a short leash and forcing a distribution of cabinet positions will give some credibility and democratic expedience for Iraq to build on.

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This is the source of the story

But I can't translate anything off it so i have no idea who they are

As I stated above, this news source is out of Jordan. The site seems legit, however no one else is reporting it. 24 hours have passed, and news this major, if true, would have been picked up by MULTIPLE news sources by now. I think it is merely one writers opinion to grab a headline.

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We will see who the USA supports soon

How ?

If the f16s show up

And the helicopters

And the thousands of hellfire missles show up

And then we will see if the Russian jets show up

Maliki isn't quite ready yet for a full on attack

He's got to play dumb for awhile if he thinks the Kurds are in on this with the Sunnis

What kinds of arms deals are we reading about for the Kurds?

I've seen none


People may be able to think things for awhile

But September isn't that far off

If that air power arrives in Baghdad

You can't deny who the USA supports

They are cutting off supply's already up north

So we will see

We already know who irans going to back

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Dontlop, I disagree with you about the Kurds. I've been to Turkey and they like the cheap energy availability of the Kurdish oil. Behind the scenes the Turks have made deals for protecting their energy source you can count on it! Turkey has bombed Kurdish terrorists seperatists that have moved back and forth on the frontier between Kurdistan and Turkey. You need to get your facts strait about this. Iran has had the same problem with Kurdish bandit terrorists. Notice that Maliki has not attacked the Kurds? He knows that Turkey is an ally of the Kurds but they have to walk the diplomatic fine line while the power struggle is sorted out in Iraq...IMO

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Ok thanks

I'll get my facts straight

But if the Turks want cheap oil they will have to go thru Baghdad


And that's not going to change

Barzani seems to be a separatist

He seems to want his own country himself

You don't think the Kurdish leadership are Iraqi loyalists do ya ?

Ya they want part of turkey too

And part of Iran

So there's some more facts

He's their leader

Separatism is the advocacy of a state of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender separation from the larger group. While it often refers to full political secession,[1] separatist groups may seek nothing more than greater autonomy.[2] Some groups refer to their organizing as independence, self-determination, partition or decolonization movements instead of, or in addition to, autonomist, separatist or secession movements.[citation needed] While some critics may equate separatism and religious segregation, racial segregation or sexual segregation, separatists argue that separation by choice is not the same as government-enforced segregation and may serve useful purposes.[3][4][5][6][7]

That's barzanis bible

The Turks may be telling them

You just keep going south and forget about coming north and we won't bother you

In the end if they try to retreat north

The Turks will bomb them backwards into the bombs that are pushing them towards the bombs that are pushing them backwards into the bombs that are pushing them into the other bombs

There nowhere to run for them

They either cooperate with some govt somewhere or they are simply not going to make it

Sad but true

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