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US, Iran And Saudi Agree On Maliki's Third Term !

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CNN. Broadcasting Probable Smoke !




US, Iran and Saudi agree on Maliki's third term

The United Sates, Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to allow Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to stay in office for a third term, Al-Araby Al-Yawm newspaper reported.

The news agency quoted an Iraqi source familiar with the agreement details as saying "according to the agreement Al-Maliki will have to give up sovereign ministries and the security file, and abide by the 2010 agreement and establish a National Security Council for Iraq, headed by a Sunni figure."

Sunni, Shia and sections of the Kurdish Jalal Talabani's group have united to counter Kurdistan's attempts to separate from Iraq, the source said.

It is expected that the agreement will be concluded before the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, at the end of July, during a meeting to choose the three government prominent posts.

According to the source, Barham Saleh will be chosen as president while Saleem Al-Jbouri will act as parliament speaker, and Al-Maliki as prime minister.

"Tarek Najm is expected to become vice president, and Hussein Al-Attiyah will act as foreign minister succeeding Hoshyar Zebari," Al-Araby Al-Yawm said.

The source noted that Sunni figures from Tikrit and Mosul will be chosen for sovereign ministries.

The Iraqi parliament announced yesterday that it has decided to bring forward its second parliamentary session. "We have decided to bring forward the second parliament session to Sunday July 13," acting parliament speaker, Mehdi Al-Hafez, said in a statement.

Military sources said the Iraqi forces continue to bomb Sunni areas in Tikrit, Baquba and Diyala where elements of the former Iraqi army and Baath Party affiliates are believed to be positioned.

According to the source, Sunni leaders describe Sunni militants as rebels who revolted against Al-Maliki's sectarian policies.

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Wow isn't that something

A sovereign nation holds elections and these three country's think they are incharge of who gets in office

I say they had no choice in the matter

They pretend they do

But they dont

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Agreed to allow him

What a bunch of hog shi

Next election I guess we will see if our next pick is allowed by the Mexicans and Canadians and Russia

I never saw so much horse shi coming out of one country's media ever

This is a first

It's just smoke and mirrors to cover up the rv

I think Maliki got them by the balls

He must of found some undeniable evidence about the involvement of who ever it is operating behind that Kurdish line

Maliki is going to give up the security of Iraq to a Sunni

That's where this is going to go wrong

They will kill him

I didn't think any Arabs would let the Kurds skate with 7 trillion dollars worth of their oil

I knew the Sunnis and shittes would unite over that one eventually

But like the clown said

Probably smoke

Tonight we will read Maliki is severely wounded or dead

Then tomarro we will see him making an acceptance speech

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It doesn't matter in politics

If the Iraqi intelligence uncovered something that could jeopardize the Saudis

They will go along with anything to keep it hidden

Those articles I read about these terrorists operating behind Kurdish lines

I don't think maliki just made that up

The next day

Ok we agree maliki can stay

Heck he can stay for 4, terms if he wants

An overnight raid could solve the entire situation

Bidens call to barzani yesterday telling him the games up

Who knows what could of happened

Nothing might of happened

Some guy might of been drunk and wrote this

So what's going to happen to the Isis now

They all gang up on them and they escape to Syria ?

Or are we going to hear about a pile of dead terrorists

Or do they go home to Saudi Arabia

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If ya ask me

It's always going to be a shitte

From now on

And they do as their cleric says

They don't have separation of church and state

And are not afraid of blood shed

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Malarky. Pure and simple. Though for a Shiite to stay in power, not necessarily Maliki, this odd combination may need to cross the aisles to get a representative coalition government seated. One must also include the Kurds and their representatives as well. So it will take Iraq, Kurds, Iran, and Saudi Arabia to bring a peace of sorts to this region.

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Saudi Arabia , Iran , Jordan, Syria, turkey , Kuwait Maybe

The Kurds are not a big player here

The Kurds are going to have to get used to the idea that they are Iraqis

The Arabs do not like them in the first place

Shittes or Sunnis

It won't take much to stir up that bees nest again

They been fighting for years and they just keep coming in from turkey and Iran

The Turks don't like them

And Iran doesn't like them

They need to just settle down and call themselves Iraqis

Just like most Americans call themselves Americans

There's a few who don't but in the end they are

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The Kurds problem is they have no allies




No one backs Kurdistan

That's the problem

They jump on anyone's side to try to take land for their own country

The Turks have bombed them

The Iranians bomb them

The Iraqis bomb them

They need to shut up and be happy with a semi autonomous region in Iraq

Take what they can get and build a private sector that can sustain itself

Get started in manufacturing of some kind

Use the oil money to build with instead of trying to live off it

Forget the Arabs just build a private sector

Take the jobs in the region and get paid a salary and invest it for their future

That's the sad truth about Kurdistan

They are Iraqis while in Iraq

And Turks while in turkey and Iranians while in Iran

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They get a few dollars and they want to turn on the mother country and become independent and take the land as there own

They are not strong enough to take on Iraq right now not even close

Build for a hundred years first and see after that if that's what they still want to do

I think it has to do with oil flow and expanding the global economy

They can't expand without expanding energy production

Which I think the IMF is monitoring

But these buildeburg meetings plan the global future while regulating its growth

They are expanding and need the extra 5 million barrels a day from Iraq

They need this oil controlled by the central govt not just who ever

They need the Kurdish pipeline and the Jordan pipeline on board to continue the expansion in energy to build

The power grabs going on in Iraq won't fit into the plan

They want it simplified

Centralized control

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Might be true. Might be bullcropp...smoke and mirrors to hide true intention?....only time will tell.

So, what's in this deal for the Iranians? Peace on their border? Chopped liver. Not enough. The Yanks have been messing with the Iranian economy. At the very least expect to see all sorts of sanctions on Iran lifted, if they agree to this.

I agree with Dontlop about the Kurds. No one likes them.


When they are in Turdistan, they are Turds!

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Don't get me wrong

They are humans

But they are nomads

They need to take a break


Just stop

Become civilized again

And rethink things

They can achieve a good life for themselves

The world has evolved over the last 75 years since the new borders were drawn in the sand

There's other ways to live

The Arabs are starting to come along

They also need to stop and rethink things

Everyone does

Life is easy

It's not a battle for air

Food can be plentiful

Life is not what some want us to believe

It's not a contest

I can go lay down under a tree

And maybe work an hour fishing to catch my food each day and just kick back on a beach with no problems

The problems we have for the most part are man made

The rest we can deal with the weather for example

These things can be simply fixed

Not there to compete for

Or to make profits off each other

Even Steven

That's the name of the game


The more practical and simple you can make your life should be your goal

Edited by dontlop
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People I've been saying for some time, there are forces at work here none of us

will ever understand. Maliki isn't going anywhere, and the Kurds aren't going to

create a Kurdish state. ISIS will vanish overnight, and indeed already seems to be.

Then SUDDENLY everything will miraculously be done and under the chaotic fog

of so much B.S. the RV. And that prediction you can take to the bank.

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We are all ,,,,, all,,,,, having difficulty reading these articles and their opposing articles

An article may come out this morning

Soneone reads it and goes to work

Later another article comes out and someone else logs in and reads that article

Later that evening the two people end up arguing over something and it's not anyone's fault they are arguing they both know what they read earlier that day

So they both start looking for story's that back up what they read and find the for both sides of the arguement

I say we don't know till it's done

These political hack journalists are tearing dv members apart

In the end it doesn't matter

The church isn't seperate from the state in Iraq

It doesn't matter which shitte they put in

It will be the same

Exactly the same

The majority wins

The majority is the shitte cleric

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