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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana weekly Update July 8 2014

Adam Montana

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SandFly For PM ! :o


  :D     :D     :D






SandFly for PM, Nadita for President, Markinsa as Speaker,  DinarThug as Minister of mean....Information....and Adam as head of the CBI!!!!!


Lets get this government seated!!!

While Maliki is seeking a asylum with ...


My understanding is Maliki is in London as of yesterday. I would say according to who. but you would just neg me to death.

So, with Maliki gone, we should move forward, post haste.

Happy times are on the way, Be positive and expecting.

Thanks....For Sandfly..


Well we know our Yota doesn't have a bad smell...but I think he was referin' to our "Thank You Man"....and I am sure it's more than silent "poofers" that make him deadly...either way...he's got my vote!!!! ;o)

Thanks for the post Adam and Mod's....heck...what's another month after 10 years anyways!!! :)My Thoughts

My Thoughts too.

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Ruff Turbulence  put on your seat belts!!! :moon-from-car:   We will have to climb to 50K feet to ride out this storm estimated destination arrival Time has changed Updates will come as needed till we can land safely. GO RV  :lol:  B)

Tower ...this is flight 1994......we are circling due to the stormy conditions, but we will be running low on fuel soon.....we need to land.... tell Iraq to hurry up and RV so these storm clouds can leave and we can land... wouldnt want to crash and burn.....  :eyebrows:

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There doesn't seem to be any interest in Adam's weekly chat of 7/16/14 as I don't see any questions posted.  I know he said last week that the updates for the next couple of weeks would be brief, but let's hope that he has some positive info.  In these times one can only hope and dream.  Good health and luck to us all!  :twothumbs:

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