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Russia, Iran, Syria and Other "Non-Allies" of America

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I am not a very educated person but this has been in my thoughts for some time.  With recently activities in the Middle East and Russia defending Iran and Syria, I believe that behind closed doors they are coming together to take over this region and eventually Iraq.  Now all of the sudden Russia is saying they want a better relationship with US???  We are a country of democracy.  While we might have a lot of politicians whose only purpose is greed, I do believe we are the greatest country on the earth as far as freedom and generosity.  We are also the strongest and lately I've seen a lot of countries testing that might just to see what we have.  Then they back off.  Example:  Urkraine.  However if enough bad guys "country leaders" form a pac with each other behind closed doors (the only way they can) what is to stop them from taking what they want.   I just pray that we won't be the gullible good guys who get fooled.  Just my :twocents:

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Looking at everything we have been sticking our noses into around the world, causing strife along the way, all in the name of freedom, I really can't blame the rest of the world's distrust. Every one knows all we care about is oil, and staying top dog. Sad to say, but the sun is setting on the USA. Our greed, bullying, bribing and over throwing countries and their leaders, has left it's mark on us. Yes they will still take our bribes, but so many are lining up on the other side of the playground. We will soon be odd man out. They will get us where it hurts most. Our currency.

Once we aren't the reserve anymore, we will be nothing, won't be able to tell everyone what they can, can't & MUST do.

This country needs to be taken to the wood shed. Too bad all the politicians that caused this mess aren't the ones that will be the losers, they have all their assets offshore & safe. No the citizenry will be the losers.

To be the strongest country in the world, one needs a strong economy, and produce something. To say we are spending like drunken sailors would be unjust to sailors. They only spend what they have, and can't print more. This government is just nuts. And saying we are the freest nation is incorrect. We have more imprisoned than others. We are a police state.

have a nice day.

Just my thoughts,


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I do not know whether or not you are a "Conservative", if you are, you are one of a less than five(5) Conservatives, that I (Progressive) have ever agreed with. 

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Without oil the industrial revolution might as well just shut its doors and call it quits

Its a way of life that is being protected

People will be able to adjust if they do it slowly

But the world leaders know , that if the wrong people get control of a vital part of the energy that supports this way if life.

Then a lot of people will suffer

They have a click and it's the chosen few who are representing the masses

These chosen representatives are sent to meet yearly at buildeburg meetings and banking meeting to discuss the movements of the big picture in the global economy

They all work together or it would be impossible

They have closed doors for their meetings for good reason

They cannot let hundreds of thousands of people arguing policy

Especially the radical protestors who don't have a clue what's going on so they make things up so those in the meeting would have to clarify

But the accusations go unclarified

If they stopped and answered to every accusation

Nothing would ever get done , they instead would just be people standing there answering questions instead of being in the meeting discussing the future

So they just ignore the conspiracy theorists

It's the way it is

Russia most likely doesn't like to be threatened

We watched them with the Winter Olympics , they then got a taste of some bunch of idiots threatening them

So to see them working at the same goal in the war on terror is good

Iran does not want a huge Sunni presence on their border

They dealt with that under saddam and 10 years of war with chemical bombs being lobbed into Iran

I see why all of them are there

I don't see it as anything but good

No terrorist threat should go unanswered

They should answer then with hell fires

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America spent trillions of dollars rebuilding Iraq. That is quite an investment to just throw away because of a political problem.


Iraq required our military assistance against the Sunni terrorist & we did not help. Russia filled the void left by the USA and Iran is always standing by to publicly help while privately undermining the government.


America has thrown any influence we may have had away! All it would have taken was a few air strikes by our fighters sitting off the coast doing nothing!


And we all had to laugh at the "NATO annoucement of their support" but no action was taken! LOL


Iraq is like the young girlfriend/Mistress - what have you done for me lately? LOL


Washington can dangle the carrott in front of their eyes but Russia is willing to fill their pockets with all the military support they want! Who do you see having the most influence in the coming years?

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This is a snippet from an interesting article I read here on DV a couple of weeks ago.


"Russia’s largest gas company, Gazprom, has all but excluded the dollar in all transactions with foreign nations. In fact, nine out of 10 of Gazprom’s foreign clients were more than happy to buy their products without using dollars.  This fact cripples the arguments of dollar cheerleaders who have always claimed that even if Russia broke from the dollar, no one else would go along.
Gazprom and the Russian government have followed through with their threats to cut off gas pipelines to Ukraine, and now, some analysts fear this strategy may extend to the EU, in which many countries are still 30% dependent on Russian energy.
China is currently striking oil deals not only with Russia but also with Iran. New oil deals are being signed even after a $2 billion agreement fell through this spring.  And, despite common misinformation, it was actually China that was reaping the greatest rewards through thereopening of Iraqi oil fields, not the U.S., all while U.S. military assets were essentially wasted in the region.
Now, any U.S. benefits are coming into question as Iraq disintegrates into chaos yet again. With the speed of the new Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) insurgency growing, it is unclear whether America will have ANY access to Iraqi oil in the near future.  If ISIS is successful in overrunning Iraq, it is unlikely that Iraqi oil will ever be traded for dollars again. Unrest in Iraq has already caused substantial market spikes in oil prices, and I can say with considerable confidence that this trend is going to continue through the rest of the year.
Interestingly, mainstream news sources suggest that Saudi Arabia has been a primary funding source for the ISIS movement.  It is true that the Saudis have warned for years that they would fund and arm Sunni insurgents if America ever pulled out of the country.  But, I would point out that the U.S. has also been covertly supporting such extremist groups in the Mideast for quite some time, and this is not discussed at all in the MSM storyline. The mainstream narrative is painting a picture of betrayal by the Saudis against the U.S. through subversive groups designed to break the foundations of nations opposed to its policy views.  When, in fact, the destabilization of Iraq has been nurtured by money and weapons from both America and Saudi Arabia.
It was the CIA which trained ISIS insurgents secretly in Jordan in preparation for their subversive war in Syria.  It was an agreement signed by George W. Bush and delegated under Obama's watch that allowed ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to be set free in 2009.  Saudi Arabia has been openly arming the Sunni's for years with the full knowledge of the U.S. government.  So then, why is the narrative being created that America and Saudi Arabia are at odds over ISIS?"

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