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Welcome to Georgia, where the guns are everywhere

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Where I live, Texas. Any where there is a 30.06 sign posted. I remove that store/chain from my shopping list. If my full rights are not respected. Then the store will have to do with out my business. We have a produce store here by the name of sprouts. They were purchased by a English group IHS. The signs went up and that was the last time I have been in that store. I will not patronize any one that will not respect my rights. Period, no if's, no but's.


Period 30.06 signs are not a popular thing here. If I can not carry a defensive weapon. I don't go there, ever!

Here - Here 

My too! :)

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Have you ever applied for a ccw permit? You are fingerprinted and have an extensive background check, photographed and the permit is harder to forge than a drivers license.

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Can I get an AMEN!

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Have you ever applied for a ccw permit? You are fingerprinted and have an extensive background check, photographed and the permit is harder to forge than a drivers license.

Read more:

Can I get an AMEN!


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I've had  to think about this, but I've got to go with dog53 on his comments above.


Umbertino, or U-man as I refer to him (whether he likes it or not) is not from our culture. Apparently, the author of the original article is not either. I hate to call people ignorant because it usually implies such bad connotations, but it simply means that someone is not aware or doesn't know,


They're not from our particular culture that's so imbued with the use of firearms. Now umbertino has traveled extensively in our country so it may not apply to him, but many, if not most, Europeans have no clue of the vastness of the US. They don't have a clue what we mean by "off the grid" or "out in the boonies" or how self-reliant many Americans need to be.


Their idea of hunting a great steak might be looking for a good cut at a reasonable price at the butcher shop or grocery store.

Most Europeans who don't live in large cities, live in small towns or villages where there is a constable or a caribinere  readily available (hope I got that right, U-man) and not in the boonies or in rural US where it may take a long time (hours in some places, days in places like Alaska) for help to arrive. Most rural folks in the US are used to the fact that we need to be more self-reliant.


But if we're allowed to have guns for our self-reliance, the rat-basturd bad guys are allowed to have them too.

That's why I own firearms.

That's why I can fill the freezer with venison if I need to (Mom and the kids don't like venison.)

Just because I have a firearm doesn't mean that I whip it out and start blasting the neighborhood every Friday night.


That's a huge part of our culture. I certainly can't say "DNA" because my grandparents were immigrants from Europe and I grew up in a big city. 

But there's a reason that I don't live in Chicago anymore. They can keep their liberals and gangs and their crime and their useless gun laws that only hurt the law-abiding citizens. I'll stay here in my little heaven where I know my neighbors names and I have a key to their house and they have a key to mine.


I've raised my children to respect and care for firearms - all guns will be handled carefully -all guns are loaded until proven otherwise - all guns need a thorough cleaning if they've been used - don't point a gun unless you intend to shoot it, don't shoot unless you intend to kill whatever it is aimed at - finger off the trigger until you're ready to squeeze it - aim small, miss small. And now I see my children raising their children the same way.


Now, try to be a home-invader at the 429 house. That probably wouldn't be a good idea.


Also, I hear you DM in reference to the US sending folks to die, twice, in the last century in Europe.

The author of the base article should also have remembered that in the early years of World War II, it was the private US gun-owners who sent their personal weapons to Great Britain to help arm that country to fend off the German invasion that never came.


I don't believe that Umberto personally meant to jump up and down on a raw nerve of ours. The European crap is the same drivel that the liberal main stream media puts out every day here in the US.

I don't believe that there was any malice intended.

I don't believe that Umberto, or most Europeans for that matter, fully understands our culture as it pertains to firearms. Heck, I don't believe that most liberals do either.


And yes DM, you can bet your last nickel that I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to defend our country and our constitution, "from all enemies foreign or domestic." And when I see my rights being trampled upon, I'm going to do what I need to to defend the rights I have.



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Hey umberbertino. If you would go study what Hitler did and look at his platform and how he deceived the people he was elected to protect. You would realize that the bogus POTUS is looking at the same facts in the history book. That Sir is why you receive such ire and ilk from those we lovingly refer to as PATRIOTS, AMERICAN patriots.


Perhaps you would benefit there. You would see that maybe that is why we have so many folks from central American socialist country's trying to be a part of this once great nation.      :twocents:

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