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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Meet The Replacement Of Iraqi PM Maliki !


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CNN. Broadcasting An Iranian Endorsed Candidate With More Attached Puppet Strings Than Those Creepy Direct TV Commercials  - Thanks Barry !




Meet the replacement of Iraqi PM Maliki

BasNews, Baghdad

Tariq Najm, the new Iraqi Prime Minister?

Iran is allegedly leaning towards replacing Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki with Tariq Najm, a Shiite politician and adviser to Maliki, who is thought to be closer to Tehran.

According to a source that is close to the matter and asked for anonymity, after the Iranian and Iraqi officials met in Baghdad on Saturday, Iran suggested that Maliki can no longer remain in power and is pushing for Najm to replace him.

An anonymous source that was in the meeting told BasNews that Iran is dissatisfied with Maliki’s failed policies and has chosen to replace him, trusting that Najm can protect Iranian interests in Baghdad.

Najm is known to be anti Kurdistan and a fierce supporter of Shiite interests.

He is close to Maliki and is known as the black box of Maliki’s government.

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THUGGIE!!! you are the ultimate news source! You don't sleep!  I'm waiting for you to let us know we have our RV!  

Thanks for all you do!  you  truly ROCK!!


CNN. News Happens 24 Hours - That's Why We're Up At The Crack Of Noon ! :blink:


    :D     :D     :D

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Thanks DT...I think...wasn't to thrilled to learn that Bagdad had any interest in Iran's interest....

Ya Unfortunately, More often Than Not - The Iraqi Shiite Region Behaves As If It Were The 'Western Provence' Of Iran ! <_<


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OH crap, i thought I would never say it, maybe maliki should stay.  ahhh.....slap me..i deserve it.......More puppets of Iran and kurd hater!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least if you give this uprising by ISIS another week, they will get maliki too.  Not just the saddam judge.  I really think they are coming for him and he knows it.  I bet he disappears.  I don't think he has enough money to pay for his private army. 

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Uhmmmmm didn't they already give Maliki the job for the third time last month??....IF Iran thought this was such a super hot idea, they probably should have demanded the Coalition of State Law put forward this cat instead of the cat now occupying the chair...Well I'm thinking anyway....

Course, it also appears that many still think the chair is up for grabs.... so...maybe I should take a few minutes and post the info leading to the belief this is a done deal... :D I was getting tired of replacing cedar shakes on the siding anyway... so it would be a nice break...for a minute... maybe...


(and YES that was me using a head lamp to put them up last night... probably would not have been such a big deal if I hadn't been using a Paslode nail gun and people thought the neighborhood was being shot up...  Unfortunately some guy killed his wife two houses down few years ago and home repairs on the block haven't been the same since then, so I had to stop for tonight..... But I digress...  .

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You can replace Maliki with a clone but that's all we will see

The shittes were oppressed for years and years under the Sunnis in Iraq

Now that they vote for their leaders

The shittes will partner up with Iran and they will rule

The Sunnis think they can fight their way out

What they should be doing is making babies so some day they could be the majority in Iraq

Right now they face extinction in Iraq for their future

They cannot win Iraq through a gun

It's got to be a majority vote

Look what just happened

Shittes won again

Just like that


Votes over

Get used to the shittes ruling Iraq

And the Sunnis hate them so look for the Sunnis to keep attacking till the Sunnis are gone

Iraqs central govt just got 88 fighter jets back from Iran

They will control the sky

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