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No fraud in more than 2000 Baghdad polling stations

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No fraud in more than 2000 Baghdad polling stations

Thursday, May 6th 2010 10:02 AM

Baghdad, May6 (AKnews) - The Electoral Commission in Iraq said on Wednesday that the results of counting manually in Baghdad showed no cases of organized fraud in all of the stations; it confirmed putting in 1000 polling stations in the counting and sorting center electronically.

"During the third day of counting process in Baghdad the commission has not recorded any cases of organized fraud in the ballot papers or at the stations." Saad Al-Rawi, A member in the Board of Commissioners in the Office said.

"What has diagnosed is individual cases that can't be called big mistakes happened to some ballot papers, it had been treated," he added.

"The Commission put in today 1000 polling stations electronically at the counting and sorting center in the Commission building .The Commission teams counted and sorted manually about 800 polling stations, in which the numbers of stations that have been counted and sorted manually in three days were 2000 ballot stations ".

The judiciaries received this morning an appeal from the state of law coalition list two days before interpreting its decision to re-count and sort the results of the elections in Baghdad manually; the list demanded matching the records of voters with the ballot papers which were rejected by the Commission according to its interpretation of the Discriminatory Board decision.

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