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Connecting the Dots all the way to Article VIII

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The keyword here is ~ any or all financial instrument ARISING FROM or RELATED TO the sale or marketing thereof, and interest therein…


I agree with Stryker, that this could pave a way for Iraq to be on par with other members of IMF as far as debt settlement is concerns and accepting obligation under Article 8 but I am not able to connect the dot yet...with " Central Bank of Iraq approved all licensed currency transfer companies "  or "financial instruments in the form of the Iraqi currency that were held at bay by the OFAC". My bad. 


EO 13303, aims to "protect the Development Fund for Iraq and certain other property in which Iraq has an interest"- that means everything associated with the sales and marketing of petroleum and petroleum products from Iraq.  


The question I’m asking myself is ~ could this ( the lifting of immunity) have anything to do with Kurdishtan exporting their oil via pipeline in Turkey?



Because, it is quite clear Kurdishtan is breaching EO 13303 and the US is not doing anything to “protect” the sales of this oil product  which is covered under Section 1B of EO13303.


So by removing immunity under Sec. 1A and 1B,  petroleum products, incl the sales and marketing, are no longer under US protection, allowing much room needed by Kurdishtan to act within their own interpretation of their constitution.  


Just my thought.

What's your thoughts about the state dept in erbil over the Kurds defiance of oil sale without Baghdad approval

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"Soon though we will be able to exchange our dinar for any currency through banking institutions now that OFAC has or will be removing all financial sanctions."




Might want to read this. Acording to OFAC, all sanctions were removed in September 2010.  Once again, Stryker has no idea what he is talking about.

Awe come on hun, he's only been in this for two years. Give the poor guy a break. LOL

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That poor hippo could of been a millionare if it would of learned to speak English


...especially proper English.  That poor hippo could HAVE been a millionaire if it would HAVE learned to speak English.   ;)

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