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Tlar - Anyone Who Holds The Currency Will Benefit !


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CNN. Broadcasting A Really Long Q + A By Tlar For All Of The Tlopsters ! Just Read The Money Shot Quote Below To Comment On Or Feel Free To Read The Entire Q + A If Ur A Glutton For Punishment !




5-9-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar    It is my opinion that anyone who holds the currency will benefit. I believe the nominal rate is what they will change first (delete the leading zeros) so whatever that turns out to be, that will be the value of the physical dinar.  If the nominal rate is changed to one to one, the million dinars you hold will be worth 1 million US before the taxes are paid.  For those that hold accounts in Iraq, it is my belief that they will not lose or gain in value. Right or wrong that's my belief.




  BAGHDAD / JD / .. suggested parliamentary Finance Committee approval of the federal budget for the year 2014 during the next few days, excluded carried over into the next parliament.

  A member of the Committee MP Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri told / JD /: "Some deputies of the National Alliance will present a request to the presidency of the Council of Representatives for the purpose of allocating a session to discuss and approve the federal budget and invite other blocs to attend the session in order to complete the quorum."

  He pointed out that the ongoing negotiations between the Governments of the Kurdistan region and the federal about the export of oil and disagreements budget can reach a solution from which to pay towards the adoption of the budget during the remaining period of the current parliament.
  The member of the parliamentary finance committee, all the political blocs to attend meetings of the House of Representatives for the passage of the budget for the second reading and vote on them.

 The budget of the year 2014 one disputes the political blocs, which led to the reluctance of the sessions of Parliament and will not be approved despite the passage of four months of the current fiscal year, warned some economists of the delay in approving the budget, they confuse the economic situation and paralyzing the state. / Finished / 8

MIKE:  Tlar, do you believe that Hakim and his crew can make changes to the budget prior to re-submitting it for a vote? There's very little over sight for the Executive Branch expenditures as well as penalties for the Kurd's and no money for the Peshmerga.

What would make the Kurd's accept the budget as it stands without making changes?  Do you believe that the Kurd's will begin selling their own oil on the international market and reverse the roles, as in pay Baghdad their 83% of the oil sold? Thanks in advance!

TLAR:  Mike, it is my opinion that no changes will be made to the existing budget as it is written because time is of the essence to get this passed.   I think any changes will be as an addendum made after the new parliament is seated in June.

If the Kurds show up and vote to pass the budget before then, we can assume that they have made a deal with Hakim and Sadr on the third party handling the money and removal of any penalty clauses. 

The Kurds might ask for something in writing but I am confident Hakim and Sadr, their partners, will give it to them before the vote.  It will be interesting to see if they can pass the budget next week and in particular if the Kurds show, because that would indicate a backroom deal has been reached.  Tlar

Jtdinar:   Tlar, T Minus 57 days and counting yes?? Lol.....

Tlar:    I don't kiss and tell jt.  Well maybe over a few drinks with the guys. tlar.

Candy:    I am VERY worried about all the talk about passing the budget wih a simple majority, WITHOUT the Kurds!!  This will NOT help us one WHIT in my opinion!!

MD'Shea     I particularly like the part where all of the crooks who delyed our blessing are subject to arrest and prosecution.  With that warning, Monkey Boy's jet should soon be screaming out of Iraq!

"Iraq may be issuing arrest warrants even before the new government is seated. The call is out to close the airports and borders to corrupt politicians and it is anticipated arrest warrants issued before they can escape Iraq."

Frank:    “There are no articles to support this one way or another but it is my belief that a person who has 50000 in the bank account will wake up the day after to 50 dinars. It will have the same value as before but 3 zeros will have been removed. The person who has 50000 under his mastress will hit a windfall bigtime. He will be able to walk into the bank and swap for 50000 new notes orr set up an account. Argumentitively I know it is hard understand this concept, but I feel good that this is the way will happen.”

Frank:   tlar,,- With all due respect -  Do you really think that the person who has 50,000 IQD in the bank is going to be treated any differently than the person who has his 50,000 IQD under the matress when the zeros are deleted ?? 

You have just described a re-denomination wherein the person with 50,000 IQD in the bank finds that after the deletion of the zeros, he has 50 dinar in the bank, without change in value.

That's the way I read it, in all past articlesout of Iraq, that it is going to go down -  however -  I hope I am very wrong - I know that the gurus don't agree with the articles. 

As with all other currencies, I expect that whatever happens in Iraq, regarding deletion of the zeros, an increase in the exchange rate, (associated deletion of zeros related to products and services in Iraq) -  will render the exchange value of the notes that we hold exactly the same as the exchange value of the IQD Internationally, including those people who live and shop in Baghdad.  

TLAR:     Frank, Yes I do believe this is the way it will go down because you can't pick and choose what will be reduced and what won't.  Only the currency will go up and everything will be adjusted to reflect the new rate.. 

Think of it this way.  When the leak came out in Dec that the CBI was going to delete the zeros and release the smalls, Iraqi's all over Iraq from Basra to Kurdistan ran the banks for 4 weeks pulling out their cash closing their accounts. 

Frank it is not important to our investment what the CBI does anymore than it is important to you or me personally.  This is just an exercise in logic.  Iraqi's have been being educated on this project for years first from Dr. Bakri and later from others.  It is only important as to what they themselves believe? 

So the question must be asked why the run on the banks when the leak was reported?  At one point Kurdistan would not even allow a depositor to close his account asking what do you need this cash for and we will only release a little. 

When the currency adjusts up by removing 3 zeros, everything must go down by removing three zeros or what ever the actual rate is when it comes out.  It's parity. 

Companies all over would be setting up accounts in Iraq if they thought the account they just opened  would be increased 1000 times when this happens. 

This is my opinion only and I said that in my email to my family and friends.  I have done a world of thinking on this subject and realize to most it seems unbalanced. 

I have debated this with alot of people and most don't agree until they think it through, but I can't see how they can do this project anyother way. 

But if you really think about it, the intention of this project is to adjust the currency, not to enrich everyone in Iraq.  It's a unique experiment that calls for a unique set of standards.

  Iraqi's with bank accounts will ***** and moan but the value of their accounts did not change.  The stock market is the same.  It too will be adjusted to reflect the new rate.  Only people holding the currency in Iraq will benefit.  Everything else will remain the same, no loss in value but adjusted to reflect the new rate.  Tlar

DreamWeaver    Frank, to me, it was more understandable when I read the articles that explained it was an accounting process (there are a few of those) wherein they would be basically deleting the three leading zeros in the rate. 

These articles in conjunction with articles about the Law of Indebitedness (I believe) about how all the contracts, bank accounts, stocks, etc, would be adjusted, helped it to fall into place in my mind.

One example was that if something cost 1,000 dinars BEFORE delete the zeros, it would cost 1 dinar after.  And if you had 1,000 shares of stock BEFORE then you would have 1 share after.

Frank, there were definitely articles explaining this process in the way stated by Tlar.  If it will help, I can dig them out for you.  But, of course, it is still a matter of accepting the interpretation given in the articles. 

The reason I accept it is because it makes sense and meshes with previous articles where they were going around educating Iraqis as well as articles regarding Shabibi's intentions.  Best.  ~ DW.

CASHMONEY:  Be very careful talking that "re denomination" talk around these parts!   No one wants to hear that as a possibililty even thought 99% of the ALL the articles that have come out over the past 4 years about removing the 000's is EXACTLY that.... a redomination!

P.S.  Just to be clear to everyone because its only a matter of time before "BLUE" comes in and tells me how negative I am........ I want an INCREASE in VALUE in the IQD because I hold the dinar just like everyone else!!!

MYSTIC137:  sorry if this is going to stir up the hornet's nest....but do you equate a 're-denomination' with the LOP scenario in dinar land where as i understand it the 3 zeros disappear at the end of the notes themselves (so not the rate) and that it is essentially a revenue-neutral event....?   just want to be on the same page here....

WEATHERFORD,TX:  Let me ask those of you who believe the senario Tlar has laid out something ......

Do you believe that if you took a $100 bill and deposited it in your bank account .... and your bank account was credited with $100 dollars  ..... And you kept a $100 bill in your pocket .......

That ... just one morning when you woke up ...... your bank account was now only going to have $1 dollar in it .........  but that $100 dollar bill in your pocket is still worth $100 dollars ......  ???

CASHMONEY:  Yes -  Now IF they increase the value BEFORE they redenominatewe will win!

BUT if they dont and it is a revenue - neutral event we will gain nothing.... unless they go 1 for 1 then increase the value up to $3+ we would make 3X our money -  dont get me wrong after 5 years I will take 3X my money but definitely not what I want.

At the end of the day NO ONE knows whats gonna happen.... we are all just speculating and hoping for the best! 

Tlar:    Cashmoney, Your confusing removing 3 zeros from the nominal rate with removing 3 zeros from the currency.  That is not what I am talking about.  If an Iraqi has 50,000 dinars in a bank account and owes 50000 dinars on a loan, it make no sense to have them both not be adjusted at the same time to reflect the new nominal rate,

otherwise theat same Iraq will just pay off the old 50000 note (now 50 dinars) from the same account in the same bank leaving himself with a profit of 49950 dinars.

 It is out of balance at that point.  That's why Iraq has been dollarizing so hard to get as much currency of the streets as possible. 

If you could pick and choose what will go up and what will go down, you could argue those positions from all angles.  I am sure the independent banks would choose to leave the loans just as they are. 

I am also sure the stock market would love to leave the number of shares the same and just see the market value go up 1000x's.  I am also sure that the folks who work would love to see their salaries go up 1000x's.  From every point of view this is the only way this will work to be fair.

  Dropping 3 zeros across the board to reflect the 3 zeros they drop off the NOMINAL RATE is the adjustment they seek. 

The currency itself will also reflect the new rate when they put out the smalls because it will be impractical to use a 25,000 note.  The new smalls as in the 1 through 100 are there to be used in day to day transactions because if they delete the zeros, they reflect the new rate.

 Most of the 25,000 dinar notes will ultimately be taken to the bank where the bank will encourage the Iraqi to open accounts and only leave with enough currency to walk around with. 

The same thing will happen around the world.  When you walk into a bank here in the US they will set up accounts for you only giving you so much cash probably no more than 5 thousand. 

It will be the same for Iraqi's holding physical dinars but it is my opinion those with a bank accounts unfair as it seems, won't lose value, but IMO they will not see their accounts go up 1000x's.  tlar

PHILLYMAN:  Tlar, I along with thousands of others that hold accounts in Iraq probably join me in having a hard time believing that all electronic dinar will be loped. 

Your point about the run on the banks I am having a hard time believing.  Is that your opinion or did articles say that was the reason for the run?  Not that this makes it wrong but I have never heard anyone else with that opinion.

If this electronic lop is common knowledge to citizens I would be surpised that anyone  would have anything but the smallest account possible in their accounts since the CBI has been beating the drum of deleting the zeros regularly. 

You said above that companies would be setting up accounts if thy believed there would be a 1000 time return when the RV occurs.  Do you believe these companies are just buying physical IQD?

 If the electronic lop is such common knowledge I find it hard to believe that foreign investors would not have heard or figured it out by now and closed out all their accounts including stocks.

Can I assume that in a country like Iraq very few people keep their money in the bank and the ones that do are middle class or above, business owners, politicians, etc.?

 Primarily the ones that don't are lower class, criminals, drug dealers - people that like to deal in cash or don't have much.  So an RV takes place and the wealthy, business owners, politicians etc. all get ripped off by the RV because they were professionals who kept their money in the bank? 

Do you think they will just let this slide while the lower class cashes in their IQD kept under the mattress?

 I could see Obama liking this plan to equalize the classes but I just don't see this going smoothly in a country where people blow each other up.  And after the banks rip people off this way will the new rich people be excited and have the confidence to now take their new found wealth and put it in a bank which just  ripped off a great percentage of the population?

Maybe I am just being too simplistic in my thinking.  I am glad I diversified in this investment but just can't wrap my aging brain around the electronic lop

PHILLYMAN:    Sorry Tlar, while I was typing away these other posts were put up but I am just not getting it.

TLAR:  Weathford, in an ordinary situation you are correct.  As exchange rates and down daily that $100 would have the same value in your pocket and in your bank account based on that rate. 

This is not an ordinary situation.  It is an extraordinary one time event.

It has never been done like this before and that means that it is experimental which means normal rules don't apply.  In order to raise the value of your currency 1000x's it requires extraordinary actions.

 Iraq has been preparing for this since 2007.  Again the intention of this project was never to make everybody in Iraq rich.  What we’re dealing with is M1 for their purposes only and only M1 circulating is important as far as what they must cover.

 They want to change the value of M1 by potentially 1000x's.  If they go into trying to change M2 or M3 or M4, you will be dealing in another realm altogether. 

  They must contain this IMO to M1 only and I believe that to be part of this plan.

 M1 is just the currency itself.  If they increase the value of M1 by reducing the zeros in the NOMINAL rate, everything else must reflect the new rate. 

Granted this discussion is hypothetical and it is debatable.  You and I changed emails which kind of leaned toward this debate.  So although none of us are privy to the actual mechanidcs of this project, the fundamental changes that must occur for it to be successful, it is my opinion that they can't do it any other way.

 It makes truly no difference if I am right or wrong as it truly makes no difference to you either.  It is strictly academic in nature and the kind of stupid detail that I like to follow through when thinking about this project.

 It is what I believe and tonight I don't possess the golden tongue to express it in a manner to make you guys see what I see.  No matter though.  In 1000 years when they dig up my bleached bones they won't be able to know my thoughts on this subject one way or another anyway.  tlar 

just a guy:    forget all the "iraqi owns 50,000 stuff",.... If an American in america say has 1million(dinar in hand), and Iraq RV's or RI's,(at .86 or 1.16 and a lop) or what ever....will he now own 1million US dollars after he (or she) exchanges in a US bank?   Answer that one for me?  Yes or no is a very fine responce,...

Weatherford Tx.:    NO

just a guy:     so what will they supposedly have? 1000 bucks?

Weatherford Tx.:    IMO .... if there is an electronic "lop"/redenomination in Iraq as Tlar has described ..... then yes. IMO Iraqi currency will treated the EXACT SAME no matter if it is an Iraqi account .... in someones hands ....... in or out of the country ...... before or after monetary reform  ......

 ....... whatever kind monetary policies there are and/or will be for the Iraqi Dinar it will apply EXACTLY THE SAME for everyone ..... everywhere. If there is an electronic "lop"/redenomination within the Iraq banking system as Tlar has described .....  IMO it will apply to EVERYONE

just a guy:     Ok, no disrespect to you Weatherford, but your first responce was ,..."NO", then you changed you answer to "in your honest opinion, then yes....
 So to is your opinion, that you believe if you own one million in dinar, after the lop, you will be able to "exchange" in for one million United States dollars.....

  if anyone else feels they can answer this question, by all means, feel free to do so.
BlueyesinLevis:    Many opinions have high value....  many don't.

Weatherford Tx.:  Many have been right to date and many haven't. LOL.

TLAR:  just a guy,   t is my opinion that anyone who holds the currency will benefit. 

I believe the nominal rate is what they will change first (delete the leading zeros) so whatever that turns out to be, that will be the value of the physical dinar.  If the nominal rate is changed to one to one, the million dinars you hold will be worth 1 million US before the taxes are paid. 

For those that hold accounts in Iraq, it is my belief that they will not lose or gain in value. Right or wrong that's my belief.  I have said this for years now and I don't see it any other way but who knows.
TLAR Continues:    I could be wrong but I don't think so.  There is no article to back this up either way but logically I have come to my conclusion based on what is a balanced approach to this project. 

Remember this has never been done this way before.   If it comes to pass that we are accurate in our assumptions and that the program is activated as we have been told by the CBI and they delete the leading zeros off the NOMINAL RATE, there must be a balance.  Mostly we have all come to our individual conclusions based on assumptions that we have derived from years of reading and following the news. 

Everyone has been right.  Everyone has been wrong.  Anyone who has read my posts for the last couple of years knows I have been firm in my beliefs on this stance.  Hold the currency, not stocks, not bank accounts, not anything but the physical dinar itself.

  IMO when the currency goes up in value based on a change in the NOMINAL RATE, everything else will be adjusted to the new rate.  Again what you and I believe may be different, but the CBI I'm sure wants a balanced approach.  Making every bank account holder rich, business and personal and government accounts, was never the plan.    tlar

Scott:   WHO IS this Tiar?  What are his/her qualifications??  WHAT PROOF does this person have???

Weatherford Tx.:   Appreciate all the responses in this thread ..... and no offense ....... but just a couple of days ago you said .....

 "  I can't say more but I was wrong on the value. It is more than delete the zeros, or 86 cents. "

"  I was a fool in trying to figure this out numerically. It is more than I thought. "

Too bad you can not elaborate. Might help explain the senario your are trying to lay out.

Thanks for all you feel like you can discuss though.

TLAR:   Scott, no special qualifications.  Just a retired avid reader trying to interpret this investment for my family and friends.  I have already said this is my opinion.

 The proof you look for does not exist for either side of this argument.  We will not know exactly what they do until they do it. 

 This is what I have surmised they will do because logic tells me there must be parity on both sides of the balance statement.   Choose to believe what you want.   You won't hurt my feelings I assure you.

 By the way this is not the first time I have debated this topic, but I am hoping it is close to being the last. 

Soon I think all these sides to this argument will be known.  Some happy, some not.  I for one have specifically late in 2008 harped on not having accounts, just currency to my email list.  My thoughts are no matter whether you believe this or not, why take a chance?  tlar  

Dwsdad:     You people do realize that our dollar changes value almost everyday? It's our buying power that changes, not the actual value of the money in our pockets.

 It's not until visit a foreign country that you really realize what the dollar is worth. The same thing will apply in Iraq. It's their buying power they will realize.

Dinar will be dinar until you exchange the dinar for some other currency and unless Iraqis are leaving the country, they will never the true value of their dinar. A car that might have cost them 500,000 dinar may only cost them 500 dinar after the rv. At least that's my point of view.

TLAR:   Phillyman, To the average Iraqi, Iraq is still a cash society.  Almost everybody uses cash every day.  The CBI has been in the process of trying to change that.

  The CBI has stated as one of their goals for this project is to get the people using the banks again by setting up new accounts and at the same time raising the capital of those banks.

 Shabibi had asked all banks to take your time with each customer once we delete the zeros, and set up accounts and offer a menu of banking services.  In a lop this request of the banks would be out of place. 

A lop is a neutral event and there is no appreciation of the currency.  Mostly countries that have lopped have had their currencies deteriorate for at least a while due to the lack of confidence. 

Lops are really a negative event. It is only if you see a drastic increase in the value of a currency that Iraqi's would be opening bank accounts for safety as opposed to carrying alot of cash around. 

Saddam wiped out the banks on his way out including the central bank.  People lost their fortunes and life savings, and have yet to have enough confidence in the system to return. 

Plus the average Iraqi has very little money to open any kind of account at present.  Iraqi's are slowly coming back to banking but this project should bring them in in droves. 

At least that was what Shabibi envisioned and had stated as one of the goals of this project.  That alone lends credence to an RV of some sort, not a lop.  Tlar

    Weatherford Tx.:     Too funny. Knew it wouldn't be long before someone was throwing the lopster accusations. If anyone is the lopster it's the ones who believe Tlar's senario. Tlar's senario about what will happen within the Iraqi banking system describes a lop/redenomination ! Period.

    I DO NOT believe it will happen that way. If I am wrong and Tlar is right about a lop/redenomination within the Iraqi banking system IMO it will apply to EVERYONE.

TLAR:  Weatherford,  if I didn't like you so much I might take this seriously.  But alas, you are a bright star in an otherwise dark sky.  I think you play a part in this that is all by itself, and I enjoy it when you taunt everyone.  You bring out the best in all of us. 

You make me in particular realize that this is fun and to not take one self so seriously.  Nothing we think or say will speed up or slow down this investment.  We are all just playing at second guessers.  I think you only critize people you like just to get a rise out of them.  I always feel honored to be a target in your sites.  tlar

    just a guy :    You ARE alot more negative than I am Weatherford. You really believe Malarky will remain PM?

Weatherford Tx.:   just a guy,  Sorry just read back through and saw the question. Absolutely ! There are entirely too many senarios where he remains. Everyone is sitting around waiting for the votes to be counted and think just as soon as they announce them he is gone right that very second. C'mon man ! LOL.  Even if he were to lose the vote he will still have all the time he needs to manipulate and develop a new senario where he remains. Maliki ain't going anywhere


    Dwsdad wrote  at May 8, 2014 at 9:02 PM   “You people do realize that our dollar changes value almost everyday? It's our buying power that changes, not the actual value of the money in our pockets. It's not until visit a foreign country that you really realize what the dollar is worth. The same thing will apply in Iraq. It's their buying power they will realize. Dinar will be dinar until you exchange the dinar for some other currency and unless Iraqis are leaving the country, they will never the true value of their dinar. A car that might have cost them 500,000 dinar may only cost them 500 dinar after the rv. At least that's my point of view.”

BlueyesinLevis:    Exactly.. the values of say.. the car.... will remain what it was in USD.

Tlar has explained over and over exactly what he meant... he is NOT describing a LOP.. he is describing a situation where the bank account itself is determined to be like any other contract...

 and once the Law of Indebtedness is enacted... the value of items is to be based upon what it is worth in USD. Having money in the bank is like a contract. The Iraqi citizen deposits IQD worth 500 bucks...

and after the event... his account will hold IQD worth 500 bucks... just like his car loan before was a liability for 500 bucks.... afterward his debt is worth 500 bucks.

-That is what the Law of Indebtedness is all about.. and Tlar's explanation make sense to those who choose to understand what he is saying.... Time will tell what happens.

-to reiterate....  if the car was worth 500 USD before... it is worth 500 USD after.. and the only thing that will change is the rate of the physical IQD... so now the car is worth 500 IQD as well.. instead of 50,000 IQD like it was yesterday

Same with the bank account.... if it is worth 500 USD today... it will be worth 500 USD tomorrow.. despite the change in paper notes that people hold.

It is so basic... easy to understand... NOT a lop.... the bank account is another contract covered under the Law of Indebtedness.. and it is an interesting theory that makes perfect sense.-

Those who are choosing to mistate it.. misunderstand it... mis-describe it.. well.. you can't fix stubborn or obstinate...

Here is another truism.... which can be called silly by anyone who chooses to excercise no depth of understanding.

Everything is a choice. Not choosing is a choice.

Choosing to be obstinate and contrary for the sake of being contrary is a choice.

Choosing to attempt to upset others is a choice.  Everything is a choice.

Weatherford Tx.:             Blue what Tlar is decsribing is a LOP/Redenomination within the Iraqi banking system ! Period ! If an Iraqi has  1000 dinar credited to his bank account and ....1000 dinar in his pocket

And then one morning that Iraqi wakes up and they only have 1 dinar credited to their bank account and that  1000 dinar in their pocket is still 1000 dinar ........ which is exactly what Tlar is saying will happen to all Iraqi bank accounts .......... That is a LOP/Redenomination within the Iraqi banking system. Period !

It is so basic .... easy to understand ...... it's a LOP !

Weatherford Tx.:   Folks the senario that Tlar/Blue are trying expalin is like this .....

Today a Iraqi walks into the bank ... deposits 1000 dinar and his bank account is credited with 1000 dinar.

Overnite while that Iraqi is sleeping monetary reform like what Tlar/Blue are trying to explain takes place.

Tomorrow when that Iraqi gos back to the bank he is told his bank account now only has 1 dinar.

The Iraqi then says ...... OK I have another 1000 dinar in my pocket and would like to deposit it.

The Iraqi bank says .... sure no problem. Your account has now been credited with 1000 dinar.

Folks if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck ......... there has been a LOP/redenomination within the Iraqi banking system.

just a guy:   So does the iraqi now have 1001 dinar in the bank,...OR 2 bucks (dinar in the bank)?

AND if it is just two dinar in the bank, will this also mean that I am holding one thousand dinar in my hand and NOW I to now have just one dinar in my hand????? Because this is a simple LOP! World wide....

(Of course, if it were to come in at 3+ i will have 3 bucks) I  dont know why I ask, no one knows for sure....

KJWayne:   I don't give two hoots what happens in the Iraqi bank or who has money in them! If you have some there and you think it MIGHT be a LOP coming, GET IT OUT! You have chocies, CHOOSE! All of my dinar is here, in the USA and will be cashed in ,in the USA. Quit all of the back and forth BS and HUG somebody instead. BYE!

Phillyman:    KJWayne, No one is asking you to care about what happens to Iraq bank account holders.  The issue is does it make sense at all.  To me it would be an injustice to encourage people to hold money in a bank but not let them benefit from the RV.

 At the same time post RV you then heavily market to those who are now rich from an RV to put their money in the bank.  Blue does not want to call it a lop, maybe its a game of semantics but I agree with Weatherford and her clear explanation.

  I would love to listen to a debate between Breitling and Tlar on this issue.  It makes more sense to me if we believe that some will get shafted out of an appreciation it would be foreign dinar holders that have no interest in the country of Iraq not the citizens who have suffered for decades under a corrupt government.

HandOverFist:  You are right, Weatherford.  What Tlar and Blue are describing is a LOP/redenomination within the banking system.  The zeros are taken off the bank account, but the account holder doesn't lose any purchasing power.

Tlar says this is a one-time, new "experiment" in Iraq that has never been done before.  It is being done because this is the only "fair" way to get parity.  This is also called the Law of Indebtedness.  I understand that.

The question for me is what kind of chaos will it cause when the people holding the cash have a "windfall" and the people with money in the bank don't have a "windfall".  That part makes no sense to me.  What Iraqi in his right mind would stand for that?

Tlar:   Weatherford, see, you caused a fire storm thinking what I have been describing is a lop.  Add that to your view maliki is going nowhere and that he will get his third term, and on two different threads, you have managed to raise the level of debate making people think through these situations. 

God how I like you.  Keep up the good work.  I think you are a pleasure to read and who knows maybe you will be proven right and I will be the fool, but for the time being, I stand by my beliefs.  tlar

Schiz:   "1 dinar credited to their bank account and that 1000 dinar in their pocket is still 1000 dinar"

The bank bit is right, the banks won't rv their clients bank accounts lol, they will get what they had in there before but with the new rate.
If he holds 1000 dinars in cash then he should get the new rate for each of those dinars.....

thats if and i suspect they will do this, they will make them swap the old for the new, a straight swap. who cares anyway, right?    Waiting for my BAM moment


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Even the gurus have the redenomination right.  25,000 becomes 25.  All goods and services will take either bill for two years and then only the 25 dinar bill.  The 25,000 will become demonitized, gone for good.  Worthless.  If you don't exchange all those brand new pretty 25,000 dinar notes you've got stuffed in your mattress, they will become toiletpaper after the redemption window closes.  You boys had better be getting your exchange websites in order, cuz it will be a run on the bank to exchange.  Oh, that's right.  No US bank will do this for you.  Only iragi banks and dinar websites if you're lucky.  Alot of you won't be.  

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So, if I am an Iraqi I would not have a bank account.  Why in the world should I?  The moment the rate changes I loose big-time!  So far this is the silliest "rumor" yet!  "Hey Iraq!!!  Hid your money in your mattress!" 

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Any movement by the CBI that redenominates the currency by lopping the three zeros will LOP THE HOPES AND DREAMS of all dinarians. Make No Mistake About This!  It won't affect the iraqi on the street one iota, except to carry two currencies in his pocket for awhile until he exchanges.  However, when YOU lose those three zeros, you lose ANY and ALL ability to make millions off this speculation.  All you can hope for is for gradual small revalues of the new .86 ratio, maybe reaching one dollar, but by that time you have 1000 times less dinar in your mattress.  After a currency exchange, any small increase in value would be eaten up by commissions.  Now if it slowly revalues after the LOP to say $2 you could double your investment over time.  Probably years.  Any three zero LOP kills all millionaire dreams instantly.  Let's be perfectly clear on at least THAT point.

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A lop is not going to happen.The powers that be will not allow..

Oh sweet holy spaghetti monster (my very personal and imaginary deity; so, you cannot make fun for my believing in it!)!  The RV, much like "The Lord of the Rings", is a mythical feel-good story.  

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Nothing better than a good mythical feel-good story...................except for a mythical-person pretending to be someone ADwRD? Must be some conspiracy nut job.............right?

LOPsters the gift that keep on a giving-LOL   priceless 

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There is no bank to redeem dinars for dollars exept the banks in Iraq.  And they will only allow a certain amount of dinars in and dollars out by law.

Really ?

How many ?

We watch the auctions

Did you know that most all things change over time

Did ya ever Hear of creative banking practice ?

Wonder what they mean by that

It's probably not standard procedure


I can not figure that one out

. They are characterized by excessive complication and the use of novel ways of characterizing income, assets, or liabilities and the intent to influence readers towards the interpretations desired by the authors. The terms "innovative" or "aggressive" are also sometimes used. Other synonyms include Cooking the books and Enronomics.

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So you believe that the Iraqi dinar will NEVER be internationally traded? 

There is no bank to redeem dinars for dollars exept the banks in Iraq.  And they will only allow a certain amount of dinars in and dollars out by law.

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Caz and  Dontlop.  Your comment that there are no banks today, infers that there will be banks that take dinar tomrrow or in the months to come.  I agree.  Down the road 5 years, ten years, if iraq getsnits act together, financial institutions will probably accept dinars.  But all dinarians have one thing in common. ONE thing.  They're looking for that big RV news TODAY!  And if happens today, tomorrow or months from now, there are NO banks to cash out your dinars.  Fly to Belize.  I hear they cash them out there. lol.

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Faced with declining value of rupee and volatile exchange rate, India is exploring the possibility of bilateral trade with Iraq in domestic currencies, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said today.

The issue of payment for trade in local currencies will be discussed during the bilateral meetings between visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Kamil Al-Maliki and Indian Ministers.

"We are exploring possibilities (of payment in local currencies -- dinar and rupee) as we have substantial import ... We will definitely be discussing this issue," Sharma told reporters here.

India-Iraq bilateral trade currently stands at around $21 billion.

They are gonna set us up when the time comes and you cannot prove they wont

They want their currency back it will be worth exactly what the exchange rate says it is when it's repatriated with Iraq

They lose nothing and the dinar they collect will be in the asset column

Not the liability column

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Dontlop, you really must get off the "India" thing.  It has no bearing on cashin in your dinars.  And to respond to SnowGlobe7,  I DO believe, down the road, if iraq gets its act together, and after it redenominates its currency to bring the M2 amount under control, the dinar will be accepted internationally.  Its a long way from that now.  There will be no RV in the forseeable future, and there are no banks to cash in if they did.  

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