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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Terry K and gankans Conf call


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Yeah thats what gets me they said it last week now Monday and when it doesn't hit it will be sometime next week , It appears to me that they are in the trust business now so they have to keep people coming and the sad thing is people keep coming i really dont get it but hey thats just me

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Anyone care to wager that this does NOT happen again?............ I know I know I am trying to take advantage of all of you but I couldn't refuse lol

Hey Grump Ill bet you 1 dinar but if you win do you have change for 25k? :unsure:

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I do believe that this rv will happen but at 3 something, Just not going to happen and on Monday again just not going to happen. I'm not a guru but I think that there should be some kind of govt in place besides Maliki. Their is something holding this RV up. Don't you think Maliki would have RV 'd before the elections? I don't believe he is that dumb. There has to be other circumstances holding this RV up, so assuming that it will RV on Monday without any facts to back it has to be as dumb as Maliki's bone headed moves of late. Why would you continue to post BS and not feel like an id--t. Can you tell me when the second coming of Christ will be? I'm embaresed for you all that post this kind of bull. I don't mean for this to be negative I only just wish that if you trully have some good intel, that you share it with us. I hope that you are right but then I believe I have a better chance of winning the Lotto. Thank you anyway for all your devoted time and effort providing us with this unbacked info..

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on conf call now - and they have 3 confirmations today that Chase bank has a rate on their systems of 3.19 but cant cash in until monday.

hope they are right and are not drinking more koolaide

Oh Lord, wait, don't tell me; Terryk must be in RECEIVE MODE again. lol lol lol lol............<<<<<<<----- That's for some of you "old timers" lol

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First off, don't read this if you're pressed for time. It'll save 'till next week...

I never have been much on passing along stuff that I had little or no proof of. BUT, this place is built on a whole different mentality.

After about my second week of membership, I discovered that I had become titillated (you gotta be careful when you use that word) (and an ancient text would refer to that sensation as "itching ears") with all the inside info that was apparently available, and I actually looked forward to hearing the latest prognostication. I was captivated by the possibility that IT might be tomorrow! Fact is, I didn't read any other forums for some time, because they dealt with reality. 'Rumors' was much more interesting.

Unfortunately, that kind of thinking can be dangerous to your other financial responsibilities, as in your J.O.B. I started spending too much time working on my letter of resignation...

But, that soon passed. After numerous missed 'deadlines' and disappointments, I settled into a mild state of fascination over the whole thing, while learning more about Iraq, oil, and foreign currency than I really wanted to know.

I now consider these forums my hobby/entertainment/gossip column/horoscope and financial plan all rolled into one.

And, while some of you get 'disturbed' at those who pass along the latest 'sister's cousin's' gossip, I find it a quaint slice of Americana, where literally THOUSANDS of us pant, yea quiver, in anticipation of what amounts to an Arabic version of 'reading the tea leaves'. I don't know about you, but I'm sorta with Houdini, who never found one spiritualist who could read 'em for real... but, oh, what DRAMA!!!

However, the differince is, in this case, there is a distinct possibility that our visions of comfortable wealth can, and will, imminently come to pass. ONE OF US WILL BE RIGHT SOON!!!

That's why I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! The hope and energy we have for our future seems boundless!!! And I really don't get that vibe any where else but at a car show...hmm.

[Of course, if it doesn't happen until 2012 (which, by the way will be way too late for us to take advantage of our new resources, because the world as we know it is ending on December 21st. {Remember, you heard it here first.} Come to think of it, I believe there is a web site/blog about that subject as well...but it's not near as uplifting as this one), and the rate is 1/2 cent, we're ALL going to need some serious antidepressants.]

But, I'm on the side of the Good Guys who have their 'stuff' together, and KNOW, not just believe, that we are within 60 days of the Deal Going Down, and that 500,000 Dinar is going to make us all smile

A L B) T.

So, all you wet-blankets out there, read the title of the forum again, and quitchurbitchin about the poor soul who for once (or twice...) heard a bit of world shuddering news (albeit "speculative" {huh?}), and had a place to share it.

I'm kinda envious! Believe you me, if my Auntie tells me the Pope told her, "Friday at a buck-fifty", you'll get to read it right here.

In the mean time, I suggest you get yourself an old car and enjoy today. I don't remember anyone being promised tomorrow..

Y'all have a BIG one, and gig 'em.

Always Faithful,


ps. Whew...Man, I'm glad that's over.

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