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Financial Parliament: the second reading of the budget on Tuesday

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Financial Parliament: the second reading of the budget on Tuesday




3/24/2014 0:00 

Tripartite Commission to submit its report this week 

BAGHDAD - morning 

suggested the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives to testify on Tuesday the second reading of the budget in the presence of my Kurdistan Alliance and united. 

comes at a time confirmed the Tripartite Commission for consideration of problematic budget to submit its report this week. 

was Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, welcomed the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government to resume oil exports through the company's national marketing «Sumo» beginning next April. 

member of the Finance Committee Magda Abdel-Latif said »Sabah»: The Tomorrow «Tuesday will see the second reading of the budget, especially with signs of easing the crisis between Baghdad and the region, expected to attend the Kurds and are united for the session. 

, she said «signs of easing the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil own budget began after the approval of the provincial export oil through the company« Sumo »With this approval, the big dilemma of the budget crisis was resolved». 

and followed Abdul Latif: «not leaving only the days to the start of the electoral campaigns, so it was not necessary that there be a consensus during this period in order to pass the budget », indicating that the end of next month will be the end to pass the budget, but this year will be a political consensus, not a majority. 

welcomed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad yesterday's decision of the Kurdistan region to export oil through the national company. 

For his part, welcomed the MP for mass citizen Habib Terminal any initiative issued by the political parties to help pass the budget bill. 

said terminal in an interview »Sabah»: «Today, we need to position one for all political spectrum regarding the budget and approval, especially they are important, and the delay has a negative impact on the citizen and the government ». 

added that «the bloc is ready at any time to interact with the budget in such a way to pass the service of the citizen and the public interest», calling on all MPs to attend and interact positively with budget, and if they had opinions about them, the best place raises be under the dome of the parliament, and will be all opinions respected. 

between the terminal that the idea of the majority are still on the table, but we hope to pass the budget, political consensus, not a majority. 

, in turn, Deputy Chairman of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mohsen Sadoun said the tripartite committee is tasked with finding a solution to the crisis, the budget will provide its report to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives this week. 

added Sadoun in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that «the Tripartite Commission still hold side meetings to crystallize a position and vision of the proposals put forward by all parties », adding that« the Commission as long as they continuously to meet, it is possible to reach a solution ». 

continued Sadoun, that «the House members would be briefed on the details of the report to be prepared by the Commission this week, and would show their opinion of him». 

, the Iraqi government in Baghdad has committed the provincial government the export of 400 000 barrels per day, and bear the expenses of foreign oil companies contracting with them, compared to keep the share of Kurdistan from the general budget by 17 percent. meanwhile, said legal expert Tareq Harb said the current parliament will end his tenure realistically after 19 days. 

said the war in a statement news: The «Parliament will end its mandate in terms of realism on 04/14/2014, as the start of the parliamentary recess and ends from a constitutional standpoint on 6/14/2014 no end Omar Parliament and turns the parliamentarians that deadline to ordinary citizens». 

adding that «the government will continue until after the end of the mandate of the parliament and hold legislative elections and the holding of a meeting of the new Council of Representatives to elect a president of its oldest member, and then elect the President of the Republic, which cost the turn figure for the formation of the ministry by the largest parliamentary bloc, and when the composition of the government and display the names of ministers to Parliament and the granting of the last trust them then considers the current government resigned and finished ». 

between war that «in 2010 was elected to the House of Representatives in 07/03/2010 while the new government current was formed in 11.21.2010 any after more than eight months ago so has the approval of the government and all of that period any during the eight months was the previous government are from The caretaker ». 

rose, saying: «The year 2014 will be the government's current caretaker government begins from the date of the end of the mandate of the current parliament, ie in 14 of the next June 2014 until the appointment of a new government, whatever long formed ». 

also noted war that «the caretaker government can have distractions that the budget according to the Financial Administration Act, which granted the government the possibility of exchange which issued a decision to that effect but the exchange of these financial management is to exchange small amounts and not very Kalmbalg in the financial budget because it exchange depends on the previous year's budget in 2013, while in 2014 a large amount of the budget, so the government can exchange for doing things, but not as much as the amounts prescribed in the budget of 2014 ».


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We have plenty of time before elections. Depending on who is the next PM frontrunner will determine the timing. The Plan can not determine the people's vote but the timing of policy and practices can keep the PLAN in action.

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