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Government Announcements 3-19-2014 - read carefully


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From today's Parliament Session/Hearing: House of Representatives to discuss the crisis with Anbar, the ministers of health, trade, immigration and Elmejran


March 19, .2014


Discuss the House of Representatives in its fourteenth which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Osama Najafi President of the Council and in the presence of 165 deputies today Wednesday, 19.03.2014 crisis Anbar province from the human side with Messrs. Majeed Hamad Amin, Minister of Health and Khairallah Babiker, Minister of Commerce and Under Secretary of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and Health Director of Anbar.


At the outset of the meeting the Council voted on the legislative decision regarding the election law House No. 45 of 2013 provides for the interpretation of Article (8 / Third) of the Law on Elections of the Iraqi Parliament No. (45) for the year 2013 in reference to what issued by the Electoral Commission for elections of decisions to exclude an nominate a slate of candidates for membership of the House of Representatives for the next legislative session ..


The text of the interpretation that the intended operative article (8 / III) is the decision of the rule is to eliminate the right of the candidate based on the law and where the rule of law suggests that (the accused is innocent until proven guilty) the decision of the rule of unearned become final and can not accrediting trigger lawsuits only reason to apply above article for lack of evidence on the lack of good conduct and not convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.


The face of the President of the Council of the Ministers (this is Maliki, please correct me if I'm incorrect) of guests provided a detailed explanation of how to deal with their ministries and humanitarian crisis in the western Anbar province


For his part, the Minister of Health on the sustainability of the work of the ministry in Anbar province, the center of the challenge of the current difficult conditions through the provision of health services to the people of Anbar province and displaced people in other Iraqi provinces.


And between the minister-level services and medical supplies provided by the ministry to the people of the province of displaced people in collaboration with the relevant health institutions, noting that there were 12 health centers across the province in addition to Almschfbat key and opened five health centers in the tourist city, hoping Ostbab security in the province to do their work naturally with the approach of summer.


For his part, the Minister of Trade: the nature of the work of his ministry Mfiradat regard to the provision of ration cards to citizens in the province of Anbar, which is different from the rest of the ministries and in the face of threats delivery within the province because of the seriousness of the situation and fear of truck drivers from road hazards. (No delivery of ration cards due to fear of "expiring")


Among the population of Anbar province, according to the Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Commerce of one million and three hundred thousand people, of whom 65 000 displaced families inside and outside the province.


Considering that the process of the delivery of food is not an easy task where materials are transported from Baghdad and the port of Umm Qasr and Kirkuk into Anbar province, pointing to the existence of a stockpile of wheat inside stores Anbar enough for four months, indicating damage to a number of mills in the province of Anbar.


The same applies to the material terms of available stock of rice is enough for two dedicated stores in the province of Anbar outside the ministry, warning of the existence of problems in the delivery of materials within the province of Anbar, especially with the fear of truck drivers in the transportation of food.


In turn, revealed Mr. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Immigration and Elmejran efforts to form cells of Tuari working to provide more aid to the number of displaced people in collaboration with some international humanitarian organizations and government bodies such as the Council of Representatives and the Sunni Endowment, to mitigate the crisis.


And provide Aalmash grant for displaced families scattered inside and outside the province worth 300 000 dinars.

She stressed the MP to meet with the Chairman of the Committee pink Displacement and Migration to big problem, with more than half a million displaced people in difficult circumstances, where the ground and sat on the displaced live in tents and structures and schools in bad weather with the lack of the most basic necessities of life as drinking water.


Across MP Salim al-Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights expressed concern about the lack of the most basic necessities of life as well as the acute shortage of medicines, recommending the need for introduction of food and medicine, and calculating the year not to fail for the students and re-staff their jobs and those who dropped out of Doiriham because of the events.


And the MP Jamal al-Kilani from the Health and Environment Committee that the number of large damage among civilians both at the level of the martyrs or injured, as well as damage to many of the health centers and the stoppage of work because of it and damaged part of the hospital in Fallujah and the lack of personnel and medical staffs.


For his part, MP Mehdi Haji for the Committee of the Regions displaced need to provide the ration card items, medicines and cash allowances that enable them to overcome the problems they face.


In turn, MP Abdul Thiyabi Ojaili Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research , the problem at the University of Anbar and colleges that consistently stop the full asking Mr. Prime Minister, as the current year in non-repetition.


The MP revealed Smiep Mohammed Khalifa for the Education Committee of Anbar exposure to a major setback in the educational field as a result of school because of the shelling stopped, demanding the Minister of Education to find appropriate solutions and ensure not to miss this year's students.


The MP for Iman Mohammadi Services Committee and presented to the reconstruction of the road network and bridges to destruction where 19 were destroyed vital bridge linking some of them to other governorates of Anbar province, as well as the destruction of some schools and sabotage water purification plants and sewage discharge.


For his part, stressed Mr. purity of net debt and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs to hasten the government and all its ministries and sectoral Mlakatha service to ease the crisis of displaced persons through the provision amounts urgent to address the state of emergency and the formation of sectoral committees under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister to lay siege to the damage and provide appropriate solutions.


The MP Salman Jumaili that the efforts made by the Ministers large but not commensurate with the size of the crisis in Anbar, calling for host security leaders in another session to find out what really is going on in Anbar bombing stopped and the importance of cities and provide corridors to return to the province.


MP Fuad Masum, the importance of ending the tragic situation Nazho Anbar, noting that the solution lies the togetherness of the political forces and activation of national reconciliation and national interest.


MP Furat al-Shara of the Ministers of all stakeholders that Icommoa their duties towards the people in the current crisis in the province of Anbar, calling for tackling terrorism and the onslaught that affect the citizens in the province.


The MP Iyad al-Samarrai from the government's failure to address the crisis of Anbar, and wondered about the possibility of discussing the humanitarian situation in Anbar, the military situation in isolation.


And ask MP Sardar Abdullah about the impact of the situation in Anbar throughout Iraq, especially with elections approaching, and that the right of every citizen to participate.


The MP Awad al-Awadi, the issue is a national responsibility, legal and legitimate to discuss the crisis in Anbar and looking at it in terms of humanity, not surprising to hear from the ministers to the task and appropriate solutions to resolve the situation and what is required of the House of Representatives introduced in crisis


She described the MP reproach periodic crisis Anbar as extremely dangerous, demanding Directed army of cities and stop the indiscriminate shelling and leave the security of the local police and the sons of the tribes are known for their role combating terrorism.


The MP Ahmed electrodes that the size of the disaster in the province needs more efforts and capabilities to address the situation of danger and not pursue treatments prosthesis, calling a special session attended by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and security leaders to discuss the notch security to this crisis, and what threatens its grave danger will reflect negatively on the national unity of Iraq and stability.


For his part, praised the MP Mahmoud Othman, a delay in the House of Representatives held a hearing to discuss the crisis, blaming the lack of responsibility of the Council to meet the prime minister and security leaders to invite the Council to discuss the crisis and cordoned off.


And Rep. Tsalt Vian outsider for the position of the government towards the humanitarian situation of the displaced people of Anbar relief.


The MP Hamid Zobaie the ministries of commerce and health to coordinate work with the security forces to ensure the delivery of food and medicine to areas of parties Anbar province.


The MP Sabah al-Saadi on the need to develop solutions to stop the rapid deterioration of the situation in Anbar province, by selecting the overhead time to resolve the growing crisis.


MP Mohsen al-Sadoun government to clarify the results of the ongoing military operations over three months in Anbar province, to inform the public on the results achieved.


For his part, Mr. Osama Najafi Council the right to host the gentlemen Prime Minister and governor of Anbar province and the head of the provincial council to discuss the file of Anbar, reiterated the call for them to come to the Council and to inform the representatives of the people on the humanitarian situation of the people of the province.


In response to questions, ladies and gentlemen, the House of Representatives, Mr. Minister of Commerce, said that the ministry has not received any humanitarian aid from international organizations and the UN involved and its reliance on self-financing, pointing to the lack of access to the affected areas in Anbar, the seriousness of the roads passable to it despite the availability of trucks needed to transport Materials and Supply, noting in this regard the existence of efforts with the Ministry of Displacement and Migration to organize and distribute the ration card items among the displaced.


And the Director of Health Anbar province, that there is no shortage of medicines and to maintain the existing inventories enough to more than four months, describing the health situation in Anbar province Palmtmin.


He praised the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs role of the competent ministries did not offer duties for the people of Anbar, denying that there is indiscriminate bombing of cities, noting that the government's attention at the moment and in all its possibilities prompt to resolve the crisis Anbar through real follow her collaboration with the local government to maintain, blaming the forces of terror responsible for the displacement of the citizens of the cities of Anbar.


In response to questions, Mr. detect and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration of the existence of a future plan with the ministry to accommodate humanitarian cases for the displaced in the provinces of Iraq.


At the end of the session, Mr. Speaker announced that he will vote on the recommendations for a heart of Anbar in the next meeting. -they're having a second hearing on this...

Then decide to adjourn the meeting until further notice

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives

Wednesday, 19 March 2014
President Najafi and the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations are discussing the most prominent developments in the Iraqi scene
March 19, .2014


His professor Abdulaziz Osama Najafi, head of the House of Representatives in his office official in Baghdad, on Wednesday, Mr. Nikolai Mladenov Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq. During the meeting, discuss and debate the crises and international conflicts that affect directly and indirectly on the positions of countries in the region and in Iraq in particular, were also discussed the crisis in Anbar and humanitarian effort, political and current perceptions about the overall solution to this crisis.


Regarding file election showed President Najafi concern the exclusion of some candidates, including national symbols such as Dr. Rafie al-Issawi and others, confirming the presence of selective in decision-making which is contrary to justice and being imprisoned for the principle of equality between Iraqis and their constituents.
also confirmed sovereignty: "that there is a distortion of the spirit of the election law, especially when it does not distinguish the elimination of convict and the defendant, and that's what made ​​his decisions into question, and gave serious indication that the path of the elections will not be free from deviation or error. "


This research also the most prominent developments in the Iraqi scene, as between Mr. Mladenov endeavors of the United Nations in order to bring the views between Baghdad and Erbil regarding the federal budget.


Information Office of
the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

Announcements from the CoM site:


Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers confirms provide sophisticated mechanisms of action for the management of various state projects


03/19/2014 15:19



Said Assistant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers for ministries and provinces Rahman Hassan Issa, the Secretariat initiated with the participation of a group of experts to provide sophisticated mechanisms of action for the management of various state projects.


This came during a speech on behalf of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers in Project Management Conference held by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in a good hotel.

The aide said the secretary-general that the systems and techniques and quality pose great importance to the state, which is seeking to develop project management, including reducing costs and ensures correct courses of action.


He expressed gratitude to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to draft thread and the U.S. Agency for International Development in its quest to rationalize government spending, and expressed hope that result from the conference, which runs until tomorrow, Thursday useful recommendations.


For its part, showed director of (USAID) Sara said Lynch partnership of the U.S. government with the Iraqi government to project management and capacity development and contexts make a program (thread) launched by the U.S. Agency in front of a big responsibility, especially as projects require professional managers and highly trained.

She said the capital program up to millions of dollars to fall within the government's plan of development for the years 2013-2017.


He is scheduled to come out the back of the conference on Thursday to raise the recommendations of the ministries and departments concerned to implement them.


General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of new recommendations to speed up the resolution of the political files Chapter

03/19/2014 13:58


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Aamama to the Ministries of Finance and Education Foundation of political prisoners and all provinces on the implementation of the recommendations of the Law of the Second Amendment to the law of re-appointment of politicians dismissed No. 24 of 2005 as amended.


Transfer the Office of Media and Government Communication from the Commission to verify the re-appointment of politicians dismissed that the recommendations included The Ministry of Finance (I'm thinking their talking about Issawi) and all provinces placement of staff of holders of BA degree in law or any other functions as needed circles Treasury in the provinces to the formation of the central committees of separated political in.


Tfrighm to work out with providing financial and logistical support to them, as well as the directors of cabinets to form a central committees in this particular regard in their constituencies and unload its members to accomplish the tasks of the Committee, and supervise the work, and raise their decisions to the Commission for verification and appeals of asylum-inclusive political separation to the Commission for consideration darts politicians dismissed in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, with the Ministry of Education instruct to its directorates in the provinces to provide citizens with their documentation of study for the purpose of promoting transactions political separation.


said office to the institutions of the martyrs and political prisoners to take the appropriate mechanisms for cooperation with Central Committees mentioned in the provinces to speed up the resolution of files Chapter politician to have.


noted that the recommendations approved during the meeting deliberative chaired by Assistant Secretary-General for ministries and provinces the end of January of the current year on the implementation of the Second Amendment Act No. 24 of 2005 as amended.

The ratification of the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment between Iraq and Jordan
03/19/2014 10:11


Confirmed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Council agreed to ratify the Convention on the promotion and protection of investment between Iraq and Jordan.


showed a circle of Cabinet Affairs of the Office of Information and government communication that the Council decided in its session usual eleventh meeting held on 03.18.2014 approved a draft law on ratification of the agreement to encourage and protect investment the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of Jordan signed in Baghdad on 12.25.2013 and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles 16 item first and 80 the second clause of the Constitution.


added the department that the Cabinet authorized Dr. Sami Raouf al-Araji, Chairman of the National Investment Agency the authority to negotiate the agreement in question. The agreement comes in the context of the pursuit of Iraq and Jordan in the development of economic ties and self-interest so as to promote respect for the rights of workers internationally recognized.

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Parliament voted not to exclude any candidate except for convicts
19/03/2014 12:41


This paragraph was added and voted upon in the absence of a coalition of state law, which boycotted the session - (I LOVE IT!)

BAGHDAD / obelisk: A parliamentary source said, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted on the decision of the Election Commission is required not to exclude any candidate from contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections with the exception of the provisions of the peremptory right.


The source said the "obelisk", "The House of Representatives during the session decided to insert a clause in the electoral law states not to exclude any candidate from the upcoming parliamentary elections without the issuance of court orders against him.


The source said that today's meeting was exceptional and dedicated to discuss the crisis in Anbar and the humanitarian situation in the province, adding that he was added to this paragraph and vote in the absence of a coalition of state law, which boycotted the session.

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The main issue here is that it's difficult to determine with certainty, but either Maliki's secretary for the CoM was questioned over this, or his secty of defense, or he was..the verbiage is difficult to discern..also, they're calling for a second "hearing" on the issue of Anbar, with Maliki in attendance. I do not like that IF the scty of the CoM was called, and he served as substitute of Maliki during this questioning, that it may not qualify for questioning in absence. A good aspect is the the UN rep for Iraq talked to Nujaifi about this questioning session.

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No, today the parliament voted to rule that unless a candidate has been convicted in the courts of a crime, they can run for office. Surprising, but this idiot who happens to be the PM has not yet been convicted. 

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