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Is the process will delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency to stop rigged?!

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CNN. Broadcasting With 'Flabby Cash' Wanting To Be A Hard Currency !       (by walkingstick) ADDED HIGHLIGHTS Is the process will delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency to stop rigged?! March 5

Increase the exchange rate first to 1:1.16 and you will get all my 000's notes. Just do it..!!!! Thanks.!!

Based on this quote from the story:   "the currencies of existing and new will work at the same time without reducing the value of any of them until the full absorption currency Current",   this w

Well, I am no expert, not trying to say I am.  But, I did go and read the links on all four of those countries events, and those were in fact LOP's.  Good lord, the Turkish one even says lop right there in the darn article, in plain English, lol, no Arabish mistranslation invovled.


I certainly do NOT want a LOP, I have never thought they would LOP, and I am not a LOPster.  lol  But the country's events that are being cited in that article are in fact, LOPs as far as I can tell.


As for new and old currencies being on the street at the same time and having the same value, that is also pretty easy to understand.  If you have a 25k note and a 25 note and you are gradually getting the big ones back in, and you, as the CBI, plan on making the 25k note be worth toilet paper by the end of a certain time period, then anyone holding the 25k notes has a choice, turn them in and get the new 25 note, or have the 25k note become totally useless, just like the old Saddam dinar became.  Meanwhile, the two notes are both equal to ONLY 25 dinar.  That is precisely what happened in each of the four countries used in that article.   They had the old and the new currency on the street, the old one had the same value as the new one did, EXACTLY.  And at the end of a set time limit, the old one had a ZERO value.


In fact, lol, in the case of North Korea, it was a damn short time limit.  :)


So for those of you thinking you can hold onto your 25k note and somehow force the CBI to "give" you a bigger rate, dream on.  No one of us is gonna force a central bank to do anything.  If Maliki can't force the CBI to RV with a gun screwed into it's ear, and his own pet govenor in charge, how do you think you are gonna do it?


The only prayer we have against this article right now is about 2 things.


1.  Iraq keeps putting out conflicting stories and timelines on about everything, WHO knows what or when they will do anything?

2.  In the last month or so, the CBI keeps saying the Parliamentary committee keeps talking about the 'OLD' plan that was scheduled to go into play under Shabs, and when Iraq was actually doing a whole lot better for  security and stability.  And that they are now on a 'NEW' plan.


If the acting, pet govenor is right, then this whole article is meaningless.  Maybe.  :)


So don't worry about the timeline, lol, are they even going to HAVE the elections on time?  Are they even running any other candidates?  They are so screwed up over there right now, lol, they can't get anything done. 


I personally don't believe that they could do a LOP or an RV at this time.  I am banking on an RV, with all my heart.  But I personally don't believe that they are even close to it, not before end of 2015 at the earliest, and that is my very best "magic 8 ball" guess.  hahahahhahahhaha


So read those links on the 4 events for yourselves.  See what you think.  Don't neg me because you think I"m wrong, argue with me if you want, lol, don't shoot the messenger 'cause you dilsike the message.  Show me where I am wrong.  PLEASE show me where I am wrong.  I read the articles.  Will you?

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