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Economy parliamentary downplays talk of counterfeit currency


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Economy parliamentary downplays talk of counterfeit currency

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2014 18:00   

Twilight News / promised for economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives Sunday reports that suggest the presence of groups of forged Iraqi currency that it is not a cause for concern, noting that the role of regulatory agencies is not the level of ambition.

0309.jpgAnd talking to press reports about the presence of groups of forged Iraqi currency markets.

He said the Commission's decision Mahma Khalil's "Twilight News" that the country has passed through exceptional, and no doubt there are people, weak people are trying to target the currency by working on the production or printing classes forged.

"I can not say that what is happening is a phenomenon, but we say that what is happening is not a cause for concern, and there may be a few cases compared to the mass of large cash currently in circulation in the market."

He pointed out that "the economic and regulatory authority is not the level of ambition," likely presence of small bands behind these cases, rather than a regional international intelligence.

He continued by saying that the CBI does not allow the passage of any class forged and always being discovered, and one can touch these capabilities with the CBI.

Khalil pointed out that the economic and investment commission had previously demanded, along with the Iraqi Central Bank to switch the currency, but waited the decision, because it is expected that there will be an attempt to introduce counterfeit categories.

He said the sensors and control devices within the central bank sensitive to the existence of such cases and discover.

It is said that the phenomenon of counterfeiting has spread, especially after the fall of the former regime and the absence of government and the security and political chaos and the seizure of currency printing devices from state institutions.

But government authorities managed to reduce fraud by following security procedures, technical and wide, according to observers.


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I just don`t know  what  they are now doing ,  o.k.  at one time they had concerns of  counterfeit , and I was thinkinh they might be using the sad-man  currency as the forged  notes ,  but then they kept talking about  how it is still going on , this  took me too the  torn notes  and  badly  worn  out  notes ,  -------  now we have this one saying they  do not think it is as bad  as they are thinking  and the  security  items in the notes will set off the  scanners as  it might be forged if it doesn`t have these features ,  and in this  post  they are telling us  the central bank  catches these bogus notes !   SO  NOW   where are we with ,  why the  rates of dinar  to the dollar isn`t moving , if the c.b.I.  has  security in place , and the  average Iraqi  person , even  government peeps  are  wanting the  revalue ,  where is it ?  { only other option I see that it is holding off is that  --- the elections are close and they are about to switch  maliki  for some one else  }  

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About a year ago an article came out...depicting that there were actually in reality....only appx. 25,000 per billion Iraqi Dinars...that were actually found to be counterfeit or fake...and every single country has to deal with this delimna...just some more than others...but the dinar is so sophisticated and advanced as per this problem...that it is hard to reproduce it effectively for using fraudulently...for what it's worth....

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