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Short update from my intel

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Always.... When it comes to Gurus.

sounds like alot of you think okie and tony are full of it, I suppose the next thing will be possom and frankie are full of it.  pretty soon there wont be any gurus left to believe............maybe bag lady in the know will have to lead us to the rv......

Do you happen to think they are believable? Honest question.

My wifes been out of town so ive been forced to read these threads(I don't read girlie mags). Let's all just calm down and grab a big breast of fresh air.........


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Through the science of sound vibration and frequency comparison study... they have discovered that the tone and inharrent resonance created from these "Gurus" combined, identically match those produced from the bowel.

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Ships at sea and this will be a Super Fantastic weekend. :eyebrows:  :twothumbs: Can't see this going past Wed because rates are on the back screens so we should be cashing out at anytime. :twocents: I actually expected it to go yesterday, but the weekend is still not over so there is a good chance we can still be at banks Monday morning. Watch my posts for the 1-800#s because I will post the here first. :butt-kicking:

This is proof positive that drugs are bad for you! DON'T DO DRUGS! :) 

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