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Short update from my intel

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Ships at sea and this will be a Super Fantastic weekend. :eyebrows:  :twothumbs: Can't see this going past Wed because rates are on the back screens so we should be cashing out at anytime. :twocents: I actually expected it to go yesterday, but the weekend is still not over so there is a good chance we can still be at banks Monday morning. Watch my posts for the 1-800#s because I will post the here first. :butt-kicking:

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Ship's sunk at sea and this make for a good week...can't see the rowboats lastin' past Wednesday because they're made of screen so they should be sunk at any time...I actually expected them to sink yesterday but the weekend isn't over and we can expect them to be sunk by Monday...Please don't watch for any SOS signals as this's a good thing.... 

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King Bean,


LOL... Tokie. That's funny! Sounds like he took too many tokies.


Yup, when I read the first couple of words, "Ships at sea", I thought it was okie lol.


Just once I'd like to actually SEE one of these "back screens"! You would think that after all of the claims of this happening that maybe just one person would think to take a photo with their cell phone... ooops! I almost forgot...! They CAN'T! because it is complete and total rubbish.


I get so mad at myself for reading these stupid things and then to top it off, replying to it. UGHHH! When will It ever stop?

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I'm so tired of seeing these copied and posted  intel reports from two and three (and longer) years ago. i am not knocking the poster here but the original poster of the so called "intel".  We've heard stuff like this over and over and over. Back screens, rates , won't go past, at the banks. ships at sea, coming in for a landing.  And it's most likely all some 18 year old smartass somewhere making it all up and sittin back smirkin and smokin his bag o'weed havin fun with our expectations.  Oh well for those of us that know better we will just go on with it and one day it''ll hit us when we least expect.

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Has anyone ever thought that maybe,

just maybe,

some of the so-called guru's AREN'T

even on this side of the planet?


What if...some of the guru's are really

Iraqi citizens, possibly working for the

Iraqi government, paid to get us all

worked up?


Yeah, I know.

A few repentant guru's admitted to working

for the brokers, and there's a scammer or

two in the mix as well, but something in the

back of my mind keeps bringing up the idea

that on some level, there's Iraqi's involved,

possibly posting directly on the forums.

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sounds like alot of you think okie and tony are full of it, I suppose the next thing will be possom and frankie are full of it.  pretty soon there wont be any gurus left to believe............maybe bag lady in the know will have to lead us to the rv......

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