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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

They don't make them like they used to. B S


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LOST:  1959 Chevrolet Bel Air.  This car has deep personal meaning to me. My dad gave this to me while I was in high school. We rebuilt it as a father-son project. My wife and I first became "acquainted" in the back seat. She delivered our son in the back seat as I was rushing her to the hospital. I promised that car to my son, now 17, when he graduated. Recently I left it running in the driveway to warm up and it was stolen. I can only offer a small reward. The police here are inept. If anyone sees it, please email me. Thx. 

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Not a ford guy but

F- first

O- on

R- race

D- day

You tell the truth their Muleslayer John Force has more NHRA wins than all the other drivers combined

not to mention Cadillac is the best GM has and it is a true pile of junk.GM has the worst

computors in their cars.Cold solder joints and peese poor wiring.Here in Texico all rednecks drive a chevy

Thats why I like to Hammer down I'm no redneck no way.And shabbs motorcraft is french as well

If you want to dust off every car that cost less test drive a Audi A8 its cheaper than a vette and kicks its rump

plus its the safest car to have a reck in bar none!T9091 aircraft aluminum frame.Their is not one vehicle

made in America anymore just assembled here.You'd break your foot kicking the fender on that 59

but kick that new camaro's fender it would cave in! not to mention look at that reck when a car has a head on

collision today the engine and transmission are shoved into the passengers seat they die safe you say

not even.I could go on and on.Just think for a minute you think they make them safer today no way

they use as little metal as possible to cut production cost so they can make more profits they are made of

mostly plastic which is even cheaper safety yeah right notice they dont crash a car in every way only the way it

makes it look safer to be in when a crash their way happens.Enjoy your ******* made vehicles for America

they found the cheapest labor possible and we buy them for high dollar.Id rather drive a moped its safer.

If the Germans or Itallians didnt build it you bought junk.Test me.

Carroll Shelby said if you want to go fast get you a mustang with a 289 with 600 hundred horse power

light weight vehicle but I guess he was dumb? I sure miss him!

Hers food for thought

If we let the germans and Itallians run their cars in NHRA drag racing we Americans would lose.

RPM's dominate over horse power thats why they wont let them run. Our motors 5000hp

at 5000 rpm's their motors 2500hp at 25,000 rpm's any questions?wheres chevy at the F1?

oh thats right they are the new polyjohns at F1 and chittylay owners F1 stands for Formula One.

a race we Americans cant compete in we are to slow.What happened to American pride?

It just hurts me to down our cars but they are junk.JMHO and thats all from my own opinion

and as a old man who has driven almost every vehicle made.The fastest thing I have ever driven

was my 1974 Kawasaki H2 750 triple. America cant even make a fast motorcycle what a shame.

Buell Hahahahhaahhahaha that made my eyes water laughing! fastest American car ever driven

KR500 mustang king of the road! Import Lambo diablo ewe wee fast! Pantera was'nt bad either.

From a dirty Pig God Bless and please be safe when hauling arse.They dont make them like they used to!

Today ='s Junk if'in its American  "wipes tears from eyes" what a shame.

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