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A Mother Picked The Wrong Biker To Judge By His Looks.


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A Mother Picked The Wrong Biker To Judge By His Looks. Here’s His Epic Response.

February 5, 2014


Unfortunately, it comes somewhat naturally for most of us to judge other people without really knowing them. We’re all a product of our pasts, shaped by our upbringing and experiences. But it’s important to look through all of that and remember that judging someone by their outward appearance truly is like only reading the cover of a book. And maybe the inside flap at best. Here’s a guy’s personal post that drives that point home.




So, there you have it. Don’t make hurtful assumptions about other people, especially those that you are already assuming want to kill you. Because that makes no sense.

Share this guy’s experience with others. Spread the no-judging message.


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We "Bikers" are probably the most giving group when it comes to those in need. We stand our ground and love our country. I am proud of my fellow brothers and sisters. Our family knows no limits when it comes to helping others. We are true "Knights of the Open Road".

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