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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Weekly Dinar Chat - Jan 22 2014, Adam Montana

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Absolutely! Here's the rest:




Part Two:



kennyc Who in their right mind would neg this? Really. Gonna plus you strictly on principle

genx4me Guess someone didn't like what you said and negged you Kennyc. Crazy! I got rid of it for you.

DinarThug Sorry But 'Jeopardy' Rules State That All 3 Of Our Thread Responses Will Be Removed Because We Forgot To Phrase It In The Form Of A Question !




The judges decided to let the entries stay.  :lol:




ladyGrace'sDaddy Good morning Adam. A friend of mine and I were wondering could you please
explain to us what Arabic Arithmetic is?




Yes, but not until I've had a few beers and am willing to break every PC code known to humankind!




FloJo I've heard several things, mostly from someone in a group - which ones are true?:  (thanks for your hard work and patience with us all...)


- that all those cashing in dinar will need to sign a waiver saying that they will not talk about the dinar and ensuing wealth they've received from it (personally, I wouldn't be doing that anyway!).  Couldn't the US Gov't. make us sign that and then turn around and make us answer questions/sign papers elsewhere that violate that same agreement to tie our hands with our own money?  kinda like a catch 22... ??, you may have it, but you can't do anything with it...


- that certain groups that signed agreements with Iraq have already cashed in - like some US congressmen and businessmen...and they signed an agreement that they would not reinvest in the dinar, which some disregarded and they are now having consequences.


- that there will be a street rate (currently around $5-6) ...and then a contract rate (currently around $32) - one with China $36, one with America $32 (values have fluctuated per day) - but one has to have an 800# to get the contract rate.   and this contract rate will only last a few days, then drop to street rate. Do we have a contract rate? 


Thanks much!  Appreciate you and the crew!



The following applies to all three:  :facepalm:


My full opinion on the matter is here:




dontlop Wonder why some people believe only the story's they want and disregard the rest as bs  I think they are all bs Propaganda would be necessary if they were going to rv
But it would serve no purpose if they were not
So what's your take on the bs coming out of Iraq concerning the dinar ?



Different day, different dinar drama?




Candy01 Hi Adam,  Thanks for all you do on this site!  I read that the CBI must maintain the 2% spread between the official and market rates for a certain amount of time in order to be accepted into IMF Article 8.  Is this true?

Thanks Much!



I've had zero confirmation that this is solid information.



one2one Iraq seems to go on year after year operating on our U.S.D :  do they even have a reason to even R.V. ?




Ah, the age old question usually posed by lopsters and anti-iraq-progress crowd.


Yes, they have reason to increase the value of their own dinar. The USD is a great tool while they are working towards an RV, but continuing to use it does them no favors - it just maintains a balance. 


We're talking about Iraqis, not pot smoking hippies. These people don't want balance - they want prosperity.



 stealthwarrior Good morning Adam,I am seeing that the 2014 budget is about to be posted in the Gazette.the currency amounts are very high.if the RV happens soon wouldn't the go back in and change those figures?





Absolutely! What's a little number-fudging to a government official?!  :lol:

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 We will all see how it pans out one way or another, and hopefully pretty soon!

I'm thinkin' this "panning" is about to pay off.... hopefully real big!!!!  :eyebrows: 



Thanks again for the straight forward chat... always appreciated Adam!!!  ;)

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LOL, guess I'll have to wait until we get to Belize and I buy you a 6 pack. Of course

We might want to be on the beach or some other quite place so you don't get

arrested for all those expletives.

Just imagine the laugh were all gonna have when this is over.

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                                                  AND YOUR STATEMENT TO THAT WAS  (LOOK BELOW)


                                                                "   HELLifiknow  "

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Adam, as always thank you for the info. I know your excited but must remain level-headed so the rest of us can stay calm.  :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Wow.. haven't seen Saint in a while and now he is promoted to staff...? you mean like rodandstaff..  we have doubles now lol 

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