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A fine of 5 million dinars a ton overloading in highways


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A fine of 5 million dinars a ton overloading in highways




1/13/2014 0:00 

The introduction of the law of the roads into force 

Baghdad, Qassim Hilfi 

decided by the ministries of construction and interior insert road law amended into force and the imposition of heavy fines on violators of the controls highways and overloads that caused damage to a large international road and carried the state budget large sums of money too, and set a fine of 5 million dinars per tons plus the load. 

said Minister of Construction and Housing Mohammad Darraji in a joint news conference with senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi attended (morning) that the House of Representatives passed the First Amendment in Law No. 5 of 2013 on stations weight and highways, and to ensure that the operation of stations Weight coordination between the two ministries, as well as the maximum weight of gravity pivotal for vehicles with axle single and double with wheels steerable 7 tons and Axis singular with wheels is steerable 13 tonnes, while the Dual Axis wheels is steerable 20 tons, and the Axis of wheels is steerable 27 tons. 

explained that the vehicle in violation of weights Sthdz until unloaded and transported outside the station weight and impose a fine of 5000 dinars per kilogram of overloading, which means the imposition of a fine at a rate of five million Iraqi dinars ton overload, and meet the amount of wage floor by 20 000 dinars for each night were found where the vehicle is reserved. 

and be fine on the slacker of the process of weight, whether the owner or driver 500 000 dinars, at least not more than one million dinars, and operated stations by the Roads and bridges or submit it to the private sector, and to meet the amount of 20 000 dinars paid for the weight it once, and use the proceeds to run the stations for the purposes of maintaining a network of roads and bridges in the provinces, and will be a trial run of the stations in the fifteenth of this month, and operating compulsory in mid-February next, which is an appropriate period for covered abide by adjusting the process of loading the goods. 

disclosed that more than 25 Station Weight ready to run before the Angels ministry distributed between the provinces of Wasit, Basra, Maysan and Muthanna, and will be followed by other stations in Baghdad and other provinces. 

For his part, senior agent of the Ministry of the Interior Adnan al-Asadi said the role of the Ministry of Interior will include the application of the vocabulary of this Act and the regulations issued by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and coordination between ministries, and the imposition of fines on violators of the loads through the General Traffic Directorate, as well as Sitarat other traffic do the application of this law, as well as provide protection for workers in the plants weight bridge, solemn with stakeholders adhere Balhmoulat imposed for fear of fines and described as »painful».


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