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A Lesson Learned from the Geese


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In early November the air is crisp and clear. We are out sitting on our deck with our dog and suddenly we become aware of a noise over our heads. The dog barks so we look up and there they are in the clear blue sky, several V- shaped flight formations of Canada Geese saying hello once again. There is no mistake, they speak loudly of their impending arrival to the south to escape the harsh Canadian winters. To someone old enough to appreciate such granger, the piercing sound of the geese is great. No matter where you are you will always look up at its peaceful beauty.

When we were young we used to wonder what these birds were saying to each other because they were never quiet. It was the thrill of the call to adventure that captured our attention if only for a moment.

Ever wonder why they fly in a V formation. The flapping of each goose's wings creates uplift for the goose behind him. It has been scientifically proven that a V formation allows each bird to fly 71 percent further than if they were flying by themselves. If a goose falls out of formation or it lags behind, it has lost the strength of the other geese.

The lesson here is brought out in Galatians 6:2 Christians helping Christians make for greater spiritual strength. We are admonished to bare one another burdens, if we go at it alone we are more likely to fail. Just like the goose that falls out of formation we feel the drag of trying to do it alone.

Geese will take turns offering leadership. When the lead goose gets tired he rotates back in the wing and another goose takes the lead. Galatians 6:6 says this, "Let him who is taught the word share all with others so they will be less likely to falter."

A final thought learned from geese. These little birds are just one of God's splendors of beauty and in their own right we could learn a lot from them. When a goose anywhere in the formation becomes ill, or wounded and falls from the formation, two fellow geese will follow the ailing goose to protect it. They will stay with the goose until he is renewed in strength or dies. Then and only then will the other two geese set out again to find another formation and join in.....Galatians 6:9Do not grow weary while we are doing good, for another for we shall reap the benefits on day.

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