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Who's the Best Predictor???

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Hi Dinar Enthusiasts.


I'm sorta new here.


I'm a Canuck from Alberta.


(I haven't posted much here, so forgive me if this has been done)


I would like to find out which one of you is the best Predictor.


If you win, you predict closest to the rate of exchange of the Dinar, once it revalues, you get Bragging Rights, to being the Most Accurate Predictor.


So give it a shot.


Predict the Value of the Iraqi Dinar, in American dollars, once this thing hits.


Thread Rules: Don't be Crazy, with insane predictions. It will do you no good. Be realistic. The winner will be the person who is most accurate, or has the best intuition. And you can't guess the same, as someone else. First posted answer that is closest to actual value wins!


Whoever the winner is, I promise to donate $50 to your favorite charity.


So list your charity, as well.


Good luck!

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10 cents within 3 months of the float.

I'm not nominating a charity, because I don't know that you have $50

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and for the fools who say that it won't, that it will "revalue to a set value in US$...


... reason being, if a currency is "fixed" at a value, it CAN'T be on Forex.... simple huh?

So, for those saying a fixed value of $3..... you are sucking worse than rotten eggs... you are quoting Forex every day, waiting, watching Forex, and yet you are assuming a FIXED value... you are less than stupid.

FOREX has NO fixed rates. The rates are changing all day every day.

That's why I'm hoping (against all common sense) that they will "Float" the IQD.

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