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Secret divorce between Izzat Shabandar and Nuri al-Maliki?

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11-12-2013 02:15 PM





Almost no one is sitting in the House where Izzat Shabandar or Maliki, and hears Staúma many threats over between the two sides and through the words traded on the insults can guess that things have already arrived to break the bone between the parties, a fraction which expresses the appearance announcement Izzat Shabandar for his release The official of the state of law.

In the folds of the news of the divorce, which surprised many after it was Izzat Shabandar Godfather core of many of the deals Maliki's political and financial throughout the three years that have passed refers to the crisis of major corruption in the deal, Ukraine to supply tanks worth 450 million dollars, which was attributed Shabandar the godfather of its deal with Abdelkader Obeidi, former defense minister and mediator Lebanese Ali Fayyad and with the consent directly from al-Maliki.

Deal embarked Ukraine since last year, passed them on to Iraq and Iraq received 80 tank, but it was soon discovered that the tanks were used previously (Stoke) was painted in a hurry, all dating back to the year 1986, which form a cloud large almost reveal the corruption that is going on where, something that took Maliki to stop the procurement process for a period of several months, but after a period landed a private plane at Baghdad International Airport, and he was a director of the company's own Ukrainian ((were not governmental)), which received the tanks together with Izzat Shabandar, Ali Fayad and went directly to meet the Prime Minister and the result of this meeting which was attended by Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki said the book was issued by the Office of the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Defence where al-Maliki ordered the immediate receipt of Ukrainian tanks again.

Dr. Saadoun al-Dulaimi also emphasizes sources close to him expressed entering into severe than the signature of the deal again, but the approval of the Prime Minister was categorical and has already reached the port of Basra steamer Ukrainian loaded with the rest of the tanks, which repeats the same scene the former without making any amendment thereto ((that is, they Stoke)) and with the modern for Soviet arms deal corruption anxiety returned to the heart of the Prime Minister of the discovery of this deal, making it the orders probe with Izzat Shabandar on this topic.

Amid rising tensions between the two sides and deep emotion that has characterized the actions of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki during the recent period, especially after the fiasco of his visit to America and spread of despair in the heart of al-Maliki of winning the third term and the exit of some of the parties to the rule of law for the yoke of the alliance with the crisis escalates, and the message was directed from al-Maliki to Hanan Fatlawi is the straw that broke the camel's back.

The message which is very obscene words by right-Maliki Izzat Shabandar but emotion-Maliki does not make him realize that his message had been sent by mistake to Izzat Shabandar himself! In his letter, al-Maliki and away from the use of improper words intimidating and threatening Izzat Shabandar Baltsagat during the period prior to the upcoming elections and ordered Hanan al and his team, who also sent him a message that the right to exercise the process of miscarriage Shabandar ran amok Izzat Shabandar, who has no patent in this area.

Ezzat Send a message to al-Maliki vows which protects senior corrupt and gloss them to reveal all the cards and Majalsé does not hide this thing at all, but he says I am a witness to a lot of deals and have their documentation is complete and I'll do and leave the way for me and my enemies, O Lord, even if this led to his arrest to expect in These days, in the meantime Find Izzat Shabandar lobby multilateral in many capitals, to form the electoral list of the owners of such transactions and their victims together to prepare for the next phase benefits.

Informed sources confirm that the coming days, a candidate to one of two possibilities: either the conflict erupts between the parties to hear a lot of laundry, and are either of the Magistrate after feuding for lack of washing, something we are used to much higher the sounds scandalous.


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