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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

NOW Fireball92 open letter to UST, someone finally spiked Dinar Recaps Coolaid


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These BOZOs are giving their ip address to the people that put you in a box and make it disappear.

I just hope Tony sends a letter next.



I write this respectfully and humbly but candidly.

I have been pondering all that has transpired these last days and what has been reported. Am I to deduce that the administration of UST & IMF has such poor opinion of us, the average American citizen as to delay the global reset of this importance.

Are we, the average American citizen in the USA, viewed to be in the same psycho-social category as the riot prone tinderbox middle east?

Am I to believe and understand that officials in my government view me and my peers in similar light as rebels in poverty torn South American or African republics?

My fellow Americans working in government, lend me your ear!


Read More Link on Right

Let me introduce you to my friends and colleagues. Meet my fellow Dinar holders. (From reading the writings and chats...) The 'average Dinarian' is Nana Mary, grandmother and wife. Then there is Papa John, grandfather, husband and retired Chiropractor who is always preaching USA-supporting-patiotism and God.

Like most Dinarians they are involved in community and church. And, Bobby BlueCollar, father of three who works 50-60 hours per week at the General Tire Plant and struggles to keep the kids in clothes and put food on the table along with household costs.

On this site, I have corresponded with attorneys and doctors, truck drivers and waitresses and nurses, small business owners and computer nerds, etc. Most all these citizens have expressed their love of God and country.

They have discussed how we, the new upper middle class can use our new found wealth to help other Americans who are hurting and how we can help our hurting America by improving business and starting new ones.

I have taken time and space to describe those I have met on these sites, hoping to bring a different image to your mind. Rather than the apparent image of the TV sitcom animated Family Guy 'Peter' run amok; Yes, he would get drunk, go to a bank, raise cane and make demands.

To have a more true image of the average Dinar holding American, simply think of those people that sat around your dinner table on Thanksgiving Day. In the USA a couple weeks ago, most Americans met with their families. Yes, real mothers, fathers, siblings, uncles, aunts, etc. Imperfect American families that always have member who are wonderful people, lovely, hard working, salt of the earth, snobs, holier than thou, tuffys and idiots. You know, FAMILY!

Just like most families seen in government official homes last week. Now ask yourselves, ''Which one's could be wise and strong enough to be a Dinar holder?

On these sites we do have a trait not so prevalent in the world today. HOPE and FAITH. We believe that America can be great again. We believe that we can be wealthy and have great things.

Yes, that is true, but at the same time wanting to help helping others. The final trait noted here that is so much evident than in the average population, is an uncanny high percent of goodness and a lack of prevalent greed.

These Dinar holders are people that can be trusted as you have been trusted. These people have stepped forward to help the USA. Yes, there will be idiots. We have them here, and they work in factories, offices and in the UST and IMF.

We all have to deal with them as a part of life. But that percentage is so very small. Remember that President Ronald Regan liked quoting, "TRUST but verify". So Trust, but have security for the idiots.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I really can not wait to meet many of these people in person because of all I have just described and have made it seem reasonable. I hope I have adequately portrayed what you are 'up against'; Not a mob of Family Guy Peters on crack...

This is a group of goodhearted, law abiding Americans you can embrace with confident authority and with clearly defined parameters, you will be met with peaceful and polite compliant citizens.

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It almost brought a tear to my eye. NOT!


If only it was true, sincere, and genuine. But, I doubt it.


In fact, why make an appeal to the UST or the IMF anyway?


Who the F*** are they in this whole business, and exactly what would be gained by addressing anyone there?


Will it change anything? No!


We already know who we are, and where we come from. We already know our own personal struggles, sacrifices, hopes, and dreams.


Why not appeal to us directly, and ask us what we want to do about this fiasco in leadership?


Maybe we'd come up with collective solutions to the whole mess before the day is over.


Instead, this sounds like a child asking a parent to take notice of all the things they've tried to do to get attention, but failed.


And, that my fellow DinarVets is what makes this diatribe seem so pathetic.


As always, I thank Brisco for the post, for without it we would never know of this dribble, and how to respond.



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