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Flashback...Obama: Transparency Will Be Touchstone...

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If you see through the fog of fear you can see that there has been a tremendous amount of transparency in this presidency.  Much about the inner workings of the PTB  in every failure that has occurred.  The failures are purposeful.  Look what the people have learned!  HAARP, NSA, Benghazi (military gun running), Fast and Furious (drug war gun running),  The Federal Reserve Board was revealed (hackers of the night of Superbowl),  performance of numerous BS false flags (Aurora, Milwaukee Sikh Temple, Sandy Hook, Boston, Santa Monica,  Merry Clackamas shooting and the list goes on).  Look past the left-right paradigm and you can see how we've been manipulated for many many years.  They are giving us piece by piece of how this game has been set up.  

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