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Nov 6 Adam's Weekly Update

Adam Montana

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Good morning everyone!


This week has actually been pretty encouraging in the Dinar World... although it may 

not be immediately obvious to the casual observer, I like what's happening.


The biggest news, in my opinion, is what we are hearing out of the current

Parliamentary session. I believe they are trending towards the Kurds gaining some

leverage, which means negotiations are moving forward and compromises are being

made. You know what that means? 


It means the political games are coming to a head and some real progress is in the 

works! Go Iraq!! :twothumbs: 


Like I said last week, I'm not expecting to see an RV come during the current session,

so no real surprises at this time - but this is exactly the kind of progress we need to 

see before a major event.


Annnnnnd that kind of sums it up for this week! Here's the weekly questions:


RPMAC Adam  What are your sources in Iraq saying about Al-Maliki' failure to secure arms support from the U.S.?

Also, do you believe this will cause Al-Maliki to lose his bid for another term as Prime Minister, in replacement for a new Prime Minister who will include the distribution of power among Sunni, Kurdish and other minority groups in Iraq; and which (hopefully) will move forward the approval of the RV to be launched?


Thank you for all your response and the work you're putting with the DV family and this site.






Maliki is a wily one... I don't think we are going to see his last days anytime soon. ;)




Hellifiknow I waited all day adam. Never got my email. What up ??
Was maliki visit positive for us ??
Tks Adam Go RV




Not sure what email you missed... the VIP email went out on November 1, and the general email went out the day before to the newsletter group. If you didn't get the general email, make sure you are on the newsletter group here:




waitingondinar Hello Adam,  I saw an article that stated the HCL law was not address this session but will be brought up during the next session of parliament.  When will that be? What other things/laws need to be completed before they will RV?  Do you think we are a ways off for RV to happen?



With the current political shifts and concessions, I believe this whole thing could be shifting into high gear and we could see some major action by the end of the year or shortly after. :twothumbs:


(I don't have the dates of the next session handy, sorry.)








Give me a link next time please :)




yaker Thanks Adam! Do you feel Iraq's banking community systems are ready and currently prepared to connect/communicate electronically with the rest of the world? If not what needs to take place to be ready and could this be another hold up for the RV? 





That's a great question! They have been working on the banking infrastructure for several years now, and I do think they are prepared now. :twothumbs:




kgreen I have 4 friends, including myself, that are a bit confused about the impact of dropping the 3 zeros. Some feel that is a good thing for us while others contend it hurts us. What say you 'ol wise one?



Depends... dropping the 0's from the front of the exchange rate would increase the value to approximately .86:1, which would be fantastic.... but it's not likely. Dropping the 0's from the currency is considered a "lop", and is a neutral event - it doesn't help or hurt us.



When the RV occurs, why would we "cash in" immediately, except for necessity, if the Iraqi's can "smoke out" some of the speculative, impatient money waiting for the event to happen and then gradually increase the value over a period of time that benefits the country of Iraq more than those of us investing? I for one will cash in a bit more than what I invested so I am playing with "house money" and wait for some appreciation in the currency. This of course could bit me in the ____ if the country cannot sustain peace within its borders and with its neighbors. I look forward to your response.


Another great question! I wrote a complete guide that covers this in detail, you can get it here:


(It's free!)



chess ADAM:   10 cents RV is great with me!  Do you think it's reasonable, on their part, for them to go under that?.....thanks



And another great question! I wrote a detailed article on exactly that subject, you can see that here:




Shabibilicious Adam, Do you think Aaron Rodgers was wise enough to invest in Dinars?  And if so, will his shoulder injury hamper him at cash-out time?  


GO RV, then BV











SR71_Blackbird RPMAC...the following kind of disputes your statement regarding Al-Maliki's failure to secure arms support from the U.S. Be that as it may, Adam, IYO, how have these meetings improved our position in terms of an RV or have they gone to our detriment?? Your insight is always informed and appreciated...will await your response. THANKS ever-so-much!!

Read more:


WASHINGTON — Facing a deadly resurgence of AQ in Iraq, Obama signaled Friday that he would begin increasing US military support for Baghdad after five years of reducing it. The new US plan represents a remarkable shift for Obama, whose administration trumpeted the 2011 withdrawal of the last US troops from Iraq as a major achievement and has since shifted its attention to other regional challenges, such as Syria, Egypt and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Following a White House meeting with Iraqi PM Maliki, Obama said he shared Maliki’s fears about militants’ growing foothold in Iraq’s western region and would join the Iraqi leader’s effort to crack down. administration officials said this would include growing intelligence support and new weaponry. Obama said:

We had a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against that terrorist organization that operates not only in Iraq, but also poses a threat to the region and to the US. We are deeply committed to seeing an Iraq that is inclusive, democratic and prosperous.





I don't believe this has any effect on the value of the dinar at all - Iraq needs to be self sufficient and self sustaining in order to support a higher valued currency, the rest of this is just political pandering and general fluff. :twocents:





And that's it for this week! 


Things to look out for at this time... I would say news out of the current Parliament session that FAVOR the Kurds is going to be a big deal. 



Until next time!


- Adam

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What a difference a day makes....................... To me... A lot! got that right!  What happened to all of the tarot card readers, crystal mavens, soothsayers (not gurus). Pretty bad

when they all get discouraged......;-)

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What a difference a day makes....................... To me... A lot!

I hear ya Umbertino... hang in there buddy.... your one of those "veteran's" in this investment... I'm still thinkin' we outta give out trophy's to ya'll tenacious long timers or nominate you for sainthood or something!!!   :twothumbs: 

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Thanks Adam for always bring the news straight and true-no FLUFF just the right stuff !! I'm with ya eburt seams like this is gonna go on forever, almost 4 yrs for me, never thought I would still be setting here, reading and waiting and dreamin !! GO RV!!

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