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Do you need washing


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          A little girl about the age of 6 was shopping with her mom at Wal Mart one afternoon. Her freckled faced image with her long Red Hair presented her innocense as a child. When her mom had paid and they began toward the front door it was pouring rain outside, the kind of rain that gushes over the tops of rain gutters, so in a hurry to hit the earth it has no time to flow down the spout. Several people were waiting to see if it was gonna let up some. Some waited patiently and some were irritated because mother nature was messing with their schedule. The little girl was just mesmerized by rainfall. Seems she got lost in the sounds of heaven releasing the cleansing of the air for mankind. She said mommy did you run in the rain when you were little. Her mom smiled and said yes i think all has while the thoughts of what her daughter had said took her back to her childhood releasing the pressures of today if only for a sweet second.


          Her little voice was so sweet as it broke the hypnotic trance we were all in. When i looked around all the people were smiling and were tuned in on what she was saying. She grabbed her mommy by the hand and said, "Mom lets run through the rain" her mom just looked at her and said we will get soaking wet. The little girl was smiling even bigger now and said,  "Maybe we won't" . No, sweetheart lets wait until it slows down a bit. She repeated herself again, "Mom lets run through the rain". We will get soaked if we do, no we won't that's not what you said this morning. This morning, when did i say that we could run through the rain and not get soaked, remember this morning when you were talking about daddy and how bad his cancer was, you said, If God can get us through this, he can get us through anything. Not a word was being said in the crowd as they listened to her. They stood silently with their eyes on her waiting for some word to finish. Her mom paused for a second smiling at her little girl with that childish urge to run. Now some would laugh it off or even scold their child for suggesting such a thing but not this little girls mommy. This was an expression of innocense through a child's thoughts but never the less her mom knew exactly what she was talking about.


          Honey you are absolutely right, let's run through the rain, if God lets us get wet, maybe we need  a good washing. Off they went through the pouring rain and mom looked back at the crowd and a few more decided that maybe they also needed washing.. Everyone was laughing and yelling like a bunch of kids running through a big puddle. Seems we were all children again because of a child.


The moral of this is: We all face circumstances that could take away our material possessions, they can take away your money, then they can take away your health and then your happiness. But no one or nothing can ever take away your precious memories you make along the way. Mom made a memory that day that her little girl will talk about the rest of her life..

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