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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Anyone bought options from any of these eBay sellers?


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I'm not a fan of options but have some friends who are. Some ebay sellers are considerably cheaper than some of the regular dealers selling options. It seems there's only a handful of sellers selling options maybe 2 or 3.


I was just curious if anyone on here has bought from them and if so what was your experience? Is it a striaght option or do they give you some free notes with the option like sterling and some of the others so at least you have something tanginble to show for your money in addition to the option? Are their certificates professional and written in a way that it would hold up legally if it came down to it? And lastly I doubt anyone can know this for sure but anyway to know if these dealers actually have the Dinar stashed away to back these options and they are't selling thin air?



Interseting One



This seller above actually calls out the big option seller on ebay saying there's no way he can back all the options he's selling.


I can't believe people are buying options from the guy with the videos.  He's sold several billion in IQD options, there's no way he'll be able to deliver in the case of an RV.  Please consider that fact when purchasing options.

I have a very limited supply of IQD to option.  In the past, I've done auctions for 1M IQD - 10M IQD, but it's easier to auction my 50M to only 2 people at once.  I imagine in the case of an RV, I'll only have to work with 2 folks to get this IQD in their hands.  I can't even imagine dealing with hundreds of customers like the guy selling options on here with the videos.  

IF you bid on this auction, you understand this is for collector's purpose only.  I am not selling or giving any type of investment advice, nor am I saying an RV will happen any time soon or make you a millionaire if it does happen.  I am simply providing a vehicle for you to control 25 Million uncirculated, authentic IQD without having to for the upfront costs of $30,000+ (based on current market price).  Exercise price on the option is $1,900 per million and you have 60 days from auction end to exercise.

I only have 2 of these available, once they sell - the rights of the IQD sit with the highest bidder for 60 days beginning when the auction ends.  You MUST submit payment within 24 hours of auction end.  I will send you an right-to-buy agreement via email.  Please note my seller status when bidding.  

And lastly, please go to "sold listings" on a search for "iraqi Dinar options" and see the hundreds of billions of Dinar that the video guy has optioned.  There is no way he controls that much IQD, just want to put the warning out there for everyone.

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If you would prefer you, all your friends, and everyone else who like options send me your money NOW and I will promise to send you Iraqi Dinar after it revalues. I will even pay to ship it back to you. Trust me, after all I am on the same trusted dinar website as you. :goodnews:  :bravo:  :eyebrows:  :nooo:

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If you would prefer you, all your friends, and everyone else who like options send me your money NOW and I will promise to send you Iraqi Dinar after it revalues. I will even pay to ship it back to you. Trust me, after all I am on the same trusted dinar website as you. :goodnews:  :bravo:  :eyebrows:  :nooo:

I think that's basically what most options sellers do. They don't think it will rv, count on it not rv'ing and basically can get free money as longg as nothing happens.

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      I have seen recent sales of 1 million iraqi dinar going for $1,500 lately on EBAY.  Last year it was running about $800.  Thats a signinficant increase.  Looks like it may be drying up and someone is loading up bigtime.
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      I was reevaluating Kim Clements prophecy. Looking at Kim Clements assistant Sunil Isaac said it made me think, is it just the Iraqi Dinar? Could it be the E-Dinar also?
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    • By rulesforrebels
      Well looks like the Dinar 50 notes are now worthless. I think technically the date they become worthless is April 31, however I believe all the current 50 note trade programs out there being offered by dealers pretty much all had expiration dates of April 1, so if your still holding your 50 notes your now stuck with them unless you can flip them on ebay.
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