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Committee member: deletion of zeros will not happen in the near future


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Committee member suggests deletion of zeros will not happen in the near future; CBI has urged the government to move forward with plan


Member of the parliamentary rule out the economy near the deletion of zeros from the currency


Friday, November 26 1 / Okrudolf 2012 09:37


Member of the Committee ruled, investment and economic reconstruction to hold parliamentary process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency.


Said committee member Nahida Daini told all of Iraq [where] the day that it was “unlikely to be a process of deleting the zeros from the currency in the near future so for several reasons, the most prominent of the instability of the economic situation and security in the country and lack of control at the required level and the volatility of the exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in addition to the adoption of Iraqi market economy. “

She added, “As the rising prices and falling also linked near the regional situation of Iraq and that this situation also occurs in most countries of the world” ruled out “the possibility of fixing the exchange rate of the dollar as a measure to maintain price stability in the domestic market.”

The Cabinet decided in its meeting held on April 10 last patient in the application process to delete the zeros from the national currency to notice.


The Central Bank of Iraq, and on the lips bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh,

The officials at the central bank, in addition to some politicians and economists, urged the government to delete the zeros from the currency, and the issuance of a new currency denominations of cash, in addition to the presence of small coins.


As an economist described as beautiful, invoke the security and economic situation, and work to postpone the process of lifting the zeros from the currency arguments “flimsy”.

Jamil told [Wayne], that “everything in Iraq has become subject to political decisions and moods, noting that” one of the paragraphs of the Central Bank Act, allow him to print and change the currency. “

Observers say that the government intends to delete the zeros from the currency as a step towards improving the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar, but economists played down the importance of this step, considering that the cost of raising the zeros will be greater than the desired benefit of raising the zeros.






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boy eeeeee     I sure hop they do not do any thing soon ,  man  ,,, I am getting to like the Statius quo   situation ,  nothing  too loose  if you sit on your butts and get nothing done,   my  great great pappy done told me ,,   lets put off today   and do it tomorrow  :o 

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So they changed their minds again... Nothing new. I don't think they need to drop the zeros prior to a RV, so doesn't really sway my thoughts either way.

I know what your typing about ,   have been to other sites ,  and the feeling is about the same ,,   some are really pushing  that something just might happen  before the end of year ,, and I few inclined to around the election , the movement of values ,   for the rest of us ,   ???   I still unloading  a few  get what I can , and hold onto what is left ,     if this dips again will buy some more but  will bide  my  time   and wait , 

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"for several reasons, the most prominent of the instability of the economic situation and security"


I think most prominent is security, security, and security.  They shouldn't have economic 

issues if they take care of the security and that means maliki and his boys who are 

blocking the investments laws.

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