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10-23 Adam's weekly update

Is this better than "chat"  

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  1. 1. What do you have to say?

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Good morning everyone! I know I'm a little later than usual on my  Wednesday update - I'm still having issues with java so the  "weekly chat" is now a "weekly update". After giving this some thought,

The politician is probably a lawyer, hit him.

Yeah I like this much better. all those colors in the chat format makes my flash backs from the 60`s kick in. 

Hi Adam, The new way is best for you. I can still

go to chat to get my laughs listening to the regulars

pick on each other anytime. You single handedly pulled together 

the kindest ,thoughtful and most careing bunch of people ever.

Just my opinion. Mothers are always right and because I said so.




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Thank You Adam. I do like the new format, voted, yes, but changed it to Squirrel (assuming it means "leaving it up to You"), because

that way you can switch to what ever format you want, especially if a Mod wants to participate. Maybe you should have defined what "Squirrel" meant. Anyway I am not changing my Vote, and I do like the Mods occasional interjections.

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Adam, that's the way government should be driven. Yes, No, Squirrel, and just as I finally realized what the, New Law, would mean I was able to change my vote. I chose to SQUIRREL because I trust your call and it does make it easier for you at the moment. I do love the Mod's interjections also.


So let's have Democracy here and everyone who didn't understand "Squirrel" (Foreigners like me). Go back and change your vote, now that you understand - Squirrel - voting.

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I heard Maliki was coming to discuss the AHC website. Something about he was so impressed by the US gov shutdown and how well the roll-out of the new health care was going, he felt a closer than ever kinship to the US President. :rocking-chair:

Thanks for your post, Caye. Your hilarious! A good laugh is always welcome.

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Hi, Adam.  Thanks for your consideration to reach out to us for input on this issue.  For me,  the information that you have to share is the most important part.  The format of delivery is of less importance.  I have occasionally had Java problems and it seems that the new format might be easier for you to accommodate, but as long as I get the straight forward information and insights that you offer each week, I am fine with either format.  Thanks for all that you do. 

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Good morning everyone! I know I'm a little later than usual on my 

Wednesday update - I'm still having issues with java so the 

"weekly chat" is now a "weekly update".

After giving this some thought, I kind of like this format! Please 

enter a vote in the poll above to let me know if you agree with me.


I have one small personal opinion to throw out, then I will talk 

a little about the news, and then get to the Questions.


I read on the forums this morning that Dinar Trade (probably the 

oldest and biggest dinar dealer out there) has stopped their "reserve" 



I am happy to hear this for two reasons…


1. DinarTrade, having been in this business for so long, is probably 

the only group that might get inside info before I do. If they 

are stopping their Reserve Program, they might have some inside info 

that I don't have… and I'm completely fine with that! At the end of 

the day I just want to cash in and move on, just like you all!


2. I've never been a fan of any "Reserve" program. I've been very 

clear in my position on this - I love this currency, I know we are 

in a winning position, but we don't have any guarantee on a return 

and we DEFINITELY don't know WHEN we will get paid… so I say do NOT 

get involved in a Reserve Program. Buy only what you can afford to 

lose, prepare as best as you are able to, READ THIS FREE GUIDE, and 

most of all… don't get sucked into the guru hurricane! 


With all that out of the way, let's hit a couple of recent news 

articles and the questions from the members. 




This week in Iraq.


Posted yesterday:



and turn it into a currency is possible to deal at the international level, not just local.


Read more:


I think the quote speaks for itself! Iraq DOES need a currency 

that is traded worldwide, and they are making good progress, which 

is why we are here. GIT'R'DUN IRAQ!



Something I think most people MISSED on this is the fact that when Iraq 

RV's, the debts they have are going to be a MAJOR issue… if they get most 

of them out of the way before they RV, they will be in a position of power, 

not one of weakness.


A major RV is COMPLETELY dependent on their ability to control the market, 

remain stable, and not have to rely on outside help.





Next, although this is a "translated" article, I would be extremely 

excited to see some HCL action next week… let's do it, Iraq!



Link: Read more:


And on to the weekly questions!





I'll just give it to you straight… that rumor is 87% fluff, but 13% stuff. Of course

China has an interest in Iraq, but they aren't going to pay "twice what it's worth".


WF is a business and they make business decisions.


No successful business will ever pay "twice what something is worth". 




Keep it real!






My full thoughts on Warka are in my book RV Intel, which is here:


(That's the VIP link)




Hi pogi,


I know I've talked about this in the past.. thank you for the question. Basically, I've

decided that the auctions are not a leading indication of importance, so I've stopped

paying attention to them. The auctions are a lag measure, which means they are the

result of things that already happened… not something that is going to happen.





Keepin it real here, bud… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no

public place you can see that information. If they have a Currency Reform plan

that follows that agenda, we are not going to have access to it.




Since this is my site, and I get to say whatever I want… I'm just going to say this:


I wish the government had STAYED shut down. We weren't going to default on our

debt, which happens to be insanely out of control, and I'd love to see some of these

jerks stop getting a paycheck because I don't agree with 80% of what they do or

stand for.


If there was a politician and a lawyer laying in the middle of the road and I had to

hit one of them, I'd have a hard time choosing how fast I should be going at the

moment of impact.* :lol:



*sigh… as much as I hate our legal and political system, I'd never actually harm

a lawyer or politician. 






There was no "sudden" stoppage of domestic banks dealing in Dinar - it happened

over a gradual timeline, and the decision was made individually by each separate bank.


I actually expect banks to start changing this policy soon, regardless of an immediate

RV, because Iraq is working on becoming more stable and they are showing they can

be trusted.


I know some detractors out there will disagree with me, but those of us that bought

Dinar back in 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, etc… we've already seen a profit. So I say "Bring it on!"


I love this investment! :twothumbs:



And that's it for this week! I'll be in touch as soon as possible, but I am not here to

waste your time. I appreciate how much this community understands and respects that.



Thanks foe the update Adam.

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Thanks Adam...I'm voting Squirrel if in fact that means your choice.  I think we all want this to be as easy and the most time efficient for you.  I know you are very busy on our behalf!  I really do like the new format though...When I first came into this investment about four years ago, I was listening to ALL of the gurus out there. My life turned into reading skype and listening to hours and hours of conferences after the other.  The hype just went on and on and on! Drove me nuts!! That was when I didn't know any better and had not yet heard of DV!  I have recovered from all that chaos...and when I found DV about two years ago...I got my life back!!  Thanks to Adam and all the mods.  :twothumbs:





Anonymous random acts of kindness....makes the world a better place!  ^_^ 

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OK Adam,

Ethics question.  You are in your car and come up quickly on an incident and you have to make a split declsion.  There are a group of politicians huddled together (let's say 5) and a ten year old child. You can't avoid a collision, but you must choose whom you hit.  (Actually an easy question).

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you're doing a great job Adam, I do depend on you and I can't wait to hear the big news. :bravo:



Does anyone really like poloticians??????? no on eis actually going to run them over because we are not savages, but it's nice to dream.



Have a great day

sunshine67 :)

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