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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

10-23 Adam's weekly update

Is this better than "chat"  

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Good morning everyone! I know I'm a little later than usual on my  Wednesday update - I'm still having issues with java so the  "weekly chat" is now a "weekly update". After giving this some thought,

The politician is probably a lawyer, hit him.

Yeah I like this much better. all those colors in the chat format makes my flash backs from the 60`s kick in. 

Squirrel ????? Did someone mention squirrel???  :eyebrows: 

Hey... are you drinkin' that coffee Adam?  Can I have some?

Huh, can I, can I??? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee???  Just a sip?  

Effect me?  Naw, doesn't effect me in the least!!!    :rolleyes: 



O.K.... maybe just a little bit!!!  :blink: 



Thanks for postin' Mod's and as always... thanks for keepin' it real Adam... and next time, ya might wanna consider not lettin' us "squirrely folks" have any of your coffee... just sayin'!!!  :rolleyes:

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ADAM, I love your "chat" and love your "update", hearing all your great information is the most dependable thing anyone can do with this "Investment". I vote Squirrel !! It's your site, so it's whatever is easiest for you...   Great job -- GO  R  V !!

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Hi Adam, I echo what vidzioiraqi (sp) had to say. Like yourself and a lot of others, I have been involved with this mechanism since '04 as I was there awhile. Those of us who have been there have been involved with your forum and all of us recognize so many names since that time. We would not still be here after all of these years if we did not trust and respect your commitment to excellence and for your being candid. Thank You for all that you do and God Bless our Troops! 


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hello Adam, I like the new the update. I think this is much easier to read and to be informed. Keep up the good work and I'm waiting what are the to take place which I hope is very very soon. Oh by the way, this is my first time I am responding to your weekly update.

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I couldn't reply to your e-mail as it asked to reply must have a republicain type system. There's no way to have voter fraud...I voted the day of your chat, "Yes" and now I think "squirrel" would fit this situation. There's not an opportunity to vote twice...what's up with that...really, and I have two sets of dead grand parants and a resent cat that went through my fan ya realise the votein' patenial your missin' out poll that gives an actual percentage of veiw points, what kind of an example are yall tryin' to know, you've probibly caught the attension of DHS montering system...Truth and Honesty, that went out decades ago...come on get real, get with the program... :facepalm3:  :facepalm2:  :P  :rolleyes:  :eyebrows:  :bravo:

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Hi Adam,


First time post.  Pointed format so love the new post.  Keep up the splendid work.


I'm with you; government should have stayed shut down and adult problem solvers

needed to engage. 



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Since this is my site, and I get to say whatever I want… I'm just going to say this:
I wish the government had STAYED shut down. We weren't going to default on our
debt, which happens to be insanely out of control, and I'd love to see some of these
jerks stop getting a paycheck because I don't agree with 80% of what they do or
stand for.
If there was a politician and a lawyer laying in the middle of the road and I had to
hit one of them, I'd have a hard time choosing how fast I should be going at the
moment of impact.* :lol:
*sigh… as much as I hate our legal and political system, I'd never actually harm
a lawyer or politician. 


Ha!  I agree.  Didn't it cost more to "shut down" part(s) of the government than it would've to "keep it running"?  

 - Love the disclaimer at the end though.

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Great idea. Not a chance  for anyone to interrupt  you when you are typing.  It would be good to see you in chat  once in a while. We can  get the  updates when we check our mail. Keep up the good work  you do.  RV  SOON!!!!

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