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Mehdi Haji: the next government, a government of national partnership

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04-10-2013 09:42 AM



Baghdad (news) .. According to MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mehdi Haji, that 
the next government will be a government of national partnership because the country can not be judged on the unit. said Haji said in a statement (of the Agency news): We hope to hold the elections on schedule enactment of the election law because the old law was appointed by the Federal Court. added: that the next election will produce new political map and the formation of new alliances along the lines of the coalition current, which includes all the ingredients but not most of the blocs participating now. said the Kurdistan Alliance MP to: that Iraq can not be be judged only by a majority of political and participation of all communities religions and components. said شرشاب in an earlier statement (the news): It must be on the political blocs that are attempts serious in order to overcome all the challenges facing the political process, and to reduce the deteriorating security situation in the country, By taking important steps to address these obstacles. / End / 2.'s. m /



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