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Russian American agreement on the Syrian chemical pave the way for putting Damascus under Chapter VII

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Russian American agreement on the Syrian chemical pave the way for putting Damascus under Chapter VII

Central European welcome and discredit Turkish - Canadian .. The system satisfied

news1.743511.jpg U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to discuss the Syrian situation have their meeting in Geneva yesterday (a B).

Geneva - London: Al-Sharq al-Awsat Washington: Mohammed Ali Saleh 
after three days of marathon negotiations between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, the parties reached an agreement in Geneva for the disposal of chemical weapons in Syria. The plan provides for the possibility of the issuance of an international resolution under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which authorizes the use of force if not fulfilled Damascus pledges, also sets a timeframe for the process;, as displays of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, under the agreement, of his weapons within a week, that are disposed of complete by the middle of next year.

This agreement reflects the author of six points for real progress in the Syrian crisis after scene that seemed gap in great positions of the parties at the outset.

Kerry said in a joint press conference with Lavrov that «the United States and Russia committed themselves to work to destroy the Syrian arsenal of chemical weapons as soon as possible. Syria must submit within a week a full list of its chemical weapons.

He announced that he should be weapons inspectors of the United Nations on the ground in Syria, not later than November (November). He added that the goal is the complete destruction of chemical weapons in Syria by mid-2014.

Kerry added: «We have reached to a joint assessment of the quantity and quality of weapons owned by the Assad regime, and we are determined to quickly put these weapons under the supervision of the international community, the center estimates that Syria has about 1,000 tons of chemical weapons.

Kerry called «rapid destruction and check» Syrian chemical weapons, calling Damascus of allowing «immediate access without restrictions to these weapons sites.

He continued: «of the reasons that lead us to believe that this is verifiable that the Assad regime has taken extraordinary measures to maintain control of these weapons, stressing that these chemical weapons remain broadly in the areas controlled by the system. He said: «supposed therefore not face any problem in access to these sites, and this will be tested soon.

The Kerry that «in the event have been implemented schedule completely, it puts the end to the threat posed by these weapons, not on the Syrian people, but also on its neighbors», adding that «due to the risk of the spread of (weapons), this schedule can be enhance the protection and security of the entire world, and said «that the world now awaits the Assad regime abide by its commitments.

Kerry warned that if Syria did not comply with the agreement, which must finalize his organization against the use of chemical weapons, they will face consequences under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which deals with sanctions and military action. He said he had not been agreement on the nature of these actions, but added that U.S. President Barack Obama reserves the right to use military force in Syria. He continued: «there is no reduction options.

It seems that the Russians have finally agreed to the principle of a resolution under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which authorizes the use of force if Damascus has not fulfilled its obligations, which were strongly opposed by Syria since the outbreak of the conflict two years ago and half a year.

For his part, Lavrov praised the talks with Kerry, describing them as 'excellent'. He said: «was the target subject in September of the Russian President (Vladimir Putin) and American (Barack Obama) to put the Syrian chemical weapons under surveillance. He added: «I personally and Kerry emphasized our support for a peaceful solution in Syria.

Lavrov said: «In the absence of respect for (Damascus) with the conditions (under the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), or in the event of use of chemical weapons from any party whatsoever, the UN Security Council will take measures under Chapter VII» of the UN Charter, which authorizes the use of force , but added: «This does not mean, of course, we are going to believe any violation case is being submitted to the UN Security Council without verification.

And at the same time stressed that the agreement «did not mention anything about the use of force, nor any thing about any automatic sanctions, as reported by Reuters news agency.

He said that the two countries had reached a settlement 'in the standard timeout. He said expressing satisfaction that «the good will of and instructions Risina, can Russia and the United States that تتحركا successfully to resolve global problems, including the problems of weapons of mass destruction.

Obama had threatened to use force in response to a chemical weapons attack on 21 August in Syria, which U.S. officials say it has killed nearly 1,400 people. The United States has accused Assad's government of committing the attack, while Russia says Assad and the opposition forces that are carried out.

And broadcast media and the Syrian press conference for Kerry and Lavrov on the air, pointing out that Damascus is satisfied with the agreement.

The two ministers agreed that Kerry and Lavrov in Switzerland to convene a meeting in New York «up to September 28, on the sidelines of the annual General Assembly of the United Nations, and to determine the date of the Geneva conference 2» for peace in Syria.

Following the tripartite meeting with the envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, Lavrov reiterated Russia's commitment in favor of holding an international conference for peace in Syria, with the participation of «all groups of Syrian society». Prior to the announcement of the agreement, warned U.S. President Barack Obama during his weekly radio address yesterday, Damascus, calling them the work of 'sensual'. According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the U.S., Syria began hides its arsenal of chemical weapons in about 50 different locations, in order to complicate the task of the inspectors assigned to monitor such weapons. Obama said: «I will not recognize the statements of Russia and the lion. We need to see concrete steps to demonstrate that Assad is serious about giving up its chemical weapons.

Obama continued: «As this plan appeared only under a credible threat of U.S. military action, we will keep on our military in the region to keep the pressure on the Assad regime.

Obama said, commenting on the Geneva talks: «We made it clear that it can not constitute a tactic designed to stall», said: «Any agreement must be achieved from the commitment of the Assad regime, Russia their obligations, and that means working on the development of chemical weapons Syria under international supervision and down ultimately lead to their destruction ».

In the meantime welcomed the United Nations, Britain, France and Germany in agreement. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon that the Russian agreement - the U.S. should provide end «the appalling suffering of the Syrians.

It quoted a spokeswoman for the United Nations فانينا Mestrashi that the Secretary-General 'is' to assist the United Nations in the implementation of this agreement, and' strongly hopes that paves the agreement «a political solution to put an end to the horrific suffering of the Syrian people.

And, in turn, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague The task 'urgent' for the application of this agreement begins now. The cross-site 'Twitter': «I talked to Kerry. Britain welcomes the agreement of the United States and Russia over chemical weapons in Syria.

He welcomed the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius American agreement, considering that 'significant progress'. He said that Paris will take into account the report of the United Nations experts on chemical attack on August 21, which is expected to release tomorrow (Monday) to determine its position.

On the other hand, showed the foreign ministers of Turkey and Canada, Ahmet Davutoglu and John Baird, in Istanbul, Ckeckhma in Damascus's determination to get rid of its chemical weapons arsenal.

The Turkish minister said during a press conference with his Canadian counterpart, who is visiting Turkey: «As we hold now that the press conference, the flight of the Syrian regime is still bombarding different areas (...) and kill civilians. Davutoglu considered that the initiative was launched by Russia to dismantle the Syrian chemical arsenal «will not cancel the crimes committed in the past that targeted women and children and innocent.

* The main points of the American-Russian agreement

* The United States and Russia yesterday to the «framework for the elimination of the Syrian chemical weapons, the following are the main points of the agreement:

* Ask the United States and Russia from the Organization for the Prohibition of the use of chemical weapons approval of the extraordinary measures during the next few days «to destroy the Syrian chemical weapons program expeditiously and verification in a strict manner».

* The United States and Russia together towards the adoption of a UN resolution to quickly put into effect the decision of the Organization of the Prohibition of the use of chemical weapons, including steps to ensure the verification of the implementation and effectiveness.

* Syria must guarantee the right to inspect any sites and all sites in Syria immediately and without restriction.

* If you do not abide by Syria, including the unauthorized transfer or use of chemical weapons by any party in Syria, it must be imposed by the Security Council of the United Nations action under the decision issued on the basis of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

* Syria must be submitted within a week «comprehensive list containing the names and the types and quantities of chemical weapons and ammunition types, location and form of storage, production and research and development facilities.

* The United States wants Russia and the destruction of weapons outside of Syria if possible.

* To be eliminated on the development of facilities and making chemical weapons and weapons launch systems.

* The agreement includes the following target dates:

- Completion of the initial inspection field sites advertised by (November).

- The destruction of production equipment and blending of elements and packaged by November.

- The complete elimination of all chemical weapons materials and equipment in the first half of 2014.


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Oh YEAH!!! another mid east country under chapter VII and a devalued currency... something for the guru's to start pumping about... I have a million Syrian Pounds for sale going cheap... only $1000.00 and free shipping to anywhere in the world....ha ha ha just kidding I wanted to be the first to start crap on this one....If Iraq pays off I'm out of the middle eastern hype.... :wave: 

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Sorry to say there are already those ahead of you selling it.... if you buy, make sure its current, article quotes the lira... but I thought it was the syrian pound... which might be the same thing .. and in any case, the last batch was created in 2010 (I think)


Assad, seems to be on  top of those waskely wabbits who might try profiting  at the end of the day from economic upheaval... He early last month forbid / banned the use of any foreign currency (or precious metals), to the point of going to jail if one used anything other than the Syrian lira.... Sentences could be 6 months to 10 years... guess that's one way to prevent dollarization of one's currency and then de dollarizing it... and then the entire frickin squirrel fest that follows....

THe goal of this move is of course to control the exchange rate...

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